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  1. Where do the kids at Nashville School of the Arts play football? What about Middle College? Do these kids have a co-op school to ball at?
  2. Good luck to the Panthers as they try and find their new coach. Great tradition at Maplewood with good community support when they are winning. Hillsboro and Maplewood were the two Metro big dogs at the time (2003-2009). Wonder if G Tate going to Maplewood instead of JPII would have put them over the top or D Mason going to Maplewood instead of PC would have put them over the top? Look at Metro Middle School football right now..... They didn't even get to play last year so all metro teams are starting behind everyone else.... as usual. Our leaders let these kids down imo.
  3. Very impressive. I assume he is a higher rated recruit than the lineman from last season who committed to UT. Good luck to the teams who have to go against this guy next season....
  4. Having not seen Barion Brown play.... what player in today's game does he remind you of? I guess he has his pick of colleges to attend so he must be really, really good.
  5. What are the early thoughts on this 9 team region for the Fall of 2021? I assume Tullahoma will be the favorite going into the season with the key players they have returning. PC seems to always reload so perhaps they are right there with Tullahoma as the region favorite. How many of these 9 teams have an opportunity for post season play ?
  6. If AB gets the job, will Mettenberger stay on the staff? I don't know Zach but I would think the kids would soak up as much as they could from his collegiate and pro experiences....
  7. Any chance one of the Cane Ridge assistants will want this job? I would assume a former Vol and Burro alum would want another HC opportunity...
  8. Fun thread to follow. Don't see Overton making a playoff push into the third round anytime soon. With that schedule, they could win some ball games though. Hope they get a solid coach who gets to bring a few coaches/teachers with him.
  9. Hope you are well coach. I could very well be wrong but i thought Shaeffer (along with a small committee) at Hillwood hired Tom Moore. I do agree with the sentiment that many of the metro Principals don't care about athletics. It is unfortunate.
  10. Curious to know why Cheatham County appears to not value the impact of quality coaching. The lack of money for assistants is troubling and it appears that the power that be don't care. The people in Cheatham County deserve better.
  11. Appreciate the pass. Been out of the mix for a few years. Coached at TSU when Broome was a RB there so we go way back and I support him and the Maplewood program as I spent a few years coaching across the street. Don't know much about the Maplewood culture these days but I assume the academic reputation at Green Hill could be a step up. Don't see the metro teams getting as much exposure across the state as they used to. The Tennesseans' Kreagor is great but he is just one guy who does his best to cover a large area. Nashville's leadership is really poor and it is a crime to see what the Metro Athletic staff's, kids and families have had to endure this year. No parents are allowed to attend games, no kids get to go to their schools, etc..... The private schools in middle TN are experiencing the highest enrollment in their history so they are benefiting greatly from Nashville's poor leadership. I don't blame any metro student athlete from leaving Davidson Co public schools to better themselves.
  12. I think Broome made a good decision regarding placing his son at David Lipscomb. Appears from the outside that his son is highly intelligent and a tremendous athlete. Not sure why you bring Coach Broome's name up regarding this transfer?
  13. When should we expect the Metro teams to release 2021 schedules?
  14. PC by two touchdowns... Metro makes it to the big show!!!
  15. Both of these schools are operating essentially as 6A teams with their current enrollment so they should have beaten the likes of the Metro 5A teams. Should be a good game with similar physical style of ball. Good luck to both teams moving forward.
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