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  1. https://www.columbiadailyherald.com/sports/20190817/ground-game-spurs-8216dogs-past-tigers
  2. 28-8 Columbia Academy win. 14-8 after 1st quarter. Mt. Pleasant only had one offense series where they moved the ball. That was due to a 75 yard TD hook up between QB Lovely and WR Hudson.
  3. I read some where that it would each year between West, Middle and East
  4. Summertown, Cascade and CA were definitely the Top teams this year... great battles to the end!
  5. Totally agree with the “Ain’t over till fat lady sings” part. Cascade and Summertown are strong teams.
  6. pretender of last years Championship team? 5-0 Columbia Academy Sorry. I just had too... after reading your last few post. Summertown is a strong team! We understand tomorrow is a new day and we probably will see Summertown again... but not a bad win today by a team with a starting lineup that includes 3 -8th graders, 2 freshman, 2 sophomores, 1 junior, and 1 senior.
  7. I was thinking the same. I got that from their twitter account.
  8. As for summer ball and team camps... a number of big time teams are going to be at the BCAT Hoopfest Team Camp June 21st & 22nd. I know Columbia Academy, Memphis Houston, Memphis Central, etc... have been added to the early list that was posted here: http://bcathoops.com/bcat-hoopfest-team-camp/
  9. Carson Cary (Columbia Academy) - Class A Chandler Lawson (Wooddale) - Class AA Ques Glover (Bearden) - Class AAA
  10. Sky Polk has been at CA for years, since elementary age... great kid! He has worked his butt off to get to where he was this year. He didn’t make varsity his freshman and possibly his sophomore year, played limited action last year and stepped it up this year.
  11. The "Giles Co" kid you are referring to did move into Columbia Academy's "school zone", he lives within feet of the CA Campus. I also could be wrong but i believe he lived outside of the State before going to Giles Co. last year. Also saying "Public schools can't have a kid.." isn't true either. Public schools all over this State including Maury County public schools have kids that don't live in their "school zone" playing or transferring in for them. One of Mt. Pleasant's starters lives in Columbia (or did last year while playing for them), Hampshire has two starters that live OUTSIDE Maury County and one living in Columbia starting for them, there is a Culleoka zone kid playing baseball for Central while his sister still attends and plays for Culleoka, Richland had a kid that lives in Columbia on it's roster this year, Eagleville brought in their coach and his son (their best player) from Chapel Hill this year, Fayetteville's best player transferred in from Moore County, etc, etc, etc... ALL that being said... if it all follows TSSAA rules then it's perfectly fine for public and/or private schools to do it. "Then work hard to win another after this year while playing on an actual LEVEL PLAYING FIELD against D2 schools starting next season." There will definitely be some growing pains from losing the best senior class to have ever come through CA, but they will.
  12. Two talented and well coached teams!!! Both fan bases should be very proud of their boys!!! Everyone else is wishing they were playing today but only two can!
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