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  1. Always! I love meeting new coaches and I've always been received well by most. I think they know our heart is in it for the right reasons. I interviewed Coach Puckett twice last year and it made me feel good that he was comfortable enough to reach out and ask my opinion. I don't know about you, but I'm definitely ready for some football. I talked to Lee this morning and we are considering pushing our spring show up a month just to get some football discussion going.
  2. I agree. Cade grew up a lot as the season progressed. IF he takes care of the ball, I see no reason to move him. Puckett kid will help them on defense as much as offense. He's a solid athlete.
  3. Ditto! Great guy and awesome family. Coach Puckett called me a couple of weeks ago asking about that job and I had a feeling he was gonna take it. Shelbyville couldn't of done any better.
  4. You guys ask about Josh Puckett earlier in this thread. I interviewed him twice this past season. The longer of the two interviews was just prior to the second round playoff game. I'll post a link to that video. He joined us at the 1 hour mark:
  5. I concur on your last point. I've been to a ton of Shelbyville games in years past and saw empty home stands. This past year, the fans were well represented in Shelbyville.
  6. I've had Coaches contact me about this job. Number one question is "why haven't they ever had success there"... (and by success, they mean getting to a semi-final or title game.) I didn't really have a good answer for them. Support hasn't always been that great, however over the last couple of years it has improved. Region is typically pretty balanced and in the past few years, Region 5 hasn't matched up well with region 6 (last year being the exception). I also mentioned there are 3 public schools in Bedford County, so the talent is split somewhat. I didn't really have a solid answer.
  7. I provided your team a little extra incentive, Roy. What's wrong with that?
  8. Agree. If their still at Lake County, look for him to lineup behind center this year.
  9. Blade's teams are known more for their offense than their defense.
  10. Awesome dude! Got a son who's a really good player that is an incoming junior. Shelbyville could do much worse. He's a winner for sure!
  11. When you hear the date, time, and location, let me know, and I'll add it to our list. Thanks
  12. Arcentae Broome... Great guy by the way. Are you trying to name all the black Coaches? Some on that list aren't black. I'm confused??
  13. Houston County vs East Robertson scrimmage added: Latest List of Spring Scrimmages:
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