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  1. I agree, I’ve said it all year you can’t really get rid of a coach unless the program has just not been getting results. Coaches need a spring and scrimmages to get the team going and if there is new faces in key spots then it could take those kids all year to get going with out a full summer into the first game
  2. Yes I should’ve added that in there. I’m sure a lot of the schools do it right with temp checks, and no doubt GC does it right out there as well. I don’t agree with saying that the 10 limit thing and not making another mask mandate though. People are more prone to get it from going out and eating someplace else than at a High school basketball game. The kids deserve to play, and the parents and family, friends deserve to be apart of that experience
  3. I see your argument. I will say this, I loved the way Trenton brought probably the biggest crowd if not then 2nd biggest to Cookeville, but I just think TSSAA did a bad job with the attendance that weekend. No space seating or anything. I’m not talking down on our community support in any way. I’m just stating TSSAA didn’t handle that weekend the correct way The statement serves with this I say let the kids play it out. If you have to limit fans on coming then do it, allow the parents to come. Basketball needs to be played and imo should’ve finished out last season
  4. Well said, we have lost several old games that we used to enjoy moving up and down in classifications over the years. Our big 3 rival games were GC’ Milan, and Humboldt. We get Humboldt and Milan, which Humboldt isn’t how the used to be. Same with other schools wanting to find wins, and as a coach that’s smart to do. I think now many coaches and schools don’t play a rival because they know they can’t win, and that just teaches that you are willing to back down from a challenge. Finding a win isn’t bad, but not playing a team that the kids past family members played against kills tradition in the program
  5. Always possible lol. Ensworth hasn’t had the success the past couple years like they used to have so you know they will out everything to get the best players there
  6. I believe the two times they played it was decided by a touchdown or less both games
  7. Right. The 07 team we had was a very good mix, but wouldn’t have competed with Alcoa. They were just that good
  8. Covington had a really good squad that year, I believe it was 3 years ago. I believe it was just two really good teams clashing against one another I think that’s the only game besides the CPA game in 14 Alcoa was challenged in Cookeville
  9. When Alcoa was 2A any team in the west was playing for runner up. We played Goodpasture in the semis in 2007 and if we played Alcoa it wouldn’t be too pretty. I believe in 04 against a Huntingdon team that was really talent it was 51-44. Alcoa isn’t avoiding anyone in 2A
  10. We know the feeling here in Trenton. If we aren’t in the same region with Gibson county or many other schools in the area they won’t play us. Word is we had to go down just to get non region games against Huntingdon and Westview. I know you want to win, but back in the day we weren’t scared to play a team. For you guys just to go play a private school in Nashville is a shame on how teams around here don’t wanna play a good team just because they will lose
  11. I’ve heard Bradford boys team have gotten a transfer before the school year started
  12. I haven’t. I went to their Covington game this season, and talked with someone I know from Martin. He told me the future still is far off from what it has been before there. I know there middle school teams are always good, but they haven’t transitioned well to HS as of late. Maybe that new coach can get it going because if they can, I see WV being a top team in the West until the next reclassification comes out
  13. They used to have probably one of the best line coaches and head coaches in this area in Coach Cody, after him they have hired guys that have been there 1 or 2 years until the coach now, not really a way you can find success with new coaches and schemes every year. I remember when Simpson was about to come up I never thought he’d step foot in a WV Jersey because that program has fallen drastically. They should compete next season and he really good in 2A, but after Simpson leaves they won’t be that much competitive imo
  14. Well said, all you can ask to be is competitive against a solid team. Hopefully we can have just have half the accomplishments they have enjoyed over the years.
  15. True, we play them this upcoming year and Huntingdon so we will know more of which of them two is the better. Idk what UC brings back, but if WV can make the right moves and give Simpson time they will be my pick to represent the west. Huntingdon will be better so it’s too early to really tell
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