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  1. Charger64

    AA State Baseball Tournament

    So what caused the Haywood coach to go off? It did not take long for him to get tossed.
  2. Charger64

    Sequoyah Coaching Search

    Anybody heard who has interviewed?
  3. Charger64

    Who you got top ten in AA for 2019

    vs Sequoyah and Sweetwater
  4. Charger64

    Derrick Davis's Chargers

    Yep Off Topic. There is a Sequoyah Coaching Search thread
  5. Hate Evans leave. Not an easy thing to do but fair to let a player knows where he stands. Everybody liked him. Would have had a chance to be fine football player just not at QB. 

    1. logcabinman


      Honestly coach, I would have loved to have seen a change last year.  Felt we could have helped our chances offensively going a different direction.  I  never said a thing, wasn't my place, but DD did the correct thing, and what was best for the team.  It is hard to lose a good athlete who I feel in time would have accepted a different role, being around different people. 

  6. Charger64

    Goodin resigns @ McMinn Central

    i think Charlie is on the Girls Soccer thread now.
  7. Charger64

    Goodin resigns @ McMinn Central

    We will have to get Blaster some Columbia Blue stuff.....:)
  8. Charger64

    Mcminn Central Chargers 2019

    Win the ones you are suppose to win. Chargers have a long way to go but I can see immediate improvement happening. Let's get through Spring Practice....Lots of learning and development to be done.
  9. Charger64

    Mcminn county cherokees Football 2019

    Cherokees are going back to the more of a spread look on offense. Schedule is easier with not playing Rhea or Farragut, In the District.....Maryville, Bradley and Ooltewah will be tough as usual. Heritage and William Blount could be wins. McMinn Central and Sequoyah should be wins. Cleveland will be much improved with the coaching change and a challenge. ND and Bearden......will be toss-ups. Have to think 4-6 is a for sure......but could be 7-3 I think with a good year.
  10. Charger64

    Goodin resigns @ McMinn Central

    Orange Tiger must have some inside scope.....
  11. Charger64

    Goodin resigns @ McMinn Central

    Don't be so sure. Some good kids on that team. Believe they will respond to a little "old school" coaching.
  12. Charger64

    Goodin resigns @ McMinn Central

  13. Charger64

    Interesting 2019/2020 games

    Meigs vs Greenback McMinn County vs Notre Dame
  14. Charger64

    Goodin resigns @ McMinn Central

    HOH Are you a Central guy? From the post, you must have talked directly with Masingale. Would be curious as to the reasons "hiring Vestal sounds about like something foolish they would do". New Principal, New Superintendent, Same AD.....are the key players in the hiring process. So why would hiring a young coach be foolish? If you are close or know anything about McMinn Central, you should be aware of the challenges of coaching football at MCHS...Not an easy Head Coach job. Look at the stadium, weight room and field house and practice field. I am pretty sure the Chargers need an "energizer bunny" for new head coach. Create excitement for the kids and raise the performance expectations at the same time...Tough task. It will take a coach with high energy, not easily discouraged and the ability to bring many parties together to support McMinn Central Football.
  15. Charger64

    interesting 2019/2020 games

    Booger- You will love Corbin