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  1. I'm relaxed and you are entitled to your opinion. Just what is that particular opinion based upon besides homerisim?
  2. There are two WS/Bartlett games and WS won both handily. I also see the point of reference. Like BHS said, duly noted. It's not so far fetched.
  3. You're right, you didn't say that, however, that's the impression I got from your statement, that's why I asked. What degree of difference in athleticism are we talking here? Is that even quantifiable? Those were rhetorical, I'm not really looking for an answer.
  4. SW is plenty athletic. Who have you been talking to?
  5. Home Cooking you say? At Milan you say? Say it isn't so! BlackHavenSenator!!!!! LOLOLOLOL!!!!!
  6. All of this strength of schedule mumbo jumbo is a waste of time. Let's look at what we know. Common opponents: Raleigh Egypt and Westview. Milan: Milan 60, WV 28 ... Nov. 1, 2019 Milan 38-, RE 0 ... Nov. 8, 2019 Wooddale: WDHS 33, RE 0 ... Sept. 5, 2019 WDHS 54, WV 14 ... Nov. 8, 2019 No clear advantage or disadvantage. Both Milan and Wooddale won thos games convincingly and by similar margins. The only advantage I see is that Wooddale help WV to less points then Milan, but that could be misleading, depending on the flow of the game. The game is played in Memphis at Kirby ... Home Field advantage to Wooddale. Now ... According to the Shelby Metro Sportsblog Website and their Team Stats page go here. Wooddale is the 9th best scoring offense amoung the 69 schools in Shelby County through 9 games. On offense according to that page, Wooddale has the 8th best passing offense through those same 9 games averaging 150 yds/game. They don't crack the top 15 in rushing. They don't crack the top 15 in total yards/game. On defense they are listed as the 18th stingiest defense only allowing 15.4 ppg through 9. They are not in the top 15 in rushing defense, but they are listed 4th in passing defense only allowing 52 ypg. They are listed to have the 8th stingiest defense in all of Shelby County only allowing a measly 168 ypg. Subtracting the passing D from the overall D leaves 116 ypg rushing which puts them right outside of the top 15 in the rushing D category. I don't have season stats for Milan because they are not in Shelby County. I don't know how they stack up, but it doesn't matter. Both are good teams. I just think the balance is leaning towards Wooddale. However, I can see why Region 7 and Milan folks would think otherwise.
  7. Ironmaker: This type of statement just boggles my mind. How on Earth can you even make such a statement? What, you are a secret Wooddale Booster and you know the mindset of the parents who's children play on this Wooddale team? No, wait ... you are a volunteer coach for Wooddale and by your interaction with the team you've come away with such intimate knowlede of the Wooddale team. No? ... Oh I know, You persoanlly know some of the players on the Wooddale team and you know as a matter of a fact that they don't have the proper motivation! Yeah ... that's it! I nailed it didn't I? I realize you are a homer and you want Milan to win .. but really, you THINK Wooddale lacks the proper motivation that will be required? Really? You went there? WOW! SMH!
  8. You don't think WS can hold Houston to 21 points? Or ... You don't think WS can put 24 on them?
  9. You are riding the upset aren't you. I don't see it but the White Station D is pretty good.
  10. Agreed. He's an excellent role model and teacher and molder of young men. Most coaches are.
  11. A coach Robinson nugget from his Twitter account.
  12. On the T? I've never encountered any. I think there may be a Germantown fan lurking. They can Houston fans by default.
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