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  1. Dont bang on us,You may have hard feelings about us but dad saw something at Maryville HE didnt like and made the move.Didnt have ONE thing to do with us.We are glad to have him for sure but whatever he didnt like there put him here.Maryville has gotten more transfers thru the years than we have and Alcoa for that matter.He was just stating something most EVERYONE thinks whether its true or not.You talk to anyone outside your program and they THINK the same way.You all have a great program and Hammontree had alot to do with that.We also have a great program TWO different levels but both great programs and kids will come to keep from going to stagnant programs.
  2. He lived in Townsend,but was a Maryville player.So YES he was a Heritage zoned kid that went to Maryville just like what is being discussed.
  3. I always like the Midway game but would almost miss it to see you and OS play!
  4. Oh yes!Tua gonna come back and put 40 in in 2!I can see improvement tho,Oline looks pretty good at times.Just dont have the horses in the stable.
  5. Yep and i said to Lee i would give it to him every play!We were way outclassed that day.Still the best overall 1A team i watched play.
  6. Yep he is a difference maker,Gurantano acts scared.D is stepping up for now!
  7. He is a beast now!And yes he would have wore out a set of cleats!
  8. Targeting rule is ruining football.Bituli had a great stop and gets disqualified!
  9. You all get 1 seed and win 1 and 2 you get Oneida or Meigs at home!You wont travel at all.
  10. I have alot of respect for those kids and alot of kids in those situations.They truly love the game!
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