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  1. Good news boys 2 of our 3 potential prospects for 2020 are good to go. 1 couldn't make the move. These boys along with whats coming up is gonna be hard to handle.
  2. Will have to wait recruiting season is over to see where we all stack up.
  3. Merry Christmas boys!! William Blount is like Santa Claus, be good and he keeps giving!!
  4. I'm sorry Shadroach I shouldn't have referred to micro man as a meth user. Syphilis is a powerful disease and I shouldn't make fun of someone with his condition.
  5. Shut you pie hole sissy boy. He was slowed down in the 1st half against the Pirates as well and ended up with 187 yds an 2 tds. Without him we wouldn't have made it to state so what makes that tiny little meth infected brain of yours thinks that we could win State without him?
  6. Parker is at EKU and Winn is at UTM. One of best linebackers we have had in a long time Jaden Harris played his last down of football last week for Maryville College. Heard that big Puckett might be heading to Memphis. Looking forward to see where Ronto Tipton ends up. Snyder fo LC as well. We faced some good ball players this year.
  7. I will have to wait and see what all we can orchestrate before I can answer this question. We have a stud class of freshman coming in also. Probably make the semifinals and get beat by South Pitt. They will be loaded at the skill positions. Out west I think we will see someone new. Not the usual suspects next year.
  8. Congratulations to Lake Co. On a great season. Fantastic team. I wish we could have seen #23 on the field in the second half. I hate he missed it. Great season for Greenback as well.
  9. Headed over now. 4th time in 5 years and it never gets old. This year it is so much sweeter knowing that OBP and Ray Dillard are watching basketball already. Think I tune in to 91.9 they have some great orchestra music and boy do I love a GREAT ORCHESTRA!!!!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!
  10. We couldn't. The only thing we heard was probably your son cussing our chiildren before the game started. You trash person .
  11. You are nothing but a little sissy that couldn't even show your face. You better keep hiding Old Butt Pirate...... Keep hiding
  12. They didn't show up. If they did they were to scared to show their faces.
  13. Our stat man Cherokean will have all the #s but prior to 80's Greenback football was pretty bad other than the late 60's and one team in the 70's
  14. LOL he likes to think no one knows who he is. He forgets some of us have been on this forum longer than his memory!! LOL
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