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  1. regardless of all that. How about giving coaches a chance to practice for more than a week before they start scrimmage games. This is crazy
  2. I just talked to one of my coaching friends and he said basketball practice can't start until November 4th this year. This is the craziest thing I have ever heard!! They should be able to start October 15th. Give them at least 3 weeks of practice before the first scrimmage and Jamboree dates. Come on TSSAA!!! You have to change this!!! Where You At?
  3. Briarcrest from the West and Brentwood or McCallie from east/middle
  4. No surprise Southside is gonna be good. they are good every year! I'm talking about Southside being a real threat to win a state tournament.
  5. South Side gonna surprise a bunch of folks on this board. They bring every single player back and did not graduate anybody. Yeah they lost the 6'10" kid but that really don't hurt them that bad. Macklin is gonna be a beast this year. This is the best perimeter shooting team they have had in a really long time. match that with some big bodies that they have in the paint and the defense they play... Add that awful loss to South Gibson to end their season last year and that team gonna be hungry. I will be interested to see their schedule. If I am Coach Fuller I am playing all the 3A and top 2A teams that will play
  6. agree but Im not counting out southside this year.
  7. Who will finish in the top 4 in Region 7? Who will finish in the top 4 region 8? I got South Side, South Gibson, Westview, and Lexington Region 8: Wooddale, Bolivar, Mitchell and Melrose
  8. Gotcha. Region 8 is gonna be loaded in 2A. So south side should host a sub state and win their region 7 championship ?
  9. Yeah the thing is, Southisde went to Semi finals of region last year and were bringing everybody back. They didn't graduate anybody so they gonna be really good
  10. Not sure. Good question. I saw them twice and he did play alot for them those 2 games but not sure about the rest of the season.
  11. D1 projection for a rising sophomore is great
  12. From Jackson Southside to Memphis East... That is very rare. Not sure that has happened before. gotta be more to this story. Coach Fuller at Southside been doing this too long and has put too many kids in college and helped kids make a living hooping.
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