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  1. Does LC have any guys that played in the NFL? I know Westview has some.. I’m just asking
  2. It’s something special, here in Trenton we know the feeling in football.. it’s a special thing to witness! Can’t beat small town support
  3. Y’all are just that good, I think y’all have meet up twice and you guys are the only team that they have played that’s good
  4. Not sure why he’s even there in the first place
  5. He did. I was hoping to see him return, but after being penalized for something that had 0 effects of him doing anything wrong heading into college.. he chose not to be NCAA’s puppet and made a good business decision.
  6. If we were 2A in 15, and didn’t have to play a college team of NCS we would’ve won back to back.
  7. We will know more during the Christmas tourney, if we come out and lay an egg something needs to be addressed
  8. Both were outstanding teams. 2014 played a brutal schedule and imo had a better defense that was hard hitting. I go with 2014
  9. They need to, but it’s not the coaching it’s the athletic program support
  10. #10 just came back from football. Ross has been the only one scoring the ball for us on a consistent basis. I’m sure we will get better, but something needs to change in the Offensive side of the ball, I went to the OC game we had last night and it just didn’t look right
  11. @rebelman101didn’t get to come tonight, but I heard we are getting much worse than what we were. I know y’all have a good team, but wished we sent something up your way to compete like years past
  12. I believe he will be. Not taking anything from Coach Jacobs, but Puckett built LC into a power in 1A this season
  13. Any updates on who the new skipper might be?
  14. I’d go with Puckett from LC. Great job done by him with. Jacobs is up there too, but he has the best D coordinator in Tennessee in Tab Vowel. Both are great coaches
  15. Now remember our “weak” schedule would’ve made them the favor to win that game lol
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