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  1. Some do. Others leave me scratching my old bald head. ST, Orngnblk, Cherokee Tom, Pujo, Tradertwo and a few others have some good input. What part of this beautiful state are you from if I’m not being to nosey. If so you can just tell me none of my business. Hear it from my wife all the time so no hard feelings.
  2. Those comfortable wins aren’t too comfortable when the big games are played based on previous years.
  3. Championship Class 1A McKenzie vs Clay Co 48-12 Class 2A DC Riverside vs Tyner 28-21
  4. Give me Clay and Tyner in east and Huntingdon and McKenzie out west this week
  5. I was like that on those along with LC / Riverside, Clay /Gordy and the Huntingdon/ UC games as well.
  6. Class 1A QUAD 1 Coalfield vs Oliver Spgs QUAD 2 Clay Co vs Gordonsville QUAD 3 McKenzie vs Fayetteville QUAD 4 MASE vs Peabody Class 2A QUAD 1 York Institute vs Monterey QUAD 2 East Robertson vs Tyner QUAD 3 Lewis Co vs DC Riverside QUAD 4 Huntingdon vs Union City
  7. That double dose of Geritol got to you
  8. I just notice BBQ only has one miss. He was perfect first week in 1A. You have 3 people with a total of one miss in 1A though overall.
  9. You need to do some recalculating. Something ain’t adding up
  10. The river 104.9. Listen in to the drunken sailor.
  11. If y’all could get Roy to wear a T-shirt under those bib overalls you might could get live stream
  12. I feel your pain brother. I always heard time is money. I guess spending time with wife means spending money on her also?
  13. Agreed. I’m giving edge to SP due to home field. If game was at Gordy then I would give edge to them. Should be a classic.
  14. QUAD 1 Cloudland vs Oliver Spgs Coalfield vs Unaka QUAD 2 SP vs Gordonsville Clay Co vs Whitwell QUAD 3 Fayetteville vs Dresden McKenzie vs Moore Co QUAD 4 Peabody vs BTW MASE vs Lake Co Class 2A QUAD 1 Hampton vs Monterey York Institute vs South Greene QUAD 2 Tyner vs Westmoreland East Robertson vs Bledsoe Co QUAD 3 Mt Pleasant vs DC Riverside Lewis Co vs Adamsville QUAD 4 Westview vs Union City Fairley vs Huntingdon
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