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  1. You will be missed brother. #RIP

  2. Collierville's team has two players test positive with COVID-19.
  3. BPM: Breaking News. I just heard on 92.9 FM on the Gianatto and Jeffery show that the Collierville High School's football team had two player diagnosaed to be positive with COVID-19. They are to miss their next two games as a quarentined football team. Your team will record a W in the right hand column.
  4. Tangled: All football programs aren't equal, especially when it comes to recruitment of their players. I don't know what the particular circumstances and situations that are in place at the school near you, but there are differences, to be sure. You also have to understand the philosophy of the coaches involved and whether or not their is built-in orginization, and compensation. Is there a a lively and vibrant booster orginization? What is the teams record each year, is it a winning program? Asking those questions is the beginnig, but it all boils down to the HC and the supporting admiistration. Either you WORK at this or you don't. Believe me ... it's work. You have to have a working understanding of the recruitment process. You have to have an understainging spouse because the long hours are year round, not just during football season. How many camps does your HC attend with their players each year? 1, 2,5, 7? There are several coaches around the state that excell at this. There are some that are decent, and then thare are those that simply aren't any good at it. It is very time consuming, to say the least. A lot of programs just don't have the support, the drive, or both. The programs that usually have a lot of D-1 recruits over and over do because they help get guys into college ... whether it's UT, UT Martin, or Tennessee State University, etc. Either your HS football program knows what they are doing and it has a system in place, or they don't. That's my $0.02 worth.
  5. MLREB: WH will be fine this year. We had a lot of seniors on last year's team. We have a lot of Sr.s and Jr.s on this year's team, as well. We've had some other changes as well. We will compete with the best the state has to offer. I kind of like being located at the bottom of the AP. Perhaps it will put a chip on some shoulders dressed in Black and Gold. It sure does drive home the point to the young fellas and to the coaching staff that nothing is given .... everything has to be earned!
  6. Good question. I don't know. As long as it takes. We are still learning about this thing . Medicine has recently come close with some viable options that seem to be effective. However, in urban communities, it is wrecking havoc. Memphis has been hit pretty hard. It just might not be prudent to.play the games at this juncture. An outbreak due to exposure has the potential to be catastrophic. Heck, the adults don't want to follow proper protocols. Don't expect the teenagers to be in more compliance.
  7. We can table the discussion, but the conclusion is unclear in my book, coming from SCS's POV. As far as this season is concerned, that is correct, we will find out after Labor Day. Long term ... that's as clear as the Mississippi River..
  8. When I speak of garunteed safety, i'm talking about the pandemic ... not injury due to the roughness of the game. BUT you already know that. Insurance is no protection agains COVID-19. Pulling the plug because of the pandemic and publically calling out TSSAA, are on two diferent ends of the spectrum. One has nothing to do with the other. How on earth did you come away with that as a conclusion? Now i'm baffeled.
  9. Thanks for the update. I'm going to leave it as is and if what you say is correct, then that game will just be dropped from the count.
  10. As far as the schools playing or not has nothing to do with polotics. It's a matter of opinion and responsibility. There is nothing to gain from the SCS to withold the children from playing pol;itically. They will have angry parents just like any other school district. It's a matter of safety. Pure and simple. YOU may be ready to risk an outbreak of COVID-19 in your community as a result of letting teams play. The Superintendent for the Shelby County schools system is not. SInce allowing the schools to play will fall on his head. I can see why there is concern. This isn't rural Tennessee. An outbreak can be catastophic. There is no ONE answer that is right. If the powers that be deem that it is not safe, then so be it. I might add ... he wans the children to play just as bad as anybody else, or so he stated, over and over, but in the end, safety is the concern and the decision falls on his desk. Let me add this. If it were up to me. If there isn't any way to GARUNTEE everyone'safety. There would probably be no games played by SCS schools this season. We would follow the Big-10's lead. As much as I like High School Football ... if there aren't any drastic changes in treatment and containment of the virus. This season in Shelby County would most likely be put off until next season. That's just me.
  11. Like I said earlier, I understand their POV. I don't necessarily agree with every item I've seen listed. Then again, I'm a little different then most. I absolutely appreciate what the TSSAA does as well as the NCAA. Mention both because they basically do the same thing, just in diffrent arenas. Essentially, SCS want the TSSAA to pull the fence down. The TSSAA wants to provide everyone with aids for them to see, pertinent to thier ability. Both give the same results, but different methods of application. I don't think the TSSAA is capable of doing what the SCS is adviocating and appear to be clear and impartial to the rest of the state. Like I said earlier ... I don't what the end game is supposed to be from a =n SCS POV. Sure, some things can be addressed, but I don't see any radical changes coming as a result of the dialogue, if there is any dialogue. We will see.
  12. Well. That was interesting. Where this beef with the TSSAA is going to lead, I don't know. Time will tell. But, it is apparant that the SCS is seriously considering not playing this year. We will learn after Labor Day.
  13. However, let me state that I hav I can understand the POV. I don't see the end game. However, let me state, Like BHS, I've only read the article in the CA. I haven't done any research on the matter. I'm going to listen to Dr. Ray on 92.9 FM on the Jason and John show at about 11:45 AM this morning.
  14. You my be right, LOL. But, what ahout the Nighthawks? Where are they located?
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