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  1. @BarneySox2007 Do we have a Thanksgiving word of the day?
  2. Kids don’t want to play for Heritage and WB for a variety of reasons. Some of it is self-inflicted on Heritage and WB’s part. Some of it isn’t and that’s a whole other long conversation. They aren’t having success in football even when they’re supposed to (like WB in 2021). Unlike Heritage, William Blount actually has the potential to be a .500 playoff contender year in and year out and the person over the team right now is, to put it nicely, not getting the job done.
  3. William Blount is staring down the barrel of another 1-9 season in 2022 if things go like they did this year. Maybe Shad is staying there until he drops his career record below .500
  4. As hard as I and others have been on Shad this year, I will say there are not an abundant amount of other football coaches who are a better man than Shad off the field… he is a great family man and it just stinks that he hasn’t been able to have any success at all here at WB
  5. Looks like it is going to rain all day but then stop at kickoff
  6. Will WB be able to send the seniors off with a win on senior night?
  7. Shad Record 2015: 2-9 2016: 2-9 2017: 1-9 2018: 3-7 2019: 4-7 2020: 4-6 2021: 1-8 17-55 (23.6%)
  8. I’ll take William Blount in this one 24-14.
  9. Both teams are coming off big losses. Hardin Valley is looking for Win #1 and WB is looking for Win #2. Thoughts?
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