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  1. Coaching wins these games,winning games brings kids in.Hiring youth league coaches who have zero experience will kill a program.Happy with less than mediocre is poison.Yes our foundation IS in shambles.We have enough talent and kids coming up to be successful but we have no leadership.
  2. Very sad to see!!TC and GB have a few Silver and Gold balls between them.GB 5 total can't remember how many TC has but now we both struggle to 500,and the playoffs.Terrible what the Admins can do to a small ball school.
  3. Congratulations!!!I knew you all would make it.Now WIN a couple!
  4. LOL.dead horse.I just want something to get excited about in the Spring!
  5. YES!1 year and it's beeeennn WAAAAAYYYY too long!
  6. Greenback getting a new coach will probably set them back early.Hopefully with the return of so many very good Srs they may overcome but we have no idea how good this new guy is.The old coach had alot of faith in him,so we will see.
  7. They played their first year of Varsity football this year.These teams have no Srs but are trying to get their feet wet in High School sports.They will be competitive before long and some teams know that and are "Welcoming them in".I'm with a few other posters a 50 point win would be sufficient.lol.Let the young kids have a few minutes (or a half).
  8. I'm still hovering your posts!Looking for an opportunity to come watch one with you!Hard to do the way I work,but working on it.Maybe a State tournament game. Wish you all would get off that Mtn every now and then.lol
  9. He pissed Rip off and got a trip to the Train Station.
  10. I am not expecting to be competitive this year.Lost a very good underachieving poorly coached Sr class that accounted for the majority of our yards this year.We have a ton of young outstanding players that got alot of playing time this year BUT if you cannot develop them you won't win with them.We wil have 1 I think Sr if I'm not mistaken maybe 0 but no upperclassmen leadership with a team that has O experience at the HC slot doesn't give me much hope.If they would cut their loses and run this guy off a Good Coach can turn us around overnight!!!But the politics from Loudon County school board officials have no desire for the Loudon High school Redskins to have any competition!Could be a really bad year unless CF and RW take a huge step back.We will see I suppose.Oh and I got the "bring in" reference lol.We won't "Bring anything in" until we have a desirable HC.Good luck to all in theOff season.
  11. No, you can move any year you want to as long as it's a bonafide change of address.
  12. Nothing with Vonore would surprise us.lol.We were Bitter rivals at the time.Good story!!Bentons Bacon is something else too.
  13. GO CLOUDLAND!!!I'm pulling for them.
  14. Yep and that one player got a good talking to after the game by another player!Rules were different back then compared to now,if you leave the bench now you are automatically suspended.Back then all for one and one for all.Not saying that's the correct thing to do but it's what we or most of us lived by as team mates.That was a basketbrawl this wasn't no where close to that one.just sad that a fan started this one.We were going at it all night with Polk.Then my dad and Frog went to " talk " to the refs for letting it go on.LOL.I remember Coach McCollum looking and me and Thurmer and said LOOK you made me ruin my new pants!!I loved the way he coached tho thats why I wanted my son to play for him.He could coach our kind of ball.As far a discipline,we got a warning if it happened again we would have no post season in any sport.(if you remember the Vonore football issue in 86 i think it was that's why we got that answer)
  15. That's what he means by transfer rules apply Either a Bonafide change of address or set outta year either one
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