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  1. If we dont score 40 + rvery game from here to State championship I will be surprised.
  2. Why do refs feel they need to even up the playing field when a team is outmatched?
  3. Going to head over and watch this gut stomping tonight. I hope they don't triple cover Holden tonight. Score prediction 54-7
  4. Yeah we won't see much until you guys. But I do believe you all are in the same position we are. 1A is way down. Our region is usually the best in the east most years but it is down.
  5. I have not seen the Pirates this year I am going off what they have traditionally tried to do against us. We are pretty stout up the middle, I guess thats why i was thinking edge protection. One thing that baffled me in 2017 in the semifinals was that Vic went away from Raulston pounding it up the middle. He was getting 6 yards a carry and we couldn't stop it.
  6. Loved seeing the run game rolling Friday. Wyatt was awesome in every aspect of his game Friday. Burger looked good on his run I would like to see him have more touches to get fine tuned for the playoffs. Need to still work on our edge D we know a team that is coming down the road lives off edge play. Ready to see some more tuning of the instruments of our orchestra Friday.
  7. LoL I love it! Revenge games are my favorite. Oliver Springs got a dose this year after their coaching staff gave ours the middle finger after last years playoff whipping we gave them. Keep the pedal to the metal all night!
  8. This one is gonna be bad. Do ya'll think coach will leave the starters in the whole game?
  9. Any of them Cowpland boys still hanging around?
  10. You know how they are. They will be punching nuts at the bottom of the pile soon.
  11. 70 yards of penalties on us 0 on them. 4 unsportsmanlike or roughing penalties ??????
  12. Stupid penalties! Every single time we play them.
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