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  1. This region has proved to be a tough region year in and year out. I know it is early, but what does everyone have coming back next season? Haywood (12-2) proved to be dominant again this season even with a huge graduation and coaching change. They also battled injuries and hardly missed a beat which should be scary for the region. Crockett County (8-5) started off to a shaky 0-2 start but came on strong and finished as a very good team. In all honesty could have easily played Springfield instead of Haywood in the Semis if not for untimely fumbles. Ripley (6-6) looked better at times this season against some very good teams and beat some quality teams. I believe they had the 2nd toughest schedule in Coacht's final rankings. Dyersburg (3-8) battled injuries throughout the season and had some very competitive games against good teams like Haywood even after the injuries. It appears that their young talent got valuable experience this season and look to bounce back. Obion County (2-8) played a demanding schedule as well and even though didn't find many wins had some close games in Dyersburg, Ripley, Gibson Co., Mckenzie and Westview for a while. Is the finish going to be the same or similar this year or will some shuffle? What is everyones thoughts.
  2. One of Millington's losses came to Ripley 10-0 who only finished 6-6 , who Crockett County beat once and Haywood beat twice. I would say that Region 7 is a lot stronger this year than Region 8. That being said I will take Haywood in a close game. Both these teams are well coached and it should be a war.
  3. Speed Bump on the road to the showdown with Lake County. No disrespect to anyone else but it doesn't appear anyone in the west has anything for these two teams. Looking forward to the Thanksgiving week showdown.
  4. Union City in the playoffs is always dangerous. They might not be extremely explosive but they have what it takes to make it back to Peabody. Ground and Pound always seems to frustrate the Memphis schools. UC 28 Fairley 20
  5. Good luck to both teams tonight, two classy, well coached programs. Since the last one ended in dramatic fashion ill take Covington 21-17 in this one. Just a random guess because this game could go either way.
  6. I just hope for a good game. Haywood has been very impressive thus far through their injuries. They are just a different animal. Coach Smith is doing a great job with the program. Ripley looks to be improved and seems to be more hard nosed and scrappy than recent years. Seems they may be headed in the right direction. Playoff time is weird sometimes and I am sure the Tomcats are looking for a blowout but hopefully its a good, clean, closer than the experts think game. Good Luck to all Teams tonight!
  7. All of Region 7 4A moves on over 8 4A
  8. Kicker Caleb Hawkins, Ripley High School, 6'3 203 lb. Senior. This season He has 26 touchbacks out of 30 kickoffs, 100% PAT accuracy for the second year in a row. He is 6-12 on FG but that is deceptive considering he has missed 3 of those kicks from 55,57,57. Those kicks were barely misses. I was shocked a high school kid was even attempting those distances. Two of his other kicks were blocked due to snap and hold exchange and he had one wide right. Kid is legit. As a junior he was 9/14 on FG, 100% PATs, 13 touchbacks, Sophomore 2/4 on FGs. He is a great young man as well. I truly believe he doesn't get enough recognition. He is being recruited by SEMO, Memphis and Air Force.
  9. Westview has a great QB but South Gibson has a great team. I believe that the Westview team is learning the hard way that against good teams you have to play defense too. Otherwise, you come out on the wrong side of a basketball score. Ill take South Gibson by 17+ this week.
  10. Im looking forward to seeing this game. Ripley held Covington to the fewest points all year in 34. Lets you know what kind offense they have that the fewest ALL YEAR is 34 scored. These guys are explosive and can score in many different ways. What I find even more impressive is the stingy defense they have. They are physical, fast and disciplined. That's a great recipe for high school football. If Milan might be better on anything it's the kicking game. You will see how good Milan's defense is this week against a stout Covington team.
  11. Week 7 of the Season and so far this region is as follows: 1. Haywood 5-1 1-0, Crockett County 3-3 1-0, Dyersburg/Ripley 3-3 1-1, Obion County 1-5 0-2. After Haywood there hasn't been much seperation in this region 2 through 3 so far. Quick analysis of each team is that Haywood is dominant again and only reloaded instead of rebuild. Crockett County seems to be gaining some momentum at the right time after a rough start. Dyersburg has played some tough teams close, but has hit a rough patch. Ripley looks to be improved but hits the toughest part of their schedule. Obion County most likely missed out on there chance to sneak in the playoffs with their loss to Ripley a couple weeks ago. There are so many scenarios however that this region could end in. The questions left to be answered are can Haywood close out the region undefeated? Will Crockett avenge their losses to Obion and Dyersburg last season? Can Dyersburg rebound from a rough stretch and get back to their winning ways. Can or will Ripley knock off Haywood or Dyersburg? Will Obion get some help and get into the playoffs?
  12. After watching football in West Tennessee for the last 20 years, I can say you can't count a Kevin Ward team out after a loss. He will rally the troops and have them ready to play this week. Lake County is extremely talented this year and seem to have a very special senior class. I am looking forward to this game. Also can't blame Puckett for his anger towards teams running up the score. What goes around comes around...
  13. I will say most of what you say has been true recently. However, Westview wont be down forever if their tradition holds true. This could be the year they get back to their winning ways. Union City are winners and arguably the most consistent team in West Tennessee the last 10 years and thats even on their "down years." Crockett Co. has an outstanding staff and played in the quarterfinals and 2nd round of the 4A playoffs the last two seasons. Ripley hasn't had much success in recent years but showed signs of life last season making the 2nd round of the 4A playoffs and competing against some very good teams. I say this because Im not sure why you are down playing Lake Co. schedule because most teams in their region are fighting over who can play Fulton City and Fulton Co. for their out of region games to get easy wins. I for one think by the end of week 10 you will know good or bad all you need to know about Lake Co. based on how they navigate their schedule. Best of luck to them.
  14. This has proven to be a tough region the last couple of years in 4A. Whats it look like going into the offseason for these teams and who are the early favorites? Last year's finish was Dyersburg, Haywood Co., Crockett Co., Ripley and Obion Co. Who is getting hit hard with graduation?
  15. This is an interesting matchup. #1 vs. # 4 but the power rankings have Ripley slightly above Millington. Can Ripley knock off Millington or is Millington going to be too much. I know Ripley has played well with some good teams this year but struggled to finish. Thoughts?
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