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  1. I’ve saw the last few SP / Greenback meeting. There was a need. We need a few too
  2. Fairly obvious in Hampton or cloudland or etown, coalfield Powell alcoa, Maryville, SP, Oneida wherever when it happens. Fairly obvious when folks like to act like it doesn't happen where there at to. As long as the requirements are met then it's allowed. Nobody has a problem with it until their team or teams start getting donkey stomped (nod to peabody) then all of a sudden it's wrong and the team is evil when the same junk is going on at their school as well. Just can't utilize it or aren't getting studs. Either way, a stud or a scrub, gotta follow the same rules.
  3. They mentioned him during the recruiting section of a podcast I listen to. Thursday or Friday I believe. It's called locked on Vols. Glad to see his work paying off. Regardless where he goes, it'll be a great opportunity. A lot will get cleared up by February.
  4. Can't be transferring for sports, that only happens at greenback and it's illegal from what I hear
  5. That's the question I guess is did he only receive 1 invitation. If so then no big deal. If Hampton asked and he chose grace then well at least ya know where you stand with him I guess lol.
  6. Was he invited on Hamptons sideline for that game and choose grace over Hampton?
  7. Yep the league will. Look at Harris for the saints. Assumption college but he's tearing up the return game.
  8. Simply put they're probably concerned about compitition talent. Yes these 1A and 2A kids put up big numbers but major programs are watching kids all over the country doing it in schools playing much larger compitition. That's where the pwo stuff comes in. They say yeah come on and you're on the team but they don't burn a scholarship until they get you on campus against known compitition levels. A lot of "walk ons" that get scholarships are preferred walk ons that proved their abilities against a high talent level after getting on campus. Pwo is actually a pretty distinct honor from a major power 5 program.
  9. crow


    Scoreboard said different. If we were that much better we'd have punched it in to go to OT. We couldnt, game over. Coalfield has the bragging rights until next year.
  10. Thanks pal, y'all tired of beating us or something.
  11. crow


    But still didn't score. Moving 20 to 20 doesn't make you a good offense. At least on that night. Total yards don't mean beans, it's the scoreboard. Simple, all the we won the 1st downs or punt returns or time of possession junk means nothing. If you wanna play stats we ran half the plays but scored the same number of TD’S, guess our offense and defense our twice as good as yours. Of course not but by your reasoning I reckon so.
  12. crow


    Better or not we lost that game. They won it. Wasn't a gift, they were better that night.
  13. crow


    Yes I understand that. TL told me to fill our oor he called 24 or 25 teams not counting the teams that called us. I understand it is an effort simetimes.
  14. crow


    Agree completely. Especially if the lesser competition is in region. Nothing can be done about that.
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