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  1. Maybe I'm in the minority here but of the schedules I saw it seems like the TSSAA did a good job. Most potential region Championships are at the back end like they should be.
  2. Funny how you think your respect means a blood nickel to me. Truth hurts I suppose.
  3. Sounds like more parents are failing their kids than coaches/teachers.
  4. True I was thinking they're closer to 300. Still, even as a WC fan the smallest 32 would be too weak of a class.
  5. Sounds like every town in the West Carroll community. So what? Now you have to be socioeconomically equal now to play football or something?
  6. Even if they did that Pujo wouldn't be satisfied because you'd still have schools like McKenzie in 1A
  7. Aww by being so wrapped up in being a victim you failed to realize several thousand of that McKenzie's population is directly associated with Bethel University being in town. By that logic should Lake County not be in 1A because they have prisons in their county driving up the population? Get real dude.
  8. So what are you saying? Being in a rural area of the state should be a requirement to be in 1A?
  9. In west tenn it's opposite anyway. The city teams are usually second tier to the "country schools"
  10. I think your understanding is wrong bud. Just seems like sour grapes at this point
  11. I noticed you also mentioned McKenzie in your prior comment what'd they do? I don't disagree about the co-ops. But you lumped McKenzie in there earlier so I was truly confused on what you meant.
  12. Thomas isn't a senior? That kid's been Riversides heart in the playoffs
  13. Why would they do that when they can host a playoff game with a 4-6 record. That's the real reason they love the current alignment.
  14. Be honest with yourself, you like the current alignment because it allows a horrible 4-6 team to host a playoff game. Also no private schools play by D-1 rules including your own TCA no matter how much you want to falsely claim so. Any school that can FORCE a student to play (or kick them out of school) such as TCA, JCS, and USJ should be in D-2. Lmfao did you just say the difference between 100 students In d-2 is like the difference between WC and Haywood? That's just nonsensical. Better pull some more kids from Crockett if that's the case
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