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  1. kwc

    Da Haven

    Man ... the TNFCA is in full affect at Titans stadium. I see you coach Saulsberry putting in work! It's that time of year when you put your future college recruits on display for all to see. Grind, grind, and grind some more.
  2. kwc

    Da Haven

    The Mississippi Heat has some of them Haven Boyz reppin at the Addiddas National 7vs7 tourmanet!
  3. kwc

    Da Haven

    Welcome to The Haven Jaylon!
  4. kwc

    Da Haven

    Zyon got an offer from the Peay!
  5. Glover is a really good guard. He had a better tournament, no doubt. However, the best guard on the court was Murrell. He has the better upside and he's more athletic. Glover is a really good gurad who will probably get a scholly somewhere. Murrell will have his choice. Murrell will grow into that role more and more. He's being molded into becoming a more dominant player. However, that's growth. That's not his natural bent, especially playing for Faragi Phillips. Everybody contributes on Faragi coached teams ... so there isn't a place for a 'dominant, killer instinct' type. That's why Faragi plays so many players during games ... his teams generally go 8 - 9 deep.
  6. kwc

    Fulton vs Wooddale..thoughts

    I think the coach knows his team better then you do. He played what he thought was best for his team. Those are young men, not robots. However, my comments wern't about whether or not I agreed with is defense or not. My comments were aimed at your caveat. You could have left it off and just made your comments, because it was easy for you to critisize the man's choice of defense ... it wasn't hard for you to do.
  7. kwc

    Fulton vs Wooddale..thoughts

    Evidently, its not TOO hard.
  8. kwc

    Bearden State Champions

    What does Bearden have coming back?
  9. kwc

    Da Haven

    Bryson ... stalking prey at the Addidas 3-star invitational in NO.
  10. kwc

    Da Haven

    My man T-Mac goes to NO ands gets the LB MVP award, plus an invite to the 5-star challenge.
  11. kwc

    Da Haven

    Thing 1 and Thing 2, aka Martavious French and Bryson Eason. Invited to the 5-star invitational in Dallas.
  12. kwc

    Da Haven

    It seems that three of the Whitehaven Tiger LBs we're very impressive at the 3-star invitational Addidas camp in NO. So much so, that they were invited to the 5-star invitational to be held in Dallas. Check out the link to the article by Rivals.
  13. kwc

    Da Haven

    2019 RB Cameron Sneed at the UA camp in NO.
  14. kwc

    Da Haven

    2020 OLB Taurus Gregory at the UA camp in NO.