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  1. Amen Mo! That was incredibly insightful!
  2. I was at the game yesterday. I don’t have a kid playing by the way. When the aforementioned play happened nobody argued the call. The coaches didn’t argue, the fans didn’t argue and the players didn’t argue. Your school,Gibson County, has great kids and coaches. I know a lot them are very active in church. When they make a mistake do you look at them and say, “he goes to such and such Baptist church, can you believe he said or did that”? It’s no different when you attend a Christian school. Yes, Bullseye is on our backs and we need to strive to a higher standard but inevitably we will fail at one time or another. Do you think players read CoachT? Sure they do. How would you feel if your son was the one who didn’t touch first base? No need to make the comment that “he cost them the gold ball”!! What about the 5 errors we made? Greenback didn’t have a single earned run. You could easily argue that those errors cost the game. While I can see your point on that play there is no reason to single out a kid publicly. Jackson Sun usually takes care of that unfortunately!! TCA had an amazing season! Best team in school history. We need to encourage the kids to dwell on the good memories and move past the bad ones.
  3. Congratulations from the TCA family. Really fine ball team and extremely well coached! Thoroughly enjoyed watching your pitcher yesterday. Wish all the Greenback seniors the very best in life. What a ballgame!!!
  4. Haha! You’re funny! You obviously don’t know us!
  5. I got your blue ribbon!!
  6. After 5 tied at 1-1. Greenback pitcher is a stud! Has great off speed pitches after a blazing fastball! Forsythe pitching a great game as well. Hasn’t given up any earned runs.
  7. Amen Mo! Scott’s Hill has always done it right! Always pull for them when we aren’t playing them! Remember driving down to Aville in 2016 and sitting on the Hill side all by myself cheering for the Lions and just snickering as ole Tommy Browder sliced up the Aville defense and Scott’s Hill went on to win a huge playoff game!
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