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  1. 2014 Union city was better than NCS. And they did it without cheating
  2. False. Lake county has had countless players go on to play football at the next level and who knows how many that elected to not play in college that very well could have. If prep is so talented why are they getting beat downs from lake county every single year, all while they are cheating? Memphis really are the worst, I remember last year before the round 3 game y'all were talking trash all week and when lc gave ya the beatdown y'all wanted to cry that we played dirty. All that "D1 talent" and you can't beat anybody but the garbage Memphis teams.
  3. Will they be suspended from post season play as well?
  4. I haven't heard anything about Monterey. There any fans out there that know anything about them? By the looks of their schedule they haven't played anyone that great but they have blown every team out so they might possibly be a sleeper. Anyone got an inside look on em?
  5. A 1-7 team (Freedom Prep) in the top 4?! These polls are getting out of hand
  6. 100% believe it. They probably used ineligible players last year in the playoff game against LC, didn't matter LC still beat em down. They love their cheating down there in Memphis.
  7. No need to play them on defense when you’re up 5 TD’s. The depth on defense doesn’t get better if you don’t get them these reps in games against formidable teams. How angry do you think the fan base would be if snyder gets hurt playing defense in the fourth quarter when they’re up 42-0? It’s illogical especially with how much depth LC actually has on defense. Let the young guys play it’ll help come playoff time and in the years to come
  8. From what I’m hearing, snyder had 300 yards on the ground and another 100 through the air. He should definitely be considered for Mr Football imo
  9. Let’s hear them fellas. Who’s your picks to be a candidate this year? Week 6 is as good a time as any to get the conversation going
  10. I agree with you that Huntington has a great set up, I will say that Dyersburg might have the best stadium in west tn. Big and spacious on both sides of the field and they have turf. People don’t yak about Lake county’s field much but the wires around the field give it a great touch, and the natural well maintained Bermuda grass gives is second to none in my opinion
  11. LC the past 2 years is 2-3 TD’s better than DC. LC is better at QB, RB, Both OL and DL, and definitely better at linebacker. DC May be better at DB and receiver, but that’s all. You can’t tell me they’d beat them in a game
  12. This definitely isn’t the same UC team from the past decade but they still are gonna be a playoff team at the end of the year. They still put up 300 yards on the ground but they couldn’t finish their drives when the defense locked down. The win is definitely impressive, but not as much as most think. I think a big win over westview or Ripley this year would be more impressive, just going off the LC schedule.
  13. Daddy ball might cost LC this year. Absolutely no reason snyder shouldn’t be playing QB this year. 2 years of deep playoff experience is rare on a championship caliber team in 1A but go ahead and play your son over him. I don’t know why my fellow LC fans aren’t as upset about this. He can’t use the excuse that he needs snyder on defense because he played both sides of the ball last year and was perfectly fine, and he’s bigger and stronger this year. Daddy ball one of the worst things to happen to sports in my opinion
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