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  1. What makes you think Meigs can’t out-score Watertown. Trousdale County almost did without their QB from what I’ve heard. I went and watched TC and Whitwell in his first game back and he was commanding his team when it mattered but didn’t end up with the win. I believe Meigs offensively and defensively is better than Trousdale. Maybe even 3 TDs better.
  2. Couldnt agree more. Great player. Great leader as well.
  3. Only one was a really big difference maker. Baker was lazy and only played 3/4 of the play. Could’ve done so much more last year. Martin on the other hand will be missed.
  4. The team they play next is just the next step to get to where they want to be. That obviously being the State Championship in Cookville.
  5. The word lol year has been “NEXT” this game is just next for the players. One game at a time but they know that you can’t overlook anyone. That being said though I think MC wins comfortably: 40-14
  6. Looked like they came out with a fire lit under them. Offense led the way. Offensive line played great coming out of the half but no doubt Swafford led the way with his feet. Not to mention all the onside kicks.
  7. I thought MC’s offense wasn’t supposed to score above 27 HAHA on the the next one
  8. HV defense wasn’t all they were made out to be.
  9. OL seemed to get the better of him near the end of the 2nd qtr.
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