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  1. A disaster will have to happen for them to stop our passing game. Turnovers and penalties will have to be limited if we control those I don’t see anyone beating us.
  2. Well, well, well sound to me like the only dripping going on in east Tennessee is from Old Pirates and Ray's jock! You LITTLE fellas know they have medicine for that right. You boys need to stay away from that goat , sounds like it's bringing you nothing but pain below the belt LOL.
  3. Looking forward to seeing the boys get after it tonight. I hope we make it out injury free
  4. Hopefully all 3 or 4 snaps will be on one drive.LoL And not 1 play scores 3 or 4 different times.
  5. Will Maryville play their JV or their Freshman team against the Cherokees on Friday night? One of my buddies sent me a picture of Tee running the ball he has gotten huge! Freaking monster! I hope Hunt keeps him on the sidelines he might actually kill one of our little fellas if they try and tackle him.
  6. Any Loudon supporters on hear that care to give a synopsis of the team this upcoming season?
  7. Shadroach you are always on point. And one of the only reasons i check the T every day.
  8. Looking forward to the scrimmage tomorrow. Anyone know about the Clinton ball club?
  9. Glad he is back. He has been injured a lot during H.S. . Hope he stays healthy all year.
  10. Lets hear it men and ladykee. What is everyone's opinion of the scrimmage? Positives: passing game, absolutely ridiculous. Tonight we saw a combo that could be one of the most prolific in the state. It is there anytime you want it. Run game solid. O-line suspect at times needs work. Defense as expected. Absolute head hunters for DB's. Lbs and D line looked good. Need to get the OLB's outside a little quicker to contain sweeps as the year goes or South Pitt. Will speed sweep us to death. Both DE could dominate when they want. Just need to want it every play.
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