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  1. I will pick the region 7 team every single time.... But Wooddale is pretty good. They have decent coaching and they have gotten better as the year has progressed. They are the ONLY team out of region 7 that stands any chance of getting a first round win. The rest are running clocks near or at halftime. Fact. Regardless of what team that has to go play in Memphis I would pick them as at least a 10 point favorite over Wooddale. They will put up a fight and at least make a game of it.
  2. I smell a dog with rabies and it is BPM! HA! Yall will need to have the good team show up if you want to win this Friday. I had to pick the best 3A teams in west TN ( outside of Memphis ) earlier on the air. Seabass put me on the spot. Believe it or not I picked: 1. SGC 2. Milan 3. McNairy 4. Covington. Some folks are going to get pissy about this.... Please do not. I said directly after my picks that there is an inch of difference between 2-4, and 2 inches of difference between 1-4.
  3. The Tigers have not played a Defense like this one. I expect this to be a hard fought game.
  4. Thanks man. This is a big group of kids that are playing together. FRA is so balanced and historically they always play us tough. We are going to need to play well. I hope we do not have a hangover from the big game last Friday.
  5. Thank you sir! I hope your words hold true. We have a special bunch of boys playing hard nosed football as a team! By no means and I am saying we are the best in the state, but I am saying that these boys are going to be tough out for anyone! FRA is pretty balance with what they do. We are going to have to defend the run and the pass in this contest!
  6. I would like for someone to challenge SGC on the strength of their schedule this year. South Gibson will play host to another playoff team. FRA is not joke. They are really good. FRA only has 1 lose on the season and that was to a really good Lipscomb team. This will be the 3rd year we have played FRA. SGC was able to win both of the previous meetings but they were both good games. The first game that was @ FRA was a classic! I think some folks believe this game is going to be a blowout win for SGC but I simply do not agree. This will be a good game. I hope it is a clean, injury free game for both teams. I think the skill positions for SGC will ultimately prevail and SGC will secure its 8th win on the season BUT I do not think that FRA is not capable of playing, or winning this game. After all of the emotions from last weeks HUGE win over Covington I hope there is not a layover.... or lack of effort from our boys. I do not think this is going to happen but it has the make up for a trap game for my Hornets. I have a lot of respect for FRA. They are willing to play up and continue a series with a team that has beat them 2 years in a row. FRA administration has always been nothing short of awesome to us and I certainly appreciate it. GO HORNETS!
  7. Want to talk some crazy? Just got off the phone with old friend of mine. Think about this. Hardin will probably finish there season 8-2 or 9-1 and win the region 7 4A crown easily. There only loss(s) on the season will be to McNairy and to Milan...... both of those teams are fighting for their life to even make in the playoffs..... This region is that good. It is a crying shame that one of our teams is not going to make the playoffs.
  8. The only thing that we know for sure at this point is that SGC is the region champs. They could forfeit the game against Bolivar and still win the Region. The 2,3 and, 4 spots are up for grabs. 3 playoff spots 4 teams. How is this going to shake out? You have 4 really good football teams that are fighting for it. Covington, Milan, McNairy, and Westview. Someone that is smarter than myself is going to have to help me get a handle on how all of this plays out. Who is on the outside looking in? All of the 4 teams that are fight for a spot have 2 region losses. Bolivar is the only team in the region that is out for sure. With the loss to McNairy tonight is Milan on the outside looking in? I think the tie breaker goes to the head to head match up. After that it goes to overall record. I think! BPM normally gives me the skinny on all of this but he was in the bed asleep when I tried to get him to straighten it out for me! BPM, Hope your frog tastes well served on a platter!
  9. Haywood had a major problem with that in our game as well. They are going to have to clean that up quickly as the playoffs approach. Several folks calling for this to be a blow out. I knew that was not going to the case.
  10. Wow! What a game! I knew it was going to be a good one. First I want to say thank you to all of the posters, and fans. Very classy of you guys with your kind words of congrats. I even have to say thank you to the Milan fan with the kind words ( yes it was painful for me to type that ) I think that most logical fans knew this was going to be a close game. Covington came out running a double wing / triple option. I tip my hat the Chargers for putting that in during the bye week and surprising us with it tonight. Also, coach Kirby is class act. I talked with him and was full of nothing but praises and compliments. Charger fans, You guys are really and I do mean really good. I know that y'all have take 2 back to back losses but step away for a second, get it back together y'all will be fine. Marcus Hayes is the absolute real deal. He IS THE BEST RUNNING BACK WE HAVE PLAYED THIS YEAR. Unfortunately for him he was having to run right at the best lineman in our league in Paxton Terry. To the legend on this board " chargerfan " Thank you for your kind words. I was a pleasure to meet you. I thought you were an old man! You did not look a day over 29! BPM EAT A FROG!!!!!! A BIG FAT JUICY FROG!!!!! SGC WON!!!!! I HAVE PICS TO PROVE IT! I knew before the season started that SGC was going to be pretty good but I did not know how good. I think they proved tonight that they deserve the region crown. Someone WAY smarter than me is going to have to figure out how the region is going to shake out for the 2,3 and, 4 spots. Congrats to my Hornets! Proud of kids, and coaches for finding a way to get it done this year in the nastiest region in the state. /steven
  11. I knew we were in the running but did not know we were selected! This is awesome!
  12. Aside from all the silly that comes between BPM and myself please excuse all of it, Final thoughts. ( BPM is a mischievous little punk that is due a round house kick to the ear lobe. ) I hope that we have clean hard fought game between 2 worthy opponents. There are a millions things working in the background for both teams. I have struggled with my pick all week because of all of the variables. Regardless of who wins the contest it will be a huge win for its respective program. I will take a coaching staff over players every single time. I believe that coaching makes such an impact I am going to go with the longest tenured coach in this league. I think this will be a low scoring affair. Both teams have really good D and will make whomever they play earn it. My Pick SGC 17 Covington 14. Please anyone that would like to watch the contest they can tune in and watch any where in the world at https://wnws.com/livestreams/south-gibson-hornets/ Yours truly will be on the call. GO HORNETS!!!! /steven
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