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  2. The Firebirds will have trouble with both the OL and DL from Alcoa. They have not seen those kinds of fronts all year and I don't care who they have played. PC not going to run the ball between the tackles unless they got a QB like Foster at AE. GR will get in the I Formation and pound the rock behind that OL until PC breaks and gets beat on a play action pass.....Alcoa might not score alot of points but if they get ahead by 14 or more it is over barring any craziness with turnovers.
  3. Turnovers and Horrible Special Teams play put AE up against the wall early. Gave Alcoa some early and easy opportunities. Foster was great tonight....Sankey was awesome. Hard to stay close with that many turnovers.
  4. Not mad at all. Not being disrespectful. Just seems like every year you hear the same noise about a possible PC/Alcoa match-up in Cookeville. Then PC gets beaten. Would be a great match up for the 3A Championship this year.
  6. No love lost between two long time rivals. This one will be a great one to watch. Better send a good officiating crew as this will be very chippy very quickly. Can McMinn control the football? Can McMinn limit Bradley's big plays?
  7. The Red Bank receiving corp is very good.....the quarterback is not flashy but throws BB's. Think there will be some match-up problems in Loudon's secondary with the exception of Jackson. RB lines are much better than last year.....Loudon is very good and I agree the Red Bank may have to beat them twice.
  8. Brainerd only dressed 23 last week against Red Bank.
  9. Would of, could off but didn't.....You lost....we won....see ya next year. Enough said.......You give up an 75 yard run with 3 minutes to go and a 18 yard pass for a two point conversion....to put the game in OT. In OT your QB never runs it or throws it......Go figure Officiating was horrible both ways all night......... Cougars should make a good run in the playoffs.
  10. Red Bank is alot better on the offensive and defensive lines in 2019. Big and athletic in most of those spots. QB is as good as there is in the Chattanooga area.....Very explosive offensively. Defense is also very well coached. Equally strong against the run and pass. Rhes will have to control the football and keep the Lion offense off the field. This will be a good football game.
  11. Indian Sweetwater uses officials from the Knoxville association. On a side note, we say the same thing about the officials in the valley.
  12. Thanks! See you Friday Night Been some good Loudon-Central games over the years.
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