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    LOVE HIGH SCHOOL FOOTBALL! I host a two hour pregame show each Friday at 4:30 pm during the football season. My show is called "The Friday Main Event" and we can be found at FridayMainEvent.com. You can also follow us on twitter @tennesseesports. Our show airs on our YouTube Channel at YouTube.com/c/FridayMainEvent . You can also hear live streaming or listen to podcast of past interviews by visiting my website at FridayMainEvent.COM

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  1. I'd be in favor of one at all stadiums. My fat arse is pretty winded when I reach those press boxes..
  2. How many high schools have elevators in their stadium?
  3. Appreciate that. When I started this back in 2011, that was my main goal. I wanted to provide a platform that allowed the other parts of the state to gain exposure to programs they don't often hear anything about. As you know, we try to include Coaches from all sections of the state each week so when the playoffs begin, you'll at least know something about potential opponents in the later rounds of the post season. Always happy to hear from folks exactly like you that not only enjoy the local coverage, but the statewide coverage. Thanks again.
  4. Yes sir. Always our pleasure to do it. Good luck this season!
  5. Coach Jacobs messaged me a couple of days ago and officially invited us to do our week one show at this game! As of now, barring something weird, Lee and I will be at the season opener for these two teams bringing you the Friday Main Event LIVE!
  6. I'm not trying to have drama with anyone, BPM. I'm 54 and don't pursue drama. Too old to deal with it. My only point was you got on this thread which i prefer to keep football related and tried to hash out a prior issue with someone else. I tried to respectfully ask you to keep that drama on whatever thread it originated from. Please afford me that respect and keep whatever issue you have with the Oak Ridge guy on another thread. Thanks
  7. I'm "in my lane".. This is my thread. Pretty sure that stuff happened on another thread. Just sayin'
  8. "Can't we all get along?"... He apologized, BPM, let it go..... Hope you guys enjoy the 6A show tonight. Alot of changes in that class. Show starts in 15 minutes: Friday Main Event class 6A Region Preview!
  9. Class 5A Preview show airs tonight at 6 PM Central! Class 5A region preview show
  10. Class 4A airs tonight at 6:00 PM. Watch us talk high school football to get you ready for tonights NFL draft at 7! Here is a direct link to the show tonight if you'd like to navigate there now and click on the "set reminder" link. FME Class 4A Region Preview
  11. Our Region Preview show for Class 5A is set to air at 6:00 PM this Friday! Navigate to this link and set a reminder if you wish. We'd also appreciate you subscribing to the channel if you haven't done so yet. (no cost or obligations to the subscriptions). Here is a link to the 5A show: Friday Main Event Class 5A Preview Show Class 6A will air at the same time on Saturday night. Here is that link: Friday Main Event Class 6A Preview Show
  12. Don't forget to catch our Class 3A region preview tonight at 6 PM central, fellas (and gals).......... We'll talk about each region in detail and tell you which teams we feel are most likely to reach the post season: Friday Main Event 3A Region Preview
  13. Huntingdon right out the gate should be a good measuring stick.
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