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  1. McKenzie Vs Wayne Co Mckenzie -6 Westview Vs York Westview -10 Southside Vs Upperman Upperman -2 Bearden Vs Farragut Bearden -12
  2. McKenzie-7 Wayne Co-8 Southside -6 Upperman -6 Bearden -15 Cookeville -12
  3. McKenzie Vs Gleason Wayne Co Vs Dresden Southside Vs Page Upperman Vs Creek Wood Bearden Vs Beech Farragut Vs Cookeville
  4. No just love numbers.lol I watched MTCS/ Webb couple weeks ago. I knew they weren’t in same class. That 10 point game could have easily been 20 that game. I figured MTCS would be fatigued by 2nd half Bc how they had to fight off CAK in the 2nd half yesterday. It’s sad bc I believe TCA , MTCS could have won a gold ball if the dream team wasn’t involved
  5. You need Lee and MTCS #23 on the same team and a little more help to beat them
  6. Is the game televised? How to watch or listen?
  7. Webb could beat everyone Div 1A without the big girl I believe
  8. Looking like right on schedule
  9. I agree but they weren’t threatened by MTCS. Those games weren’t that close if you watched them
  10. Not a chance Webb -22
  11. It looked like the big. Girl from Greenfield was the only one that got off the bus to play in the 1st half. Give Gleason & Stephenson credit!
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