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  1. This conversation will forever be pointless. CA is going D2 next season. No matter what anyone says, people will always claim that we did it the wrong way even though we didn’t. But nothing changes that CA won the gold ball this year and was by far the best team in 1A and was able to win 31 games with the hardest schedule in the state.
  2. That’s fair enough. But people have the right to go to our school regardless of where they’re from, athlete or not. Nobody complained about us being in the public school division until we started getting good at sports. It wasn’t because we started recruiting , but it was because of the start of the youth sports programs at the school that were designed to help train the athletes to be good players when they got to high school. The players earned what that championship. They played teams that were much more talented than them this year, but they won because of a great coach, and they put aside personal success for the success of the team, and bought into Coach Dejarnettes system and wanted nothing more than a championship.
  3. I’m not trying to be disrespectful for anyone. But for people to still come on here and try to downplay what our teams do is ridiculous. We’ve been accused of recruiting for years now because of the fact that the school has made a push to have better athletics. I will stand by what I said about the players. Tanner Ham and Eli Hyle came here as middle schooler and freshmen respectively, and the other poster has already described the circumstance behind Eli. Gary Smith Jr is the only player on the team that actually plays that has come here after already being at another high school. When will people accept the fact that people want to come to CA, not because they’re being recruited, but because they want their child to get a good education with good people around them, and if they want, to play sports for a school that has mad strides to develop the athletics program. Marty DeJarnette is a great basketball coach and has been doing this for over 20 years. He has always done things the right way, and for people to now already discredit what he’s done because they are upset because they got beat by a private school is ridiculous.
  4. I was talking to the Eagleville fan who has 0. I couldn’t care less how many gold balls Humboldt has. Doesn’t change the fact that we still beat them last night
  5. No nerves hit. We got a gold ball and y’all got an early ticket back home
  6. I’m so sorry we hurt you. Enjoy not having a ring
  7. Exactly. Which is why Coach DeJarnette is such an amazing coach and has deserved this for so long. I called this win back in the football threads months ago
  8. Great teams don’t miss when a championship is on the line. Thank you
  9. Sometimes it’s just what happens. Happened to us last year against Loretto in the first round. It was just in the stars for CA to win it this year. Blow out against every team they played in the tourney. Good luck to y’all too. It’ll be awhile before we’re back
  10. Oh yes I forgot Eli came here for high school. But still you get the point.
  11. All but one of our players has been here since elementary school
  12. McKenzie brought the game back to a 1 point game at a point in the second half and then proceeded to turn it over almost every possession it seemed like for a while
  13. They looked tired yesterday against McKenzie. 45 was limping all game, probably from an injury he’s been dealing with. In my opinion McKenzie beat themselves more so yesterday than Humboldt did. But opinions are opinions. Humboldt is a much better team than they were last year. But so is CA.
  14. That’s fair enough but I’ve got to disagree. We were supposed to get beaten by Manassas and we tore them apart. We were supposed to lose to Eagleville and we embarrassed them for the majority of the game. Humboldt is a great team but from what I’ve seen they get tired out easily. If their coach only plays six or seven players like he did yesterday, CA will run away with it. I believe CA’s ability to shoot threes very consistently will be the difference.
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