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  1. Agree 100%.No team in the tournament should host.
  2. Any person who says Transfers dont make a difference never watched a Ryan coached GB team OR any SP team.They do and WILL make a difference!Good teams who win alot attract other kids AND parents sho want to win.
  3. I think CF lost a good amount.GB you CAN count us out as long as this no name go for it on 4th down and 24 on your own 20 dude we have steering our ship is here!Gordy,South Pitt and maybe Cloudland I here they have good numbers and a VERY good young coach that has all my respect after taking it to a MUCH more talented SP team last year.SP is is the lead for now as they should be.
  4. Yes only one can make it.Lucky for SP they only have Gordy to contend with on this side.
  5. I figured Oakdale would play CF tough,they have that ability.GB made some costly errors in the infield that gave Oneida a 4 run lead quick but a good talking by the Coach and GB went on a nice run.Walked a couple Oneida runs in late but had the game in control.We can give anyone around here fits but the upper East teams are playing better than us down here.
  6. Exactly.It amazes me how every year in any sport a Head Coach doesnt know the rules.Whether lots tranfer,eligibility or even a JV/Varsity pitch count and its costs the whole team advancement.Its all in black and white!Just take some time and read the rules.
  7. Yes,you can play both BUT one counts to the other also.
  8. I look for Oakdale to advance.I also say OS unless the Indians have something up their sleeve.GB has played some solid ball the last couple games.Rockwood gave everything they had the other night and GB slipped up a couple time but made some big plays in the end.
  9. After watching a couple games,We (GB) need to play some good competition.Our Region is just bad and we look like a strong team but when we play an ave to above average team we cant hang with them.We "should" get better as the season progresses but I'm not sure if we are a threat to the upper Tenn teams.We should make the Sectionals as you stated but not so sure after that.I hope they can get it all together and make another run,we have alot of talent and youth.I do believe Coalfield is the best 1A team in Knox area right now.
  10. Yes my Greenback boys are looking the part again.Took a beating from a very good West team but I expect them to be a very solid 1A squad by seasons end.
  11. Our girls in the late 80's where fixtures there.Runner up in 86 and won it all in 87 same year we won it in football.Weve had some real good girls teams but when our old coach hung it up we went South,got a coach now and she is getting the there.Shes a good one.Just hard at our small schools to stay consistent.
  12. Both new knees are working,just taking it week by week!We all are fine.lol.Hope them girls can squeak out one!
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