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  1. pujo

    How did you like our chances last week Crow.

  2. Yeah I was keeping an eye on it. Hate it didn’t go your way but semis ain’t a bad year at all.
  3. Rumor has it there’s a picture or two floating around
  4. Careful, y’all are dangerously close to trademark infringement here
  5. Saw your boy yesterday. Glad to see him getting time in game on the line scenarios.
  6. I’d almost bet he will be there anyway. We’re a lot like Hampton, we just put our 3500 folks in one spot. Y’all are a bit more spread out. Other than a few stores we’re pretty much the same typ of folks. An hour from anything and just fine with that lol.
  7. If I was off I’d be there for sure. If I get out of work on time I might head down anyway. I’ll be halfway there lol. Either way I’ll be pulling for y’all.
  8. Running clock on us I reckon Let ‘em talk, y’all just show up and go to work. Gonna get a trophy, that’s guaranteed.
  9. Two completely different run games in MAHS and Hampton. I’m not saying they can or can’t run on westy but they’re very capable of grinding it out.
  10. Now we got beat all week in round 3 how’d we both lose the same game
  11. Congratulations Hampton. One more to go.
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