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  1. How long has GB's qb been there heard he was a transfer no one get butt hurt I'm just asking
  2. If u like wings go to Ed's wings in fayetville it doesn't look like much but some of the best wings around and i wont never forget that monsoon in lake county last year
  3. Dont sleep on Huntington it has been a few years shazammm
  4. I think they need the stang pic at least the corndogs as u call them beat yall at the magic carpet JS
  5. I have the pic it was my son but don't know how to put it on here
  6. All I can say cvill is not the same team as they was the last few years but if they play like they did fri look out it will be a good game if Huntington is liable to self destruct JS
  7. That was the FB / LB er that graduated
  8. Sorry bud but I cant fit in my high school Jersey and also yall have all the class in the world I guess
  9. I'm sorry we arnt a bunch of spoilt brats that gets everything thing they want or has a town that's going to buy them what they want like the mustanks have .Yall better recognize before corn dogs as u say come to town
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