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  1. Tandem, you were right. Wade played out of his mind against the Bucs.
  2. Keep In mind that Summitt trailed against Beech 2 weeks ago and scored with 30 seconds to go to take the lead.
  3. Could be but a killer schedule, Ravenwood, Brentwood, Indy, Franklin, and I think I saw that HC is included.
  4. Big difference going down to 5A, no Beech, no Summit, no Shelbyville. You will be in a weak region with a weak region opposite you in the playoffs. Basically it’s you, Hillsboro, with WC as probably the 3rd best team, what does that tell you. Personnel wise you will not be as good but you don’t have to be. If you get the suspended QB back that will make a big difference.
  5. To be honest if I had to rank the 3 sections of state as far as success in the playoffs over the past few years I would say East 1, Middle 2, and West 3. If you look this year East is favored in the 1A, 3A, and 4A games, 5A is a toss up, West Tn will take 2A and Middle 6A. East won 3,4,5, and 6 last year.
  6. My take on HC. Hville went to Paris 2 times and played the Pats. Great atmosphere for a game, we were treated very well by the HC supporters. Our coaching staff had a lot of respect for Coach Counce SR and his staff. I think we all tend to look at the team we support with a certain amount of bias, I know I do. News flash, I fully expect HC to be playing in this game next year possibly against MJ. Wouldn’t that be fun.
  7. Coming from a team that has played them every year for about the last 10 years (Hendersonville). They had around 30 seniors, they lose all 3 running backs that started, best O lineman in Barnes, 2 good LB’s and most of the secondary. Their issues this year were O line and QB. They lost their starting QB before the season started due to a suspension and that really hurt. Probably had their worst freshman team in a decade but their feeder Middle school went undefeated. All that being said it will between them and Hillsboro to decide who plays HC in this game next year. Beech, Summit, and Shelbyville all go to 6-A.
  8. I think the Senator is pretty close on the over under. Brentwood did give up quite a few points this year to Franklin, Indy, and Ravenwood. Oakland wins 38-17.
  9. Good luck to the Panthers in 2021. I have to rely on my brother in law who is a Bath Springs resident for news about the team.
  10. Broke his foot early in the season, came back week 7 or 8, hurt it again. No idea if he is done for the season
  11. Wade had 194 yds rushing and 212 yds passing, not bad
  12. Not about athletes it’s about imposing your will. Beech is pretty good at that. They come to the line of scrimmage and you know what’s coming but you can’t stop it.
  13. Thanks Tandem. Guys left everything on the field. If I had my rathers we would go back to 9-AAA. I like playing the Sumner and Wilson County teams when it matters. Good luck to you guys against Summit.
  14. Not a lot has changed since Coach Hat left. Few tweaks here and there. One thing that has not changed is the culture. Coaches did a great job this year in developing players especially the O and D lines.
  15. 24 to be exact plus the Offensive coordinator. The guys we had available fought hard all night but the Warriors were too much. Thanks to Coach Beasley and his staff for all their hard work this year, back to back region champs. Great senior leaders Brent Rowe, Keion Stafford, John Reucks, Stevie Mack, David Johnson, Nevin Degraf. Rowe in my opinion goes down as one of best I have ever witnessed wearing the black and gold. He no doubt with a few others will be playing on Saturdays next fall. Thanks to everyone involved, Go Commandos!
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