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  1. Agreed the way it looks he is the future. Line should be good, might even be bigger than this last seasons O line. Question is linebackers
  2. Appreciate it! We will enjoy this until it’s time to saddle up again next year.
  3. I’m with @Waker Freedom Prep should be loaded up next season, but the question is will it be the player be eligible
  4. I think we would beat LC just because we had several different weapons, don’t get me wrong tho they are a really impressive ball team. Physical on both D-line and O-line and a bruiser running QB. I would’ve loved to play them bc it would’ve given us a look at Meigs would’ve brought yesterday with Swafford. Either way it’s a toss up, I see your argument in this and it’s a respectable argument that they would win.
  5. How are the Falcons looking for next year?
  6. Won’t be here lol. I used my same approach to this game last year on this site this year, I barely posted didn’t check this half the days because guys liked Forest trolled and stirred the pot and talked bad about us and our schedule.. just blah blah blah nonsense. Champs, take it to the bank, eat the crow.
  7. We have some athletes returning and I like our chances against the region next season. We shall see, I would love to do it again but it’ll be really hard. For now we will love on number 2 until spring ball stars lol
  8. When I seen them do that I knew we had them. Just told me that they were complacent with how they were doing so far. When we played Marion Co in the our first gold ball win in 2014 we got a fumble and threw like a 70 yard bomb to score before the half. You gotta have that killer instinct at state. I would’ve tried a ran it or passed it down our throats
  9. Ric Flair’s Four Horsemen days! Our coach used that first line at the celebration tonight.
  10. None did. I was disappointed sure, but I knew we had adjustments coming. Tab Vowell will not let one guy beat us for two half’s
  11. Who would’ve known a team that played such a weak schedule could win a state title?
  12. Crickets just like last year my man... total silence, I still respect Meigs from the scare they had us in at half but Peabody was too fast for these cats.
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