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  1. They for sure belong! They are legit
  2. Don’t take it back now! You know you’re right!
  3. We will see what happens. Gonna be a tough 2nd half. I’m just an Oneida fan who got put out by them dang Bulldogs last week. Just can’t help but pull for em unless we are playin em. I know that TC will be back. They don’t rebuild they RELOAD! Congrats on a great year!
  4. Hampton never quit! They have heart like crazy. It’s gonna hurt them that the RB is out but they got more weapons.
  5. Who is gettin beat! Just cause the kid is goin to dang Bama don’t make him unbeatable.
  6. I thought Westview was untouchable
  7. It was on Facebook. Uknoit put it out before kickoff. I figured you saw it
  8. Ball game! Congrats @uknoit2 and @pujo now go win the dang thang!
  9. Just seconds TC snapped ball over QB head it’s all but over
  10. Hang on son with everything you got!
  11. Wow! Hampton hasn’t quit all game and it shows!
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