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  1. Might be the largest crowd we’ve had here since the Adamsville semi game. Probably will be close to what it was when Gaddis had his first game against Milan
  2. My bad! They are in the region on the Memphis side that we may see in the first couple rounds of the playoffs.
  3. I know this is off the topic of the Milan game, but I did not know that Memphis Trezvant was in our region.
  4. We are preseason no.1. It be that way without me being from Trenton. We have some great kids moving in at many different positions that will help out.
  5. No, not arguing that at all! I’m saying in general all year it’s been bad.
  6. This year should be another instant classic in our rivalry. I’m hearing from my work buddies over in milan that they have some good looking athletes this year, so do we. Looking forward to that Thursday night, oh and great job of scheduleing this game on Thursday night and not Friday. This game should be the highlight of West TN
  7. Went to the game, and I feel for my brothers over in Jackson. I stayed for all the games today, and I will say the umpiring this season has been awful. I’m glad my youngest just plays football because I wouldn’t be able to handle some calls I’ve seen. Congrats to Greenback for playing the underdog and finding a way to stay in the game.
  8. Peabody will good on Defense again this year. Speed will be the factor on offense. I see us being a big favor to win the region crown again, but you never know until you play the games. Ive heard from a couple of GC parents, that this year will be worse as some kids that were projected to return have quit the team. I know they have that one kid that suffered that horrible injury against us late in the game is returning, but besides that I don’t think they will too much
  9. What number is he? I’m gonna come check the game out and root for my fellow lions
  10. You got it brother! Thank you as well, should be another fun year
  11. Hat tip to the guys in purple! Definitely made our district proud to call y’all our own. Just like we did in football, bring it home for our district! Good luck
  12. Football season is arriving here soon. Watched the golden tide against Camden and the intrasquad scrimmage we had. We are gonna be just fine this year. No excuses and no let ups this year might result in the first undefeated regular season this year. As for winning states and all that... you never know, lots of luck and getting hot at the right moments will take care of it.
  13. He did! Humboldt won without Ward knocking everything he shot so we had him in check for the most part. We need to learn how to play above the rim better with jones jumping ability down in the paint.
  14. Trenton played a good game tonight in my opinion. I think next time it might be a little different of how the game can go, we need Harris to score like he can to have a better chance on being on the winning side of things.
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