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  1. You obviously didn’t read my post! I’m not a Greenfield or GC fan although I would pull for them if they made it to the finals because they are from West Tn. Go back and read my post. These girls want to play and if there’s a way to get proper testing done ahead of time and only allow family to attend then this could work itself out. Everyone is concerned about health and safety and if proper precautions are in place it might work out. There’s nothing selfish about wanting kids to be able to play for their dreams. Yes, you have to be sensible but we also don’t need to overlook potential options as well.
  2. I disagree. I don’t have a dog in the hunt. The team I support was fortunate to finish last Saturday and brought home a gold ball. Those girls from Greenfield, Loretto, GC and Clarkrange want to play! I promise you that! I really feel for those Seniors on those teams. I think the family members of those girls are hurting because they know how hard they have worked and this is their last chance. If my son was in this situation I would be hurting for him not me and I think that’s how most of the adults feel. I truly believe this can be resolved if level heads will just be open to ideas!
  3. Amen Trader. At the PGA Players championship that was suspended after 1st round the Leader shot a 63. The purse was split equally and he got 53k. Guess what? All the guys who shot 76, etc got 53k as well. They were real happy! The leader was ticked! This is Socialism at its best! Giving all 4 teams a Gold ball is another example of Socialism. I think they need to play it out. Play at a different location and test(if available) all players and family members that would attend. Keep the crowd low and let those girls go at it and compete! Let all of us watch it on NFHS network and enjoy some great basketball.
  4. Why hasn’t some big time program signed her? I just don’t understand! Love her game and her attitude. She will make someone an incredible PG at the next level!
  5. I want to try to get back on topic for a moment and give more kudos to Kings Academy. First of all, their post players were much better than I thought. I’m super impressed with #23 who is only an 8th grader. She is going to be really really good in the next two to three years. Burgess is also an outstanding player that is very crafty with the ball and can shoot the three. She ended up being their leading scorer today according to TSSAA stats. I’ve already said quite a lot about Sullivan but certainly could say more because she is an unreal talent. What a lot of people don’t realize is that TKA’s legs were worn down in the second half from all the pressure. TKA did turn it over but not necessarily a lot but they had to work hard breaking the presses and traps which eventually caused them to shoot a much lower percentage in the second half and made some mistakes they might not otherwise make due to fatigue. The goal with pressing isn’t always turnovers. Fatigue and quick shots are just as important as turnovers when pressing. TCA wisely used their freshmen to pressure TKA’s top guards and their Seniors then stepped up and got it done. Also, kudos to #1 for TKA. She had a great game and really hurt TCA as they were focusing on the other 2 guards. Good luck to TKA next year. I will be shocked if they aren’t playing for a gold ball next year.
  6. I’m pretty sure Lakeway will be A.
  7. AAU coach! Ha. What a joke! My son played AAU ball out of Memphis and I went to many big time tournaments. They don’t coach! They roll the ball out and let em play! You don’t win a state championship with one or two players. We will send you a picture of our gold ball if you want to see what happens when you have multiple weapons. Also, TRA will be a force next year and you guys will have to deal with Lakeway Christian. Ball has to bounce your way to win a championship so anything can happen next year.
  8. No they were not the best team we played all year! Have you ever heard of Greenfield?!! Check out their roster daddy ball. IF TCA has shot the ball well the game would have not been close. You guys were 7-10 from three in the first half. TCA was 1-6 in first half. You had to shoot well to stay in the game and you did because you have outstanding shooters but their legs gave away in the second half and you came back to earth. As I stated in a recent post, Kings is an outstanding team but I would rather play you again than TRA.
  9. I personally think Sullivan is the best basketball player we faced this year and that’s a big statement considering some of the players we played against. She is going to be unstoppable the next two years. She’s strong, tough, handles the ball like a pro and can shoot! TCA wore them down with their bench. The three TCA freshmen really wore on Sullivan but she’s so tough she still played well. Pagoaga dominated the game and Macey Lee stepped up in the second half and proved she’s one of the best. Congrats to King’s! They should be back next year!
  10. Let’s get it on Reitz!!!! Game day!
  11. He and George Gervin are going out to eat together after the game!
  12. That’s why I said Greenfield. They are the best team in West Tn bar none. They are the only team outside TRA in West Tn that can play with TCA.
  13. Yes you are but attacking a kid is taking it to another level.
  14. I’m really glad you got to see us play the way we did yesterday. Keep thinking that’s the team you are playing tommorrow. Nobody in D2A presses like Tipton! Their coach is excellent in teaching the run and jump press. We’ve proven we can handle it and still win. It wasn’t pretty but nobody looks pretty against TRA.
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