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  1. Yep Soph.Miss State and Ga Tech have offered.OK,Tenn and more are very interested.He will go big time if he can stay healthy. Game will be at Pitt.
  2. We should make semis but not sure if we can make it thru Pitt they really loaded up in the offseason.I expect a 50/50 chance first 2 games with Loudon and Meigs.Very well could be 8-2 going into playoffs.Then again us small schools will pay a high price if just 1 of our good players come down with this crap.I have high expectations tho.LOL!
  3. Just a general comment.I Could have worded it differently,any talk about GCA in same sentence as traditionally good publics gets me going I guess..Good luck,should be a fun game this year!Will leave this one to the Lake County folks!
  4. Why do you think I have a guilty conscience??Pujo made reference to GCA but GCA cheated to get there didnt do it by having a great winning tradition as have most of the Elite publics teams.My reference was to that not SP.They have been on the top of the list since the 60's.We have always been good but Since Ryan and his staff took over we have been in the elite category.That draws kids in.Paying tuition and bringing kids in from Fla like GCA did is a whole lot different.Your discussion with Mike was spot on!GCA was a whole different matter.
  5. I thought Bernie said if the had a temp of 100.4 they got sent home and had to have a covid test. Temperature checks are needed for all player/coaches/personnel before practice. A temperature above 100.4 sends the person in question home, they can't return until getting a negative COVID-19 test or a doctor's note
  6. GCA actually cheated and was caught tho.Little bit of difference.You can throw blame all day long but if legal,whether you,me or anyone else dont like it,its perfectly fine.GCA was blatantly doing it and everyone knew it.SP has got a boat load in and NO ONE has said a word,I personally could care less a program like them will draw studs in just like us.Deal with it or deal yourself out.People gonna hate when you win. This was not aimed at either of you just some general knowledge.
  7. https://foxchattanooga.com/news/coronavirus/due-to-covid-19-cases-marion-co-school-board-votes-to-delay-school-start-time I had seen this article,so I asked the question if that would set your team back also.BUT it didnt.And good for you all it didnt.The Metro areas had the same article but the have also requested no contact till after labor day.Marion County did not but that wasnt stated in the article so I asked the best people I know to get a straight answer.We are not confused now.LOL. AND Greenback has no S just like Pittsburg has no H.Hope to see you all this year.Good luck to you all till then.LOL.
  8. Yes.Good post.Those are the questions needing answers!
  9. You are right Metro is doing their own thing.Those kids wont play a game till 3 weeks after they start back.This crap is a big mess!Just waiting on the next BS move they will make!
  10. Ok,that is a good answer.If school is in session then they should be able to play.
  11. So the districts that dont start till the 8th are virtual or online BEFORE the 8th??My understanding was school had to be in session before actual games were played.But I'm not sure.
  12. So the districts that dont start till the 8th are virtual or online BEFORE the 8th??My understanding was school had to be in session before actual games were played.But I'm not sure.
  13. I heard yesterday Marion delayed till after the 8th.Can you play games while not in school??Or did the go back to reg start date for kids?
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