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  1. Just let me decide if I want to go to a ball game! Just let me decide if I want to go out and eat! Just let me decide if I want to go to Wal-Mart! Just let me decide... So tired of people deciding for me. I am a middle age married man who loves hoops and want to go watch it! Why am I being told I can't do that? Just does not make sense! I realize that COVID is real. I have lost people I love to COVID. That doesn't change the fact that I should have the right to decide whether or not I want to go watch some high school basketball and watch coaches yell at officials/players and parents yell at coaches... LOL
  2. My only question is who is the person that is determining the talent is so great? Where did you get that from?
  3. The difference between 6-12 years ago and now is the number of kids that are college players in the state of Tennessee. You could have a bunch of college players on the team and not win it because tons of other schools had a bunch of college players too. Right now when 3 or 4 college players go to the same team it is pretty much game over for the rest of the teams. That is why there is so much focus and attention on the schools that are getting a bunch of college level players going there. If that makes sense?
  4. West Carroll and McKenzie They actually may end up in the region championship too if the brackets fall right.
  5. Your Hawks gonna be okay when a competitive game comes their way? I see they didn't play over Christmas and usually play tough competition then. They got anybody left that may help them prepare for Post season?
  6. Man... SOOOO many hoopers in this area. I don't follow Memphis, Middle and East TN because I don't have time. I wish I did have time to follow those areas. There are great players all over the state.
  7. Basketball all over the state is down. Doesn't take away from the accomplishments of the current teams and players but it is down. There aint no McNeal's, Kemps, Chissom, Hicks, Merriweather, Smith's, Sams, Marshalls, longs, and etc.... I could go on and on and I know I left a ton of hoopers out. BUT, still a ton of great players, doing great things vs the competition they have to play against. I love hoops.
  8. Houston got everybody in Memphis. LOL
  9. Imma go out on a limb here and say Coach Fuller and the Hawks prolly ain't gonna need any extra motivation. Undefeated season last year and returning a bunch of kids that played a ton of minutes along with 2 starters. They are ready. When you at the top you gonna get everybody best shot every night. However, the cool thing about hoops is a decent team can beat a great team if the great team don't bring it and the decent team shows up and balls out. I love hoops.
  10. I have only watched West TN Teams..... Not judging the rest of the state. A - Peabody, Humboldt and Madison AA - South Side, South Gibson, Lexington/Dyersburg AAA - Arlington, Houston Haven't watched any Private School ball yet.
  11. So ECS can shoot the rock and make free throws?
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