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  1. Enjoyed it thanks for doing this Southtowner
  2. Nether is your rational judgment on other posters comments lol pop another top reb
  3. I’ve gave my praise last week dude Simpson a good QB lol go pop you another can boss
  4. #2 from westview should be ejected with that punch he just threw
  5. #17 IMO for westview is the best athlete on the field without him westview does not beat us last Friday night
  6. Them westview hogs already sucking air
  7. #5 will be hard to stop was expecting a great things with him this year unfortunate he got hurt in preseason scrimmage want be much drop off in RB dept #8 has the skills to be the next great QB
  8. Got that gut feeling Hampton going to take it and for what it’s worth the best player on the field won’t be the QB from west view #17 is westview best athlete stop him and you got a chance
  9. Could be by committee to start the season but #8 should be by midseason
  10. Our Rb1 will be back from injury he is highlight reel waiting to happen #44 did a solid job in his absence I look for no drop off from this team going in to 2022
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