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  1. Charger64

    Goodin resigns @ McMinn Central

    HOH Are you a Central guy? From the post, you must have talked directly with Masingale. Would be curious as to the reasons "hiring Vestal sounds about like something foolish they would do". New Principal, New Superintendent, Same AD.....are the key players in the hiring process. So why would hiring a young coach be foolish? If you are close or know anything about McMinn Central, you should be aware of the challenges of coaching football at MCHS...Not an easy Head Coach job. Look at the stadium, weight room and field house and practice field. I am pretty sure the Chargers need an "energizer bunny" for new head coach. Create excitement for the kids and raise the performance expectations at the same time...Tough task. It will take a coach with high energy, not easily discouraged and the ability to bring many parties together to support McMinn Central Football.
  2. Charger64

    interesting 2019/2020 games

    Booger- You will love Corbin
  3. Charger64

    A8 Refs are getting worse every game

    Indian, Sounds like you were a attending a Battle Royal Wrestling Event
  4. Charger64

    Notre Dame 2019

    If the Irish are playing those McMinn County Cherokees, think us Charger Fans will be cheering for Ole Norte Dame that night.
  5. Charger64

    Tellico Plains Football

  6. Charger64

    District 5aa

    This District is wide open. Central pulls away in the 4th quarter tonight. Thought Loudon shot terrible and got out rebounded by the Chargers. The tournament going to be very interesting.
  7. Charger64


    Redskins had a rough night at the Roundhouse. Losing by double digits to McMinn Central.
  8. Charger64

    District 5aa

    Tough schedule after Holidays for the Chargers....Walker Valley. Bradley and McMinn for starters plus District games vs Sweetwater, Loudon and Meigs in Decatur. Need to be more consistent in all phases to be successful
  9. Charger64

    Prepxtra is a joke

    Have you seen Alcoa and Greenville play?
  10. Charger64

    Tellico Plains Football

    Don Swanson????
  11. Charger64

    Derrick Davis resigns (Polk Co.)

    Great Post! Anyone close to the program or someone from the outside know this is only the truth. Let's follow ole Chuck posts during this process. It will be interesting........NOT! I am not sure of any of the reported soccer issues not the exact problems with the Head Office Administration. I do know Derrick Davis.......Loved his alma-mater, coached his kids hard, got more out of them then they will ever know, well respected among his peers and absolutely one of the classy coaches around. You do not have to win state championships to be a great coach. Did he make a mistake or two along the way, probably so. Passionate leaders sometimes do but most often adapt and change to the new standard. I think he was past the issue with the soccer team. Administration might have been another story. I agree with Rusty Brewer being a good fit as replacement. Polk needs a Polk guy.
  12. Charger64

    District 5aa

    I think Newman is the big post player? If so he should be a factor especially if Baker is hitting some shots from three and getting to the hoop on the dribble. Hard for HS to defend a team committed to getting the ball in the post.
  13. Charger64

    Head Coaching Vacancies

  14. Charger64

    Head Coaching Vacancies

    Would it be DD?
  15. Charger64

    Early Class AA Predictions

    Officiating is the officiating. We both get the same 6 or 7 referees. It is what it is. Meigs just seem to lose focus in the second half after McMinn Central picked up the defensive pressure and when the tide turned, Meigs just did not have an answer. No doubt it will be tougher for Central at Meigs. Seems like Morgan got into Coach Powell's head a little especially at Central. Be a huge test in Decatur for both teams. Always fun to watch a game a Meigs.