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  1. Yea Freedom prep did get steamed rolled by Lake county, but don't forget they only been established for 3 years. Not like others football programs. It will be alil tough for them to beat SP or Huntingdon but it's possible
  2. I think If freedom Prep would have gotten major transfers everybody will be talking about that 100%.
  3. Trust me is not that easy to transfer like that in Memphis. But me a local Memphis resident I have a niece that attends freedom Prep I've been to their practices and I'll talk to their coaches they only have one transfer and the rest is coaching. Don't forget if you don't know this is really their biggest senior class and they all wanted more than anybody in the state of Tennessee. I know that might seem hard to believe but watch the game or to yourself
  4. Do y'all think middle college can score on freedom Prep. If so how much
  5. It will be close but I truly think FP can.. I watched the Greenfield and MC game. MC played ok but they struggled way to much. Their defense really isn't that good
  6. I Watched that Harding and prep game ... Harding couldn't never get past their own 40 yd line.. prep Offense/Defense is Very scary
  7. Have anyone seen prep play this year? If not you should!!! Prep 40 MC 6
  8. What are the name of the two guys lake county just added on defense @mrbigster
  9. Predict your score and why!!! PREP 27- Greenfield 20 I think it is going to be a great game friday but I think Prep defense is stout. Doing what they did against South Fulton only allowed 87 rush yards & 4 forced fumbles against a very confusing Wing-T offense.
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