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  1. Never excused anything. I said if I wanted to read a police report I would read newspaper. Do you not comprehend? I’m not defending anyone here nor am I accusing anyone either. If what you say is true then let the legal department handle it and if found guilty then let the courts issue the sentencing. I’m just stating that I read threads for sport updates and not news updates. You can preach all you want on here but as I said if you have all this evidence then present it to the authorities and not here. Personally I think any individual guilty of crimes you state should be punished to full extent of the law but that should be confined to courts and not here. This is a thread about high school players and their teams not a bash session against a school and their former coach or coaches.
  2. Sure like a thread on CoachT is going to be part of the investigation process. Police chief tells his detectives to scour through this website to turn up clues. Better yet since you have all the facts and evidence why don’t you just present it to your local law enforcement agency and let them handle it? And before you start a friction fire in your head due to those 2 marbles rolling around in your head trying to see my ties to TC…I will save you the trouble. I’m not associated at all with them. I just enjoy reading up on sports in this area. If I wanted to read a police report I would check my local newspaper.
  3. Bulls probably play football better than the bears.
  4. Jones was considered to be a big Tuna but jumped back overboard while y’all was opening up the ice chest. If y’all get this one onboard you best have the gaff hook in good.
  5. Best of luck to Coach Sharp at Central
  6. Cracks me up that he hasn’t been named HC.
  7. Be a good move for Stone if he don’t get SP job
  8. I was rooting for McKenzie just because they put my team out but I have met some good people from SP over the years and following them this year I could tell that bunch started improving mid season through the end. With all that team went through I can honestly say they came together and earned it. Says a lot for the coaches that held them together and the players for believing. Last year they was the team to beat but this years team really got after it. Was a great game to watch. Congrats to the entire SP community. Well deserved. They was without a doubt the most improved team from start to finish this year.
  9. Happens every year. Heard the same thing when we got silver from the east side.
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