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  1. If that was Fayetteville City School Board's policy then I agree... but If the TSSAA rules against that policy and goes with bus routes only then there are going to be a few other public schools worrying.
  2. First... congrats on the success during the regular season this year. I've been following and pulling for the Region 5AA teams. .200 ? Overall 4-5 = .400 and in DII 4-3 = .571 CA is 4-3 in DII with the three loses coming at the beginning of the season against the #1, #2, & #4 ranked teams in DII-A. Also their other two non-region games were against the 9th ranked teams in the State in both DI AAAAA and AAAA divisions . Yes, CA lost a lot of talent from the 2018-2019 but I'd say the 4-5 record is from also playing up against tougher competition. I guess they could have easily scheduled some smaller schools for their non-region games and improve their regular season record to 6-3 instead but what does that win you? Again, congrats on the great regular season.
  3. Maury County are all under the same school board. Spring Hill HS, Culleoka, Santa Fe, Mt. Pleasant, Hampshire, Columbia Central, and the new Battle Creek that will be open in the future. Players can live in any of those school zones (and even out of county) and play at one of the other schools. I'm sure there are certain requirements but they aren't hard to do because it's done often in all sports. Williamson, Rutherford, WIlson, Giles, Marshall, Lawrenceburg, etc... are all the same way. Now in some of those counties WIlliamson and Rutherford the bigger cities like Franklin and Murfreesboro have their own school board for elementary grades but are all under one school board for High School.
  4. This part definitely confuses me. There has to be another way for players to become eligible outside school's bus routes, because it's been done and is being done a lot in our local county school system.
  5. https://www.columbiadailyherald.com/sports/20190817/ground-game-spurs-8216dogs-past-tigers
  6. 28-8 Columbia Academy win. 14-8 after 1st quarter. Mt. Pleasant only had one offense series where they moved the ball. That was due to a 75 yard TD hook up between QB Lovely and WR Hudson.
  7. I read some where that it would each year between West, Middle and East
  8. Summertown, Cascade and CA were definitely the Top teams this year... great battles to the end!
  9. Totally agree with the “Ain’t over till fat lady sings” part. Cascade and Summertown are strong teams.
  10. pretender of last years Championship team? 5-0 Columbia Academy Sorry. I just had too... after reading your last few post. Summertown is a strong team! We understand tomorrow is a new day and we probably will see Summertown again... but not a bad win today by a team with a starting lineup that includes 3 -8th graders, 2 freshman, 2 sophomores, 1 junior, and 1 senior.
  11. I was thinking the same. I got that from their twitter account.
  12. As for summer ball and team camps... a number of big time teams are going to be at the BCAT Hoopfest Team Camp June 21st & 22nd. I know Columbia Academy, Memphis Houston, Memphis Central, etc... have been added to the early list that was posted here: http://bcathoops.com/bcat-hoopfest-team-camp/
  13. Carson Cary (Columbia Academy) - Class A Chandler Lawson (Wooddale) - Class AA Ques Glover (Bearden) - Class AAA
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