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  1. Fayette Academy is by far the best team TCA has played this year. Their QB is the best football player in the region. He’s fast and can run the ball but he also has a great arm and touch. He’s also a very intelligent player. They have a huge line for D2A. They have a good RB and really good receivers. You can’t key on one player. I suspect they will be in the final four and I could see them winning it all. Fayette and USJ and Fayette and Nashville Christian will be great games. Fun team to watch. TCA’s defense just couldn’t contain them. TCA didn’t play bad at all. Just outmanned. I counted around 52 players on FA’s team. That’s a lot of players for D2A. Good luck to the Vikings. They were a class act last night.
  2. Ominous- giving the impression that something bad or unpleasant is about to happen.
  3. Hats off to #72 of USJ for picking up the stuffed animal(Lion) that was ripped up and scattered over TCA’s field. Kudos to his family for raising a great kid. By the way, he wasn’t involved. He was cleaning it up.
  4. Good points and post but the run was a 3 year run. 2013-2015. 2015 team made it to the Final Four and they had multiple weapons.
  5. Great post. I agree that the kicking game is even. We may not see any kick returns as both kickers are capable of putting every kick in the end zone. I just hope our kicker gets a few opportunities to kick off!! I think one issue that is being overlooked is game experience. I think USJ is more experienced with Carlock, Willis, Wallace, Taylor, etc. TCA has good talent but lacks game day experience. I think TCA would fare better if they played at year end. Maybe not. TCA is undermanned but they have enough talent to win the game. Odds are heavily against them but you never know. I think USJ has a strong chance to win D2A. They need to jump on this opportunity because once they go back to AA it will be very difficult. Good luck to both team and pray for an injury free game. Go Lions!
  6. My son was a kicker and receiver for TCA from 2012-2015. Been there on those extra points that really, really matter! The only parents in the stands that pay close attention during extra points are snapper, holder and kickers parents!!
  7. Welcome to the T. Your son is an excellent kicker! Will we see three on side kicks in a row this year?
  8. In 2013, 2014 and 2015 USJ had twice the roster of TCA but TCA had numerous playmakers and USJ couldn’t cover them all. TCA won big in 13 and 14 and lost a relatively close one in 15 before they went to Goldsmith at QB and the Wildcat. He was unstoppable at that point. All my USJ friends agree that it would have been a different outcome had we played at year end but unfortunately we didn’t get that chance and we took the L for the season. Ask Adamsville how that change worked out! Haha. The point is that a much larger roster will win 80% of the time. Until the TCA parents let go and encourage their kids to play all sports it will be difficult for TCA to consistently compete with USJ. TCA will have a run once every 10 years or so where they are loaded with playmakers but it’s hard to argue with math. TCA has 4 or 5 athletes walking the halls right now that would automatically make them a major contender in DII-A but they aren’t on the field. Coach Butler does everything he can do to encourage the boys to play. My son almost didn’t play because basketball and soccer were his favorite sports. He will tell you today 2012-2015 TCA football are some of his favorite sports memories! I’m thankful the coaches stayed after him and encouraged him to play!
  9. USJ has around 53 players on their roster. TCA has 27 after injuries year to date. They started with about 30. Enough said.
  10. Yes! Preach it Trader!!
  11. Amen Mo! That was incredibly insightful!
  12. I was at the game yesterday. I don’t have a kid playing by the way. When the aforementioned play happened nobody argued the call. The coaches didn’t argue, the fans didn’t argue and the players didn’t argue. Your school,Gibson County, has great kids and coaches. I know a lot them are very active in church. When they make a mistake do you look at them and say, “he goes to such and such Baptist church, can you believe he said or did that”? It’s no different when you attend a Christian school. Yes, Bullseye is on our backs and we need to strive to a higher standard but inevitably we will fail at one time or another. Do you think players read CoachT? Sure they do. How would you feel if your son was the one who didn’t touch first base? No need to make the comment that “he cost them the gold ball”!! What about the 5 errors we made? Greenback didn’t have a single earned run. You could easily argue that those errors cost the game. While I can see your point on that play there is no reason to single out a kid publicly. Jackson Sun usually takes care of that unfortunately!! TCA had an amazing season! Best team in school history. We need to encourage the kids to dwell on the good memories and move past the bad ones.
  13. Congratulations from the TCA family. Really fine ball team and extremely well coached! Thoroughly enjoyed watching your pitcher yesterday. Wish all the Greenback seniors the very best in life. What a ballgame!!!
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