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  1. Before Charlie Leonard got there they didn't have Mason Miller, Tony Madlock Jr. Aiden Applewhite, Zander Yates, or the other big kid. Without Applewhite they were a pretty beatable team at times this year. Talent will win games regardless of the coach. Granted the coach can screw it up but talent will win 2/3 of the time. Take Wooddale for example in 2015-2017 seasons Wooddale won 2 games. It was pitiful. The coach of that boys team left and became the girls coach at Houston High. More on that in a second (see below) Wooddale dropped to AA then the Lawson brothers come to play with their dad. Boom. State Champs. I've heard it from Keelon Lawson's former players at Hamilton (D1 and overseas pros) that he is a horrible coach. They years her won he had talent running out of the cracks. Wooddale's former boys coach has a record of 112-18 in 4 years. Houston's girl's were loaded with talent. Same coach no talent at Wooddale. Miller likes Germantown. He could have moved just about anywhere he wanted. He will probably get an assistant job where ever his son lands to play in college. He is a great guy and the perfect hire for Hosuton right now.
  2. This job is not open right now. (from a very reliable source)
  3. Shelby County Schools have canceled classes and activites March 13-March 27. Not sure how this will affect the tournament.
  4. What AAU squad did they bring in? You want to always make accusations but you don't know the whole story. What kids transfered into Wooddale? Someone on this board might know but do you? Like I said before kids are the ones to move not many coaches are out there recruting. Yes, some do. Others aren't goign ot tell a kid ot go back where they came from if they transfer and the school system deems it a legit change. No one is screamign about Arlington or Collierville. Both of those schools have coaches that are recruiting. No one bats an eye at other sports like golf, volleyball, softball, or even baseball much.
  5. They were AAA 3 years ago. Then they hired Lawson that brought his sons with him who happen to be National recurits. Nobody from Adidas or Nike is buying kids in Memphis. You're reaching and are really getting. Can't deny a homeless kid an education nor can you control where kids live. Stop whining because it's getting old. Write a letter to the TSSAA and voice your concern. All the time you spend moaning about it on CoachT you could have written multiple letters to the TSSAA, local, state, and national lawmakers. Do something about it instead of always complaing.
  6. Germantown High School's demographic is closer to South Side, Covington, and Wooddale than it is South Gibson County.
  7. This video shows the kids skill set to a good extent. These clips are against East and OB so the competition is pretty good as well. He is not a garbage guy although he can do alot of damage in that area because of his length. Brown is dangerous too. Especially if he's over looked. If Brown was playing at a school where he was the #1 guy he'd probably average 25+.
  8. Yes, Jalen Brown left Trezvent and has been at Wooddale this year. Word is he will be at TN Prep next year. He gets overshadowed by Lawson. He was in the ESPN Top 60 at the begining of the year. According to ESPN he's a 4 Star 82 overall 6'4 175 guard. Lawson is a 4 star 84 over 6'6 170lbs Other recruiting outlets have Brown ranked above Lawson.
  9. AAA Whitehaven and Houston: I'd give both a great chance of winning their sectional games.
  10. It's an hour away. No it's not considered Memphis area basketball.
  11. What I think you've failed to understand for the years and years and years you've spewed this over and over and over is that for the most part it's the kids moving around without a coaches involvment. Are there coaches that call kids, talk to them, and recruit them in basketball and football in this city? Yes. Are there kids that move from school to school because they think the grass is greener? All the time. No one seems to care much about middle Tennessee school dominating girls basketball. Do all of those girls go to the schools they're zoned for? The TSSAA knows about it but do nothing to combat it. Penny and East became a nationally ranked team for 3 years. Then all they did was create a coaching link rule that no one cares about until it went to court. No one complains when a player they've never heard of moves. No one complains when a kid that plays golf, tennis, or some other random sport that gets no attention moves. It's only when kids that are ranked or are good move that people "care". It happens in Nashville, Knoxville, and Chattanooga too but... they don't win often so no one complains. When you let AAU basketball have so much influence over kids and take away their high school coaches influence this is what you get. Also, when all anyone cares about is winning this is what you get. Wanna point a finger? The TSSAA and our society have created this mess. AAU runs the show. Kids get recurited by AAU teammates and coaches far more than high school coaches. Then if you don't win games (breaking rules or not) people want your head. So to win schools are hiring coaches that coach AAU that aren't trained teachers to coach sports. I absolutley cringe at the idea that we have some coaches in TN that get a full teacher's salary, coaching supplements, and sometimes more money from booster clubs to "teach" 3 PE classes and some weight training classes. That's tax payer money to coach high school sports. Yes, there are some coaches that are in the classroom teaching legit subjects btu we see more and more of the other all the time. Get off your high horse and propose a solution instead of complaining on CoachT.
  12. Shelby County is too big to police. There are too many schools and too many kids. The TSSAA doesn't have the man power to do it. Shelby County Schools isn't going to blink if a kid has a "legitimate" change of address or claim homelessness. Coaches don't turn each other in. (rare exceptions) Parents shop around when their kid might not even make the team at one school but might play at another. I bet this happens in other cities in the state but because Memphis wins championships in basketball people take notice.
  13. The coaching link is going to put a roadblock in alot of what happens in Memphis. It's already been in court with Memphis East and James Wiseman. People are going to have to get more creative in how they do things now.
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