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  1. Spot on! When you have your kids believing that you’re playing a lesser team from day one, along with a VERY WEAK schedule, you shouldn’t be surprised to get it handed to you. Then you have a player (Ga transfer) quitting mid game. With the broadcasters making their statements, it sounds like more than just the players drank the Kool-aid…Getting a nice Region 1 Champ banner to hang in the gym sure sounds nice, but in the end it ABSOLUTELY did GP no favors. Good luck next year! Nix calling the dogs off at 24-0 was a very nice gesture. If he had kept his foot on the gas for 4 quarters, that whole stadium would have imploded…
  2. The city of Alcoa is growing. If you move into the city, you go to Alcoa. So, your enrollment cap idea is laughable….
  3. Definitely vaccinated. Some peoples children…
  4. If/when it happens, you better find a way to be there!!!
  5. I would certainly hope so. Are they the same ones from last year, or did they transfer in?
  6. We got two transfers from last year. One of them came from IMG the other played at AMS and transferred out in 9th grade. Decided to come back to Alcoa for his senior year…. Popcorn is good. Fresh kettle corn is better!
  7. Show up Friday night, message me when you arrive and I’ll buy ya a bag. All except 2, and a few who graduated, that beat your team last year will be on the field Friday night. Safe travels.
  8. Much appreciated. Alcoa continues to break their own records. Yup, actually they do. We do occasionally get a transfer or two. Just like about every other school in the state of TN…
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