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  1. I'm calling a close one. It'll be worth the admission. Hope you and Mrs. OnB are having a good trip! Be safe.
  2. Thoughts? I'll reserve mine until this one gets started a little bit.
  3. 0-2 buddy, sorry. Prove me wrong please! Full disclosure, I think this one will be a 10 point or less game either way but gut says Meigs gets this one.
  4. GB, YAI and upperman are gonna beat the brakes off us this year lol
  5. Just hope we play to our potential that's all. No more no less. I despise half hearted anything. Do it or don't IMO. This group can be really good, just gotta do the work. They were doing the work to this point, keep er rolling onto the regular season and we just might surprise a few folks.
  6. I don't think so, nothing season ending or anything. Our big RB / LB ended his season at Rockwood with a broken leg.
  7. Yes I'm aware of his experience at the position and I agree with you. Now whether he's the #3, 1B or XXX Im not certain but the starter got hurt then the kid that played after that got hurt and now this kid is the qb. Like I said above a few days ago, he did a fine job.
  8. The chain gang thing was awful and it's something to talk about but at the end of the day it shouldn't have mattered.
  9. Ahhh yes, the chain crew SMH. That was a whole different level of. . . Well we all know what that was lol.
  10. He is a good guy, been knowing him for a long time now. He just belongs to the wrong band of native Americans is all lol.
  11. Oh no! Whatever shall I do Me and him are good I'm sure he knows why the U is there
  12. I was referring to opposing defensive strategy when we face them. As for our defensive strategy I venture to guess it won't much matter how many we have in the box, I'd say GBU will move the ball at will regardless.
  13. OS will have to change a lot in a short time to challenge any quality team this year. Whether or not we qualify as a quality team this year is yet to be determined. I think we will be better than last year, OS is not. At the end of the day honestly both have a long way to go. Just think we're farther along than they are.
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