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  1. I watched some of Clay County and have seen McKenzie. I’m pretty sure Clay will try and play keep away, but this game has Union City vs Coalfield 2014 all over as matchup wise
  2. Idk what McKenzie has coming back other than losing a pretty good senior class, but UC will be a favorite in 1A as long as they are there
  3. I watched East a couple years back and it was laughable how better they were against the pool of teams at state. I’ve had good friends that live in Memphis and they tell me about how if one don’t like a coach or school they just will up and move mid year
  4. Only reason they took those championships is because the NCAA cracked down on him but the TSSAA gave a harsher punishment than what the NCAA gave lol
  5. Tyner has a good team. Tyner beats McKenzie by 2 td’s just looking at how things would match up. Tyner has a monster D line and great speed And that’s not fair to McKenzie to make that fantasy matchup prediction because they have a good team but Tyner is just that good IMO
  6. That’s what I figured would happen. All honesty Peabody should’ve won but couldn’t stop Brown. I know MASE has other backs but if you stop him it’s over
  7. Not watching, but how’s MASE offense looked so far?
  8. Been to Oakhaven once back in the early 2000’s. Idk if you’ve ever been to Booker T before but those two places are tied in stadiums accommodations
  9. I agree that hole was one of the biggest I’ve ever seen. Both tackles got completely blown off the ball
  10. I agree, and it’s not a knock on MASE either. McKenzie is a complete team imo. Just like what the saying goes, that’s why they play the game. Will be a dandy for sure
  11. They do deserve better, they have a good team and play really good defense. Last night, I said McKenzie will win if they can throw the ball downfield and set up Taylor to get in space. MASE secondary is also pretty good as well. If they clean up some stuff and get more yardage from other players besides Brown to keep the opposing D honest they will be fine. MASE might not come out with the W but they will play hard and give McKenzie all the want. I wouldn’t be surprised if either team wins.
  12. McKenzie will be a tough one. I’m not knocking MASE, as you said they have the best athletes and they will be able to match McKenzie in that area. I think if McKenzie brings the air attack they have they will win, but if McKenzie let’s Brown for mase run wild it’ll be interesting
  13. It is. You play who you play though, they have athletes for sure. They answered the bell and got it done
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