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  1. WhereYouAt

    West TN Coaching Jobs

    School in a city with open enrollment where most of the best players are going to Jackson Southside and Jackson Northside. Plus it is a 3A school and District travel schedule is brutal with rewards of playing East or another Memphis 3A team if you make it to a Sub-State. 2 different coaches the last 2 years. etc...
  2. WhereYouAt

    West TN Coaching Jobs

    One and Done. BAAHAAAHAAA
  3. WhereYouAt

    West TN Coaching Jobs

    JCS gonna hire the assistant!
  4. WhereYouAt

    West TN Coaching Jobs

    Nobody gonna take this job. Awful job. where you at
  5. WhereYouAt

    Head Coach Openings

    Region 7AA is one of the best in the best in the state and District 13AA is really tough. I look at this move as a lateral move for Coach Wilkins. Obion is not contending with Westview, Crockett, Southside, Lexington, Dyersburg, and Chester. a lateral move because he is stepping down in class but he is in a better situation as far as winning. Only a few teams to deal with in his new region
  6. WhereYouAt

    Head Coach Openings

    Is there anybody in the Wilkins family that don't coach? He will do a great job and has a good group returning.
  7. WhereYouAt

    Head Coach Openings

    Stewarts Creek. My bad. Did not mean County who goes to Stewarts CREEK
  8. WhereYouAt

    Head Coach Openings

    Who goes to Stewart County?
  9. WhereYouAt

    Head Coach Openings

    White, Black, Yellow, Purple... The color of the skin has nothing to do with this. It is about relating to the kids. If you relate to the kids they will listen. When they listen you can teach them. When they listen and you teach them they will see you love them and have their best interest in your heart. Then they will respect you and run through walls for you. WhereYouAt?
  10. WhereYouAt

    Humboldt vs Fayetteville

    Humboldt will run these guys. Why? They have 5 Seniors that have all played in a state tournament before. Humboldt will probably win the tournament. Getting to the state tournament when your road goes through Memphis makes you ready to go.
  11. WhereYouAt

    Head Coach Openings

    This use to be such a great job. Sad.
  12. WhereYouAt

    Head Coach Openings

    What the heck? I thought they just hired a new coach this year!!!
  13. WhereYouAt

    Best Team to Not Make State Tournament

    I think Blackmon was the last team not out of Memphis to win it 3A. Maybe 2014 or 2013.
  14. WhereYouAt

    Region 7AA has all District 13 final

    I meant there will be no 14AA team in substate for the first time in at least the past 10 years. I didn't word it right.
  15. The teams from District 14 AA are all out of the tournament and no sub state appearance for this District in at least the past 10 years and probably longer. What happened?