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  1. Without a doubt but this ones out of my wheelhouse although the crocodile tears were entertaining!!
  2. I'm about to fall out of my Deer stand reading this!!!You a Franklin GCAer???Pride oh do I miss the old days SMONBH!!!!
  3. Amen!And thank you for your service!!!
  4. Cville surprised everyone in 17 beating Huntingdon,then turned around and beat them again in 18 went to win Silver both times.Then HHS beat them bad in round 2 in 19.Met some great folks in Cookeville in 2017!
  5. Brother I have to disagree.That Coalfield team wasnt a very good team alot like this year.Had a good young QB in McKinney and Couple good linemen.Came to GB and won with 7 seconds left and we weren't a very good team either.This Clay team would beat that CF team by what this Clay team "should" have this year or worse.The East that year was terrible just like this year. This CF team and 14 had a Cakewalk to the Semis and 14 had easy street to finals. Never fails when the East is bad we are down and when we are good we have to face a very good South Pitt in a slobber Knocker. Your right about 21 Pitt had alot more talent than Clay,the two bothers and the big guy who transferred in were the BIG differences.Kelley was good no doubt but the big three were the reason Pitt was in Chattanooga. Clay just has to play their game and ANYTHING can happen!
  6. The 1A/2A boards do have alot of fun throughout the year.Alot of us know each other and have a good time BUT it can get rowdy at times not like it used to but still.LOL
  7. You just trying to make me look smart with the DC pick!
  8. I picked DC.Not Warrjack.To answer your question no I dont need a drug test.I am picking DC because I want too.
  9. Beautiful back drop at Polk,the Mtn view behind stadium is pretty cool.Polk is always a hard hitting bunch. We have scrimmage them often.
  10. Please do the more the merrier around here!
  11. Derick Davis head coach.Left to Mcminn Central a few years ago.Polk went in the tank when he left.Came back this year and is a hit you in the mouth type coach.Polk took big strides this year after a couple of 0-10 seasons since he left.Polk was always tough with Davis at the helm.Beat some very good South Pitt teams.polk will be a factor.
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