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  1. Daddy ball might cost LC this year. Absolutely no reason snyder shouldn’t be playing QB this year. 2 years of deep playoff experience is rare on a championship caliber team in 1A but go ahead and play your son over him. I don’t know why my fellow LC fans aren’t as upset about this. He can’t use the excuse that he needs snyder on defense because he played both sides of the ball last year and was perfectly fine, and he’s bigger and stronger this year. Daddy ball one of the worst things to happen to sports in my opinion
  2. If that was true he shouldn’t have a problem running the ball 30 times. I do agree it was absurdly stupid to run him that much with how many other capable backs you had
  3. toughest quarterback? I saw him against cornersville last year half way through the game he was sliding before getting hit and diving for the sidelines trying to avoid getting hit. Not even close to the toughest quarterback. I'd rather have Snyder.
  4. I agree with that. That Dresden team would mercy rule any of the champions from the best 2 years, not even close
  5. I’d say the errors killed lc today.
  6. Lake county can beat anybody if Snyder pitches, that’s a fact
  7. Or you could step up and not lose the biggest game of the year. Let’s not forget this is the same lake county team that beat Gibson county 14-4 last year
  8. Lake county is still 3 TD’s better than them this year, unless of course they roll in a lot of talented players. Even then I still think the coaching there is poor so I still give LC the edge.
  9. Sorry I definitely didn’t think that through lol
  10. Losing a huge senior class is a drop off for every team except Huntington... Weird how that works
  11. You can’t possibly say 2014 UC isn’t better than 2015 NCS speaking that they beat them 35-0 the year before. Did one year make them 7 TD’s better?
  12. It should be a good game. UC vs LC rivalry game is always fun to see.
  13. He could be a finalist if he got the carries, he’s big enough to run it 20-30 times a game. The coach doesn’t give it to him much though, it’s mind boggling.
  14. yep 2010 LC won but 2011 and 2012 we're both close wins for Peabody. But after that LC had some down years and Peabody did own them lol.
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