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  1. 100% correct. The school system is the largest employer in the county, and the tax base is not good. Base pay and supplements aren't going to change anytime soon.
  2. McNairy Central hasn't had any real coaching continuity outside of Coach Lott since the late 90s with Coach Browder in football and Coach Brown in basketball. Revolving door in both sports, and you guys are right, base pay and coaching supplements aren't competitive, and community expectations are unrealistic. Community support and commitment aren't where they need to be either. Plus, a lot of good players are crossing the state line into Mississippi. Adamsville is also in a downturn. Entire county government, central office, and school board need to be replaced or the downward trend isn't going to stop. Really sad situation.
  3. Really good high school football game. Both teams played good football. The better team won tonight. Congrats East and good luck. Great season Dyersburg.
  4. Vincent turned in one of the gutsiest performances I've ever seen from a HS QB. He was under constant pressure and took a pounding, but he kept coming back for the next play. Hats off young man.
  5. Dyersburg wins, but in a closer matchup than during the regular season. East had several big plays in the passing game, and receivers running free in the secondary. Covington rematch will be very interesting.
  6. Hearing Stowe is returning this week. Hope the powers that be find a way to keep him out of harm's way.
  7. Hearing rumblings that the Ayers might be on the move......
  8. Hearing Puckett is practically a done deal.
  9. 1979-80 Middleton with Bobby Parks, James Burkley, Wayne Haddix (NFL All-Pro) and Zem Prewitt have to be in the discussion.
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