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  1. I have been very surprised by how well SGC has played in the district. Close games and last second shots have made the difference in a few of the games. I would say that DBurg, Crockett, and SGC are really close. Crockett and SGC have battled hard for the last few years. Every single time they get together its a barn burner! I will not say that we are going to win the district but they are undefeated to this point in the district. We have a tough Westview team coming to the hornets nest this Friday and that will be a good game. We still have to play Crockett, DBurg again... So who knows. To whomever was talking smack.... EAT A FROG!....
  2. Akin is a good guy. Hopefully he can get some things turned around over there. I wish him and Tech luck. I hope the school system gives him a bit of time to get it turned around. Too much talent over there for them to only win a couple of games a year.
  3. Well done sir. unfortunately, these kinds of problems are not just native to my hometown of Jackson. These problems are in a large portion of our cities.
  4. I am not calling you a liar, but did he actually say they sucked because he had poor black kids on his roster??? I think I would have remembered that but maybe not...
  5. BPM, Heard from an old friend that a former Milan guy may be interested in the job....
  6. It is going to be hard for everyone to compete year in and year out in this league. Remember we had a team go 7-3 and beat a 4a team that went all the way to quarter finals in 4a NOT make the playoffs.
  7. I know this has nothing to do with the new search for a football coach but, Liberty's softball field just 6 years ago would be the envy of most high schools in the state. It was absolutely beautiful. fast forward to today, you wouldn't even recognize it. The grass has grown up over the top of the fences and is a wasteland for garbage and trash. This is really sad... Also, I was on the football field at Liberty this past fall and they have let their grass go to complete trash. Its nothing but weeds and trash grass. I by no means am a turf expert but come on they can better..
  8. I do not have any direct info but, I tend to agree with you on this. I believe there is more the story than just wanting to go home..
  9. They also charge 750 bucks a local media outlet to live stream a playoff game..... OUTRAGEOUS!!! That is not a 1 time fee that is each contest in the playoffs....
  10. Congrats Peabody! After the game against Fairly I thought there might be some karma in the championship game... Bring the gold back to Gibson county!!! Also, proud of the Tide posters. For the most part I have only seen positive and encouraging things from them. Peabody folks folks please enjoy this. This is a very special time for y'all and I am happy for Y'all. Gibson county sometimes gets a bad name but we are some pretty good folk. ( minus BPM he eats cat turds and sniffs roaches ) What about next year Peabody??? Can it be a 3 time Gold ball run?
  11. I do not think anywhere. This was his first year as a head coach.
  12. I understand him leaving. It seems to me that R-73a is a coaching carousel now. Covington, Milan, Westview, and Bolivar all have new or 1st year head coaches. Not sure about McScary I think he has been around for a while. SGC has had the same coach since the beginning. Its tough business in this region.
  13. Alcoa won another state championship! Wow! Who would have ever believed that? jk Congrats PC on a great season.
  14. Not a fan of either team here. I am however a huge west TN high school football fan and want nothing but the best for end of the state. Are there really people wanting to get rid of Swenson???? seriously??? please, please, please tell me that this is a joke. Or I have miss read this somehow. If this is true. Mustang fans be VERY careful what you ask for. You are very likely to get it. Running him out of town would be STUPID!
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