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  1. Any work on the Franklin County job opening?
  2. thenomad

    District 8-A

    I wonder if any place in Celina has a crow plate special. All joking aside. Clay Co has an awesome team. They accomplished so much. Great game for a spot in Murfreesboro!! Good luck Fayetteville and great season Clay Co.
  3. thenomad

    District 8-A

    No one said anything negative about Clay Co. All was said Fayetteville and Eagleville have a chance. They will have to play well especially if it is at Celina. It's tournament time. Anything can happen. All teams have to make it through Region first.
  4. thenomad

    District 8-A

    Well it's a good thing the get isn't played in this website. Any team who gets to that game has a chance.
  5. At least discussed if it isn't true.
  6. thenomad

    District 8-A

    I think both of these teams could beat Clay Co. It just takes one game. I think both coaches are good enough to have a game plan to beat Clay Co.
  7. thenomad


    Most of these teams are young with Sophs Fresh. It will be interesting to see if the bottom 3 can catch up to Richland and MtP next year. Why did the district wait til Tuesday for these games? Why not finish yesterday?
  8. thenomad

    District 8-A

    Why won't both make it??
  9. Cornersville needs to bring back their former SRO who is now Eagleville's assistant. Guy is high energy and a great personality for pep rally and school spirit. Would help change the culture.
  10. For the 3rd straight year Richland takes home the title. How do these teams fair in Region. I believe once again Richland is the only team to escape. Richland has best chance to make it to Substate since 2006.
  11. Interested in how this works out. Not sure what to expect. Not sure of her experience.
  12. Supposedly told boys before tournament game that he would not be coaching next season. According to people in the school, very likely to happen with the female assistant taking the girls team.
  13. thenomad


    Richland held tight but just couldn't string together a run to get close. MtP almost dropped 100 on Culleoka. Will CA/MtP game be closer than everyone thinks?
  14. Word on the street is Cornersville girls coach headed to boys team. Any truth to it??
  15. thenomad


    Predictions on games tonight? MtP/Culleoka Richland/CA
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