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  1. Who is going to get this job? Just curious what everyone thinks or has heard.
  2. I believe there is no question the Covington is the favorite, but how does it fall after that, and will someone challenge for the top spot? Dyersburg maybe, seems to be a lot of confidence surrounding them already this year. I do believe whoever makes it out of this region will represent West Tennessee in the Championship game this season.
  3. I could see that I guess with the return of starters. I just think the West until someone other than Covid proves otherwise runs through Covington. Kirby and his bunch seem to reload every year. But at the same time, I am not sure how Covington looks on paper at this moment after graduation. No arguments with the number 1 team haha.
  4. Dyersburg at 2 in 3A? Not sure about that. They very well could be I guess but I would say they are going to be 2 or 3 in their region not the state.
  5. I believe Alcoa wins by as much as they want in this game. I am not willing however to say they have ZERO chance to win this game because that is why you strap them up. Good luck to both teams this week and enjoy. Just having a taking a little jab at BPM from a couple weeks ago.
  6. Wolfe and his crew win this one in a tight one.
  7. Ripley may be a little bit better than you are giving them credit for.
  8. So Haywood and Alcoa are comparable now? No disrespect to the Tomcats, but I believe Alcoa is a bad comparison due to the year in and year out Gold balls that flow through there. Springfield has proven the last few years that you don't have to be as big and as athletic as Haywood to win the game, and believe me I am not saying the Ripley will win this game. I am saying they have a chance and to say zero chance for THIS game is absurd I believe. Again, Haywood is the favorite and maybe the better team, BUT the better team and or favorite doesn't always win this time a year and that is all I was getting at. I am sure those kids at Ripley are working hard just like the ones in Haywood in preparation to win the game.
  9. I would say this is an absurd statement. Haywood is the favorite based on the regular season game. However, teams that get beat in the regular season by a certain team have been known to avenge that loss in the playoffs. Sometimes a team doesn't accept that they are supposed to lose and scratches and claws their way to a victory. After many years of watching this game I can say with absolute certainty that anyone at this point in the year has a chance. Either way I am very proud of both of these Region 7-4A teams and coaches for still playing at this time of year, and navigating very difficult times in society and the world with all the issues they have dealt with this season.
  10. Hard to beat a good team twice. I will take Covington in a tight one.
  11. I think this game is going to be better than most might think. Dyersburg was in a rebuild last year and gave Haywood fits in their regular season meeting. Not playing in the regular season might be in Dyersburg's favor, but it is hard to ignore the size and athleticism of Haywood. I believe this game will be a great one, and if I had to pick a winner I say Haywood only because I believe they are capable of getting some stops.
  12. These two teams played early in the season at Crockett with Crockett winning 10-0. Thoughts on this game?
  13. Greenfield in overtime by a 2 point conversion
  14. Personally I don't believe anyone from Region 8 is defeating a Region 7 team this year.
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