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  1. I just hate not knowing!LOL.We usually know the coaching will overcome some of the inexperience.
  2. We graduated two lineman I think last year we return some but they're very young we only have four seniors and two Juniors on this team and three freshmen I think they told me the rest of them are sophomores and 8th graders we're very young and our line is not very good right now. Supposed to have a big group of 8th graders coming in next year I think we're a year away from being pretty good. And our offensive coordinator was our head coach. He also helped a lot and getting the defense ready although the defensive coordinator as of right now is still here from what I know. Right now I pick us as a three or four seed with a good possibility of not even making the playoffs. It's according to what Oliver Springs and Harriman have I definitely have Midway and Cofield ahead of us right now.
  3. I know one community that is loving the hire. Talk to a good friend of mine who graduated from Coalfield 2 years before me. And they are ecstatic about Ryan leaving and us getting the Maryville guy.
  4. I was feeling a little better!LOL.
  5. https://archive.knoxnews.com/sports/high-school/union-county-football-coach-fired-over-player-safety-issue-ep-928879937-353569741.html/
  6. Wasnt for sure if he was at UCHS in 15 or not.Wininng 5 games at UC is definitely a plus.They let him go because he played a player who was medically ineligible at the time.The players parents said he could play but was not released by the Dr.(at least that's the story the paper wrote).
  7. I will aree to some extent Barn,those 2 wins came against Grainger 2-8 and either Claiborne or CGap which also was a 2-8 team.In 2015 they scored a total of 13 points in 2 games and were scoreless in all the others and werent close to competing against any team all blowouts.So yes in the back of my mind I am saying "This is GB!"We are not a Sweetwater any time we play them we roast them and we are not Union County,we have scrimmaged them a couple times and beat their brakes off.What worries me a little is in 2013 we had a 3 way scrimmage with Polk and Union at Polk right before season, 2 of our best players didnt even play one was my youngest son who was a Sr had a bad shoulder at the time.Union had 1 series with Polk and 1 against us.Their kids were puking and whining the whole scrimmage and were in terrible shape.Next thing we saw was the whole team Coaches included loaded the bus and left!Just plain quit thats the part that bothers me.This fellow was their Coach at that time.Maybe things have changed and he has learned a little bit more over the past 5 or 6 years.We wont accept those actions here.So to say I'm worried yes I am!,Will I support our boys yes I will as I always have.This is a wait and see season.I cant wait to see what we have but we have another tough schedule as always.That first game against Boyd is gonna be a tough one to start with!!
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