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  1. Nothing to do with high school. High school for James Wiseman is over. This has to do with the NCAA. East will probably have to forfeit their championship. The TSSAA relies on the schools to "do the right thing" when reporting transfers, eligibility, etc... Most, not all but most, schools in Memphis aren't going to turn others in because they don't want to A.) Get caught themselves, B.) hurt a kid’s future, C.) be seen as a person trying to hold others back, D.) All of the above
  2. Had Wiseman gone to Kentucky we wouldn't be hearing about this and if we did Penny would be a laughing stock, the NCAA would have done nothing, and Wiseman would be playing. Still, a booster of a school gave a player money. Is that not breaking the rules? Yes, it is. It’s only against the rules if the player goes to the school that gives him money. Schools give kids money often but if the kid doesn’t go to that school then no one says anything. The NCAA chooses who to hold accountable and who not. Sean Miller paid De'Andre Ayton $10,000 a month out of his own pocket and Miller still has a job at Arizona North Carolina set up phony classes and nothing was done. A swimmer, Joseph Schooling was paid 3/4 of a $1,000,000 by his native country for winning a gold medal in the Olympics. Got paid and no longer an amateur and now a rich college kid. He was not only eligible to swim in the NCAA but he won 6 medals. Who cares about NCAA swimming? No one. It doesn’t generate revenue. So they do what they want. Players get a Cost of Attendance stipend at many many schools. That's supposed to cover room and board, meals. books, etc... What's the "full-ride" scholarship for? Many of these kids, especially at big schools (Power 5) are eligible for huge pell grants too. So not only does the school and NCAA make money (big money) off of these 18-23 year-old athletes but they also want to dictate small parts of their lives for profit all while these young kids are putting their future at risk for little to nothing. There is no other system like it in the world. It makes billions of $$$$ and also makes the cost of college go up for other students. Fandom and notalgia are blinding people to the hypocrisy.
  3. Penny knew the rules. Penny broke the rules. However, this has nothing to do with the NCAA. Penny was not the coach at Memphis. I don't belive he knew he would be the coach at Memphis so soon. I can agree with the TSSAA but not the NCAA.
  4. I am in no way defending what Hardaway did. I'm saying that the NCAA is a joke of an organization that justifies giving kids a "college education" (if they didn't have the scholarships they couldn't/wouldn't play) to make billions of $$$$. It is the exact picture of corporate America. Corporations make billions off the backs or people that are on government assistance or just scraping by. Those kids are the ones with talent and ability. Without the players, the NCAA doesn’t exist. We are the only country in the world that has this type of system for college athletics. Sean Miller still has a job at Arizona and he paid Deandre Ayton $10,000 a month. Penny knew exactly what he was doing when he helped him move. Just like he knew what he was doing when he brought kids to East. He just didn't care. However, I don't think Penny knew they timeline to be the Coach at Memphis was going to be as fast as it was. Had Memphis not fired Tubby Smith, James Wiseman and DJ Jeffries would be at Kentucky, Alex Lomax would be at Wichita State, Ryan Boyce would be at UAB, and Tyler Harris would be at …..
  5. They knew in May after "months" of investigation that Penny gave the Wiseman family $11,500 becaue Penny told them. What else did they need to know? Why wait until the season has started to say, "Oh, sorry we messed up James Wiseman is ineligible"?
  6. Wiseman’s lawsuit stated the NCAA declared the center eligible in May after months of investigation and that Hardaway disclosed he gave $11,500 in moving expenses to help the player’s family move from Nashville to Memphis in the summer of 2017 — before Wiseman played at East High School as a junior for Hardaway. The university said in a statement that Wiseman didn’t know about the money given to his family. The NCAA already investigated and said he was eligible. Now, he's ineligible? What did they investigate for months?
  7. Penny knew. Penny is a nice guy. No doubting that. He knows his impact in Memphis. He is also from Memphis and knows how things work here. He knew about Wiseman and his abilty. He used his AAU program to find players in the general area and some of them he wanted at East and some he didn't . He also had some big time national players from other areas that he knew couldn't move to East without a huge uproar. The problem here is the NCAA not the TSSAA. The NCAA ruled Wiseman ineligible after he was deemed eligible and the $11,500 was disclosed. The NCAA is showing their ineptitude and how their egos can be bruised when someone comes in a shakes things up like Penny has.
  8. Stripped of a title is ok. Banning them from the post season when the coach who violated the rules is no longer there and more than likley none of the players are on the team when Wiseman was is punishing the wrong people.
  9. James Wiseman is ineligible Chase Young was suspended for a game. James Wiseman was deemed eligible by the NCAA and the benefit was disclosed. The NCAA made him ineligible after he'd been eligible. Chase Young borrowed money for a plane ticket for his girlfriend and paid the borrowed money back.
  10. Young's case had nothing to do with taking money to play or to go to Ohio State. The kid paid the laon back because he's a good person. This is a case where the NCAA is outrageous. More than likley he couldnt have gotten a loan from a bank or a credit card. It has nothing to do with his eligibilty.
  11. Ohio State made Pryor ineligble because he wouldn't cooperate (anymore) with their investigate. He didn't gain his eligbilty back by paying back anything. Who else "paid back their benefit" to get their eligibilty back?
  12. Can you give an example where the NCAA "makes" a player repay the extra benefit? I've never heard of that.
  13. I don't belive the judge made Wiseman and Boyce eligible they just put an injunction in place. That's a little differnt than making them eligible. I'm not sure what everyone was thinking. Yes, Memphis kids/schools transfer and lie all the time. It happens so much that the TSSAA can't get a handle on it and really don't put much effort into it. It really depends on the schools involved. It has happened for years but now it's a epidemic. The new coaching link rule was really going to hit basketball hard. It seems to have worked. As legendary as Penny is there was no shame in the recruitment of kids at East. Sure kids wanna play for him, sure kids wanna win and dominate, but when the best talent is flocking to a public school that isn't considered anything special it gets noticed.
  14. From my understanding Brown is at Wooddale. Houston is loaded with talent too. Miller, Applewhite, Madlock, Yates.
  15. Four classes would make things worse. AA in Memphis and West TN has been weaker than A and AAA for sometime. There have been some good teams but as an overall classification it's weak. Kids tend to go to a smaller school where they can be the star or they'll go to a AAA school where they can play with more size and talent. Wooddale won AA last year and should win this year. Just because a team from an area wins a chamionship doesn't mean that that class isn't weak. Everyone knows that the AAA gauntlet that is Shelby County has the majority of the best teams in the state. Basektball in Nashville, in my opionion (and others), isn't very good. Yes, some years they produce good teams (seems like in AA too) but overall it is weak for an urban area.
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