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  1. Good post.I think some just bounce back at the others as you said,I wouldnt take it to serious.We know we had some game changers just like you all did,ours just made the plays needed at the right time.It was truly a great game to watch and a heart breaker too.My Condolences to the Pirates for your loses,its great to see these men remembered.I too hope all are well and can avoid this mess we have in the US.Good luck to you guys this year,I dont think ANYONE will have anything for you all this year.
  2. I dont know if it's that big of a deal.Greenback no Spring practice 4 out last 5 years.4 Championship appearances.Heck we dont even hit in practice dont have enough bodies to sacrifice.Thats been going on for 4 years.Its all about preparation off the field as much as on.We all will be just fine.H1N1 was much more of a problem when Obama was acting like a President.We didnt even get excited,over 60,000 deaths with that one.The media is really riding this one.
  3. Yeti is a good one,his political stance makes him more likable.Also he supports the right team Colors.LOL!
  4. Its political.They are scared of the man in the White house because he does EXACTLY what he said he would do when he was elected.They couldn't tear him down so this is the "NEXT" thing.The flu has been MUCH more devastating and we deal with it.Screw up the Countries Economy and the you get the uprising you want.The economy by the way has been doing GREAT the past 4 years.Just my opinion tho.
  5. This is just what they have been looking for.It has just started I'm afraid.
  6. Honey hole?Yep I recon so!3 kids sign for big time schools.USF,VA Tech,Louisville.Great job gentlemen and congrats to the families and GREAT job by the coaching staffs getting their names out there.
  7. Bailey from Greenback signed with Virginia Tech you missed him.
  8. Least you could have introduced yourself as we were talking at the diner.I had no idea it was you.I will let you know if i head that way.
  9. If your lucky!Our kids paid for their football and baseball.County said they would help then backed out!!
  10. Thank you and it has been fun.I will evaluate my stance on this site during the offseason,may be time for taking a back seat!Made alot of friends thru the years on here tho but i think its time,we will see
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