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  1. This is the video of Geno getting left by that Jones feller at the border Roy.
  2. Yeah 91 was texting me earlier and that's our thoughts also.If we get by Midway.If not Unaka here we come and CF if we win that.Same old song!
  3. Fish ON!Figured that might lure you out.LOL!
  4. We have no one in our region that will match up with your front line.The first quarter and half of CF/GB I actually thought our front looked better than CFs.We took a big Loudon teams Run game away from them and sacked their QB 4 or 5 times.But I still dont think either of us can whip your boys up front but I do think we both have better athletes than you.CF is the best team in our region and I really think we are a good matchup if we play a clean game but we dont have the leadership to do so.Our region has alot of what ifs the next few weeks to set the seeds.But I do agree our top four could cause problems on the right night.
  5. Actually if you did beat CF it wouldnt help you.You have to beat Midway.Then if Midway beats GB and it's a 3 or 4 way tie it gets complicated.lol.Oakdale actually has 2 losses with the Covid loss to CF.Gonna be a wierd next few weeks.
  6. Really shouldn't matter Coalfield is the class of Region 2!
  7. There is a points for and points against scenario also,I dont remember it tho
  8. CF ALWAYS causes Oneida problems just like RW does.
  9. I told you--As many as you want!Some schools better be glad they only play you once this year!
  10. I told everyone at the first of the year that this team by the end of year could challenge ANYONE on the East side---AND YOUR YOUNG!!!
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