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  1. crow

    This Ryan mans Greenback team in 2019

    It's also easier to find 11 to compete with bradley central and Ooltewah when you have 1600 to choose from instead of 250-350. I'm willing to bet WB and schools of that size have larger graduating classes than total enrollment at schools like GB, Oneida or Harriman.
  2. crow

    Region 1A

    That's my point also, we missed numerous "sure thing" shots all night as well. Honestly between a solid Cosby defense and our players being a little overwhelmed by the circumstances we also underperformed on a level I haven't witnessed in a long time, maybe ever this season anyway. Neither team impressed with their offense that night but it was an entertaining game. Cosby opened with a 7-2 run and the lead stayed around 2 - 6 points except for a couple of minutes in the third where it stretched to 9. Then quicklyback to a few point lead. Ending with a 2 point lead with 9 seconds in the game and 22 iced it with his 2 Free throws. I'd have to look at the paper for the official stats but my thoughts about the difference being free throws still stands. Cosby was lights out from the line, Oneida simply shot poorly from the line as well as the field. Again credit a good defense for the field Stat.
  3. crow

    Region 1A

    You're not 15 points better except in your own mind. That was the worst offensive game oneida has had in a long while. Normally hit 7-10 3's per game and our FG percentage was way below norm. Credit where it's due, Cosby is a very good defensive team and had a lot to do with our poor offensive performance I admit. Just wish you were willing to admit maybe oneida had something to do with the lack luster offensive showing y'all had. That game was 2 teams that looked like they'd never saw a court in the first half and a really hard fought close game in the second. The real difference in this one was at the free throw line. Cosby was on point from the line, Oneida was not.
  4. crow

    Top 10 in 2A for 2019

    All of y'all were thinking the same thing and you know it
  5. crow

    Top 10 in 2A for 2019

    We will be better than last year, probably bottom of top 10. Then again we may be a 2 or 3 win team with our schedule this year
  6. crow

    Top 10 in 2A for 2019

  7. crow

    Top 10 in 2A for 2019

    The entire chain crew
  8. Yeah, impact players transferring in can be a huge advantage
  9. crow

    Best 1-A team since 2000 (yes I'm bored)

    not nice to talk about GFD that way
  10. crow

    Best 1-A team since 2000 (yes I'm bored)

    The '87 GB squad could've been considered one of the greats. I'd say the one short coming they had that keeps them off the list was sub-part line play
  11. crow

    Best 1-A team since 2000 (yes I'm bored)

    1992 Oneida was tough and 1997 TC. 1994 Harriman was a tough squad also but don't think they won gold but could be wrong.
  12. crow

    Best 1-A team since 2000 (yes I'm bored)

    2015 NCS. Never saw any better in 1A IMO.
  13. Our BBALL players lift as a team just like football. 2 sport players don't miss anything really.
  14. At $62,000 / year sounds like money shouldn't be the problem.
  15. 4.6 is very respectful and plenty fast for the next level. Sub 4.6 is not common even in major D1.