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  1. Could not agree more. I am pulling for him. I got the chance to coach him for a very short period in the all-star game and he was nothing short of awesome. He made me a fan of him by the way he accepted coaching, had a great attitude, was a team player, and just nothing short of an incredible young man. It all comes from home IMO. I have met his mom a few times and she demands nothing but the best from him and that is why he is the caliber young man he is. He will go very far in life with or without pads on.
  2. Would MUCH rather been at home. Enjoyed getting to spend some time with the boy aside from that I would rather be at home in my bed without all of the people... Also where a drink does not cost 9 dollars and a bag of ice 5 dollars. Thanks for the well wishes. Hold it down in Daytona. I hope you have a great time as well.
  3. HAHA!!!! This is funny BPM. Maybe next time you will call ahead and ask the women to shave their chests.
  4. 1. South Gibson 2. Covington 3. Milan 4. Westview.
  5. There is always that one guy........... Folks do not be this guy. Be more like Jake from state farm. HA! I stand corrected. You are right. I forgot they got clipped by CPA in the semis.
  6. hmm.... interesting. Absolutely nothing will come of it. /thread
  7. Classic! sad but true. The future is still the future but history tells us that this region from top to bottom is always hard. Last year the last placed team in our region would have made it to the semis if they were in the right region. I honestly believe that. There are no " gimme " games. I know that Alcoa is on the stupid run of dominance but from top to bottom this must be the hardest in the state. Milan back to back vs Alcoa & CPA i think* several years ago. Liberty ( not in this region anymore ) back to back vs Alcoa 3-4 years ago. Covington back to back vs Alcoa the last 2 years. No disrespect to Alcoa but the run they are on is just stupid. No one team will ever match it again IMO. Rankin and company have formulated a master plan for developing and keeping top notch players that are just simply willing to play at the highest level to win. I have nothing but respect for what they do. When I watch the team on film all is see is a bunch of kids doing exactly what they are supposed to be doing exactly how they are supposed to be doing it.... They do not run anything flashy or surprising. They do what they do and make you stop it. Nobody has been able to stop it in the last several years. At Alcoa it is gold ball or bust.
  8. Not sure if you were there or not because there were not very many fans on the dogs side of the stadium. It really was awesome. Start up program less than 10 years old takes a bunch of white boys to the dawg house and bested one of the most storied programs in the state. Also it was the sure fired hall of fame coaches last game at his home stadium.... I remember saying " things have gone stale here at Johnnie Hale " Shameful BPM. Shameful. Next time you come by I will give you a calculator. HAHA! All in good fun my friend.
  9. Beating the dogs on the last game that Morris ever coached at home was even better.
  10. lets hope! I don't know about you but I really like the SGC v Milan being in week 10. I know the region schedules are already made out and the coaches just pull a number out of the hat but still.... There have been some classic games already played between the 2 schools. I do not think that is going to change any time soon.
  11. Losing Marty and all the seniors is going to be a tough road to travel. I put them there because they have dominated this district since they joined it a few years ago. So, I can not dethrone them until I see the gap closed with my own eyeballs. SGC returns a bunch of kids. If my memory serves me correctly this will be the largest senior class they have ever had. I think its 26. ( don't quote me on that going off of memory only so... not worth much ) QB, 3 backs, 3 Oline, both wideouts, The entire defense returns minus 3 - 5 depending on what time of the year you looked at starters. Longest tenured head coach in the region also. I am looking forward to seeing how Westview looks this year. I do not care about the kid that got a D1 offer in 8th grade he showed me nothing. They have a kid that is a junior that can flat out play running the ball. If they can get decent blocking up front and he stays out of trouble he will surely be in contention for 1st team all region.
  12. Good question. No one really knows. I do not agree with you however on how it will play out. 1. Covington. 2 - 3 SGC or Milan 4 - 5 McNairy Westview.
  13. I am looking forward to several of them. SG v Milan McNairy vs Covington Bolivar vs McNairy Covington vs Milan SG vs Westview to name a few.
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