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  1. Man I hate to hear this. Prayers for his family.
  2. Bahaha S.P. got Gridered again. I wish Coach Ryan could have talent like that. He would mercy rule everyone in 1A.
  3. Dad gum Vic recruited a whole new team from last year. Nice work men.
  4. Just got caught up. Roy is still stupid, Greenback is playing basketball and Coalbucket will still punch you in the nuts. Pirates by a few.
  5. He is a real good looking lineman. Especially getting out on the edge and blocking downfield
  6. I will be there @muskox is going to a wedding rehearsal and won't be attending! Bahahahaha
  7. What happens if Midway beats OS. GB, Midway and OS would all be 4-2 in the region.
  8. I wasn't referring to the kids when I said classless. But yes I like you enjoy a good hard fought game like you all had tonight. I enjoyed watching it. It doesn't matter which one of us make it to South Pitt this year we are all getting boat raced.
  9. Heck I don't know if we can. Like Bfl96 said we have only won 1 game although we have only played 4 actual games. 1st loss was 3A #2 ranked 8-0 Loudon,. 2nd loss 2A #2 Ranked Meigs Co. And 3rd loss to 1A region 2 powerhouse OS. It was nice having all our starters available for a game finally.
  10. We aren't arrogant, just are sick and tired of all the classless behavior from OS since they have been in the region.
  11. Can't help the fact that we have only got to play 2 region games. We also tried to get most of not all the region games rescheduled. The one that we had to forfeit, it's my understanding that the opposition declined the reschedule, which I don't really blame them.
  12. When did y'all play South Pitt? We didn't recruit to much this year.
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