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  1. Bet you still have your letterman jacket though.
  2. Losing breeds discontent. People, including adults and kids, like to be on winning teams. When things go south people look for reasons to get out.
  3. Bear Bryant couldn’t take the current squad to the semifinals. Or the next few years. Everyone knows that. Or they should.
  4. That’s not how this works. You do realize it can’t be used as motivation for your team if you say it, right?
  5. Roy, are you that guy at Marion that rides around in that golf cart before games? You look like him. I’m not joking either.
  6. I don’t believe they are world beaters. They may not beat Portland. If you keep up with Westmoreland at all you will know they are always excellent on defense but can’t score many points. They may not beat Portland but it’s unusual for them to get blown out because of their defense.
  7. Hackett is a good DC but personally I think the DC from Westmoreland does more with less talent.
  8. That was a bad loss for Forrest.
  9. What a twisted web you weave.
  10. Maybe I missed it, but is the book already finished and ready to ship?
  11. Sounds like Westmoreland is the favorite in the region.
  12. Spring scrimmages are not my favorite. I suppose for larger schools that don’t share athletes I get it. Smaller schools either have many skill players still in baseball or just got them back and shouldn’t play them.
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