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  1. Least you could have introduced yourself as we were talking at the diner.I had no idea it was you.I will let you know if i head that way.
  2. If your lucky!Our kids paid for their football and baseball.County said they would help then backed out!!
  3. Thank you and it has been fun.I will evaluate my stance on this site during the offseason,may be time for taking a back seat!Made alot of friends thru the years on here tho but i think its time,we will see
  4. Ill own it Mike we got beat by a better team.The adjustment on the WR#4 route in the second half from a fly route to a come back was great.The line for LC just pushed us around.It says alot for our MUCH smaller team to even have a chance up to the pick 6 to make a down to the wire type game.When we lost 23 it hurt more on the d and special teams end in my opinion.#15 was a hard loss also he was our best backer.We only rotate 14 kids so i am proud of our kids.Coaching can only do so much against a better team.Line of scrimmage took us out of the game.Great team LC you all could win 2A i believe! Also i hope you are doing better!!
  5. You are spot on,have a few GREAT ones.He just spoke in general,said they yell at opposing teams and we know that to be a fact,they booed our boys coming on the field last Fri and yelled and clapped at the boys who dropped a ball during warmups,i personally have never seen that from anyone else.
  6. I hollered at you before the game in the endzone about thst donkey.That was a ton of fun!Congrats to your boys that a heck of a team!
  7. I will say this last thing to you OP,we were at the ihop this morn and a man comes up and says he has been going to the championship game for 25 years and he asked of we were LC we said nope GB.He so you all were the ones who put SP out i said yep he gave us all high fives and said there are a few of us that do this every year and we cant stand those fans.Just being honest and i laugh at your comments this year and now.Good day and have a good offseason we WILL meet again.
  8. They were the best team we played all year hands down.They were in a ball game tho.Alot hard hits given and taken.
  9. Well GB looked like the second best today. LC 8 points at the half.
  10. Plain and simple.LC still better but with Willis the big play factor was gone.MR.FOOTBALL for a reason.
  11. LC clearly a better team.Congrats you all are def the best team in 1A!Congrats.
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