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  1. I believe they started punting the ball back to them on first down in 2nd half
  2. I couldn't remember. I was around 10 just remember it was cold as crap
  3. Early 90's Dca with Scooter Ewards was pretty good
  4. 97 Trousdale I was unfortunately on the other side of that butt kicking.
  5. Watertown poster here making my way over from the 2A board! Don't know alot about the teams in this region except lots of traveling for us. Any posters from this region?
  6. He sure didn't like when I said city could beat them lol. Hate to hear this news.
  7. Ole sweatervest can't remember his name from friendship commanderman
  8. @snoball5278 and butchie were fun. The old days were better
  9. biggest


    @H2Oman time to bring some of those little jackets home!
  10. biggest


    Big announcement coming soon! Lawyers working final details
  11. biggest


    I tried to tell @RTD recruiting was going well
  12. Trying play catch up! Clay 28-21 Riverside 28-26
  13. I'll say this, a few little jackets will end up in Watertown. Bet the farm on that. Parents already on board
  14. If my source is correct things are about to change drastically.
  15. New opportunities! This plant opening up in the industrial park will be a game changer! Former purple tiger only hiring top talent. Watch and see.
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