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  1. BigEdmo has had two stable days on the vent. No change at this point.
  2. Intense


    Please lift BigEdmo up in your prayers. He’s on a vent fighting for his life. He loves the T!
  3. Please lift BigEdmo up in your prayers. He’s on a vent fighting for his life. Awesome guy! He loves the T!
  4. Agree no sandbagging. I was really proud of the young lions last night. I thought they played extremely hard. Couple of costly turnovers probably did them in. I thought our defense was really solid and I saw some freshmen, especially #3, making some plays. I really thought our line played solid considering they are small and young. We have to get some help offensively for our QB. He is a beast but can’t do it all by himself. I thought the backup wildcat runner #10 did a really good job giving #4 a breather. Also thought our backup freshman QB looked good. He has a nice touch on his passes. Our kicking game will get better and better as time goes on. Give Adamsville credit! They got it done. Best wishes to them the rest of the season. It was good to see a lot of old friends last night. Plunk kid for Aville is a great player. I probably know his dad. Also very impressed with the McCormick kid on defense!
  5. Buddy Garrity will be there in rare form! BigEdmo, do you think they will have a parking spot for Buddy?
  6. 2013 and 2015 at Aville were classics!
  7. Intense has rose from the dead!! Only the Cardinals from Aville could make that happen!! Been awhile Cardfan! Hope y’all have a great year. Losing those 4 seniors really hurt us considering one was our QB and best player last year. Coach Butler will have them ready but he can only do so much. We told our boys to be ready for a hard hitting game because that’s how they play down in the Ville! Some great games from ‘09 to 18! 6-6 was the record. Good rivalry. Just hope we can keep it that way! Hey Purple Haze. Introduce yourself to BigEdmo and myself when you get a chance. We’re pretty easy to find!
  8. Sounds like some sour grapes to me! I played at MCHS from 80-84 on the boys team and saw first hand how good a coach Jerry was. His record stands for itself and it makes no sense to dispute it. He doesn’t have a state championship but most don’t. As Trader said, once he retires we will see how easy it is for the next coach to average 20.
  9. Winning 20 games year after year may be harder than winning a state championship. That’s a major accomplishment! Some years the talent won’t be there and that makes it more difficult to average 20.
  10. Amen Trader! Good to hear from you! I concur with everything you said. Lots of great NCAA coaches who do not have rings!
  11. I don’t think he’s ever had that special team with all the key components. He’s had good post play but not great guards. He’s had great guards and not very good post play. He’s had great defensive teams that weren’t great offensive teams and vice versa. Winning a state championship is rare. Not many coaches have a ring. 800 wins is elite no matter if you win a state championship or not. Did you graduate from MCHS in ‘83?
  12. 881 wins does stack up. That’s over 20 wins per season. Lots of coaches would love to have that record. You have to have a special team to win it all. I know that because we had a special team last year at TCA and we won it all. May not ever happen again.
  13. You’re fortunate he took time to craft it!
  14. I think this ends up being a close game as well. If USJ keeps it close through 3 quarters, I think they have a chance to win it. If DA wins I don’t think it will be by more than 10. USJ is hungry and DA better be ready! If USJ gets behind by two TD’s in the third I think DA will grind it out and use up the clock. Good luck to both teams!
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