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  1. That's what I was thinking. AC went from years of cupcake schedules then all the sudden 2022 it's the Thunderdome for them lol. I do applaud them for adding beef to their schedule tho! If it doesn't kill them it will make them stronger, which could be dangerous come playoffs.
  2. I think it takes alot of guts and maturity to be able to say hey guys I'm burnt out I've lost the passion. How many coaches run programs into the ground because they're to selfish to swallow a hard pill. Much respect to coach Black from this Greene Devil.
  3. Lol page 42 after the game is over, nice of you to join the conversation..
  4. Sound like a barn burner of a game hate I couldn't see it. Congrats to Tullahoma, I was wrong you were right. Sounds like you fellas wanted it more. I predict the 2022 4A State championship team will be in the gym on Monday.
  5. There's no i in team buddy. Kids a stud though for sure.
  6. Ok.... Region 1 has heard that from the rest of 4A. Is that spacific enough?
  7. I just wish I could see their faces when they're choking down that crow lol.
  8. Oh I already ate my humble pie served up nice and warm from Betsy lol.
  9. Same song and dance every year from the west side of the state. Chest thumping then y'all see who really is "built different". Until y'all can make it a game y'all are just blowing hot air.
  10. Lol Betsy will have some humble pie for your hungry boys don't worry. Never trust anyone that claims their team is "just built different". No, no they're not just stop lol
  11. 151-54 is what region 1 has beat the west by in the last 4 championship games. But congrats your 4th place team is better then our 4th place team
  12. Let's just not keep score since people in 2021 are to sensitive about it. Greeneville lost to Unicoi County 120-0 in 1923. I didn't see no sissies on CoachT crying then. Take your phony outrage somewhere else orangeandwhite.
  13. Sometimes you ride the bull sometimes the bull rides you. It was a good season. Not the way we wanted it to end but it's like that for everyone but the champs. Congrats Betsy go 3peat!
  14. Mav can be a Greeneville honorary fan for the rest of the playoffs we will take him under our wings lol
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