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  1. Love the history thanks coach!
  2. Is that the one with a cannon ball in it?
  3. I think the majority of us know how this one's going to go, but things happen. With DB being the underdog what do they need to do to upset Greeneville at Burley Stadium? Does DB have the weapons to put points on the board?
  4. jjm70 you have anything to add to that last sentence?
  5. It's the calm before the storm. Who's got some fun facts about the Greeneville Elizabethton rivalry?
  6. Didn't Betsy end Greeneville's streak?
  7. I think the one extra game will be an advantage for the devil's. That's one more game they've had to work out any wrinkles. Let's also not forget this game will decide region champs and home field.
  8. Alright I'll get this party started! The two juggernauts from the East go at it. Lots of history here and respect. Who wins and why? Score?
  9. In lieu of flowers Chuckey Doak is asking for donations. RIP
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