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  1. Thanks for having us this afternoon. Good experience against a very talented bunch of players.
  2. I counted 40 during warm-ups. Middle LB is a heck of a player. #54 DL and OL is a beast! Lots of fast guys everywhere.
  3. Cherokees lose to the Rebels, Owls and Bears. Beat the Govs and Mountaineers. Sound prediction.
  4. It will be between Trousdale , Meigs and Tyner........Not sure if Region 1 has anyone that would compete. Heard Hampton might be pretty good.
  5. Dose of Reality? Really? We understand where our football program has been and is now. Hopefully we will show improvement and improvement is making the playoffs. That's reality. Every high school football team has its Reality including the Tigers. Very talented and very well coached. Best QB in 2A with loads of skill players. Your window of opportunity is this year Rockwood beats you in the Quarters 2017 Trousdale beats you last year in Semis, You have your own reality to worry about! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C6cxNR9ML8k
  6. Pretty bold for sure. Would like to see that match-up.
  7. Might be one of the best offensive lines Alcoa has fielded with three pre-season all-staters. Talented and very well coached. The addition of an extremely gifted and large freshman will make them even better as the season progresses.
  8. Fri Aug. 31 7:30 PM at Brainerd R L 14-20 (2018) Jackson kid was injured in the Greenback game. Loudon- A different team without him.
  9. How in the heck would Loudon know that?
  10. So Alcoa loses to Maryville and Blackmon?
  11. Dang counting out the Ram Train pretty early.......
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