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  1. Congrats Betsy! Of all the teams in 4A im glad it was you lol. With all of the history these two team's have I'm not surprised at all! A good team is hard to beat twice, lets see if the devils can win when it counts!
  2. Apparently you care enough to be here talking to us haha
  3. You're wrong and are making yourself look bad in the process bub. Were you this vocal about open zone in 2005 or just now that Greeneville is whats between your boy going to Cookville?
  4. Man lose one game and the rest of the conference gets mouthy lol. Are you this salty because deep down you know even on our "down" year Betsy still doesn't have enough to beat us?
  5. Anyone know where there playing him? Army has allot of QB's rostered just interested to know where they're going to use him. Thanks for the info guys.
  6. Anyone know how Cade's doing at Army? Haven't heard much since he graduated.
  7. Imo the Powell game could have gone either way. Few less penalties from either team and that game would have looked completely different. Where's the screens!?!? Id also like to see the handoff between Gregg and Blood cleaned up. Not sure if it was a timing thing or hesitation in the reads. I feel bad for the team that allows Greeneville to pass the ball. All in all I was impressed with Gregg and think the Greene will be just fine.
  8. I don't remember who was playing but I do remember playing football with the other kids in the grassy area behind the stands. Those were the days lol
  9. And another thing. It's a shame that our coaches have always coached respect, character, and dignity into their player's and you, someone that lacks all of that is the mouth of the team..
  10. How many snaps have you taken as a starter? How many two a days have you been through or summer workouts? Zeeeeerrrrooo. Stop knocking other programs and the hard work the kids put in. You're using Greenevilles success to stroke your own ego. As a former devils football player I have nothing but respect for Betsy. Even if they win one game this year that's one more football game then you've ever won. Have some respect for the game and the people that have actually strapped up dude.
  11. If you build it, they will come...
  12. You know whats amazing? I live 1,900 miles from Greeneville and both of my bosses just happen to be Science Hill graduates! This is some great ammo for the trash talk haha
  13. You clearly look like a fool in your last two post haha. Is your team on this list? Unless they're 2nd alphabetically I feel bad for you son!
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