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  1. KEV-O

    Greeneville Football 2019

    No matter who it is this devil will support him 100%. I trust the process!
  2. KEV-O

    4A Title Game #1 Greeneville Vs. Haywood

    I see a lot of Christian McCaffrey and Cade. Work horse that can read a defense and has a set of wheels.
  3. KEV-O

    4A Title Game #1 Greeneville Vs. Haywood

    Signing 5 qb's brings up an interesting question and not just for you but for everyone. If not at qb where do you see Cade playing?
  4. KEV-O

    Greeneville Football 2019

    Where can you watch the game?
  5. KEV-O

    4A Title Game #1 Greeneville Vs. Haywood

    Salty? Greeneville probably put your team out of the playoffs huh haha
  6. KEV-O

    4A Title Game #1 Greeneville Vs. Haywood

    I just left Arizona's 4a state championship game, Greeneville would smack both of these teams
  7. KEV-O

    4A Title Game #1 Greeneville Vs. Haywood

    I'd kick it onside right here but that's just me
  8. Heads and egos are to thick over there. The only half @ss argument they can come up with is football is weak in TN yada yada yada. Throw facts and numbers at then and it won't fit thru their nerrow minds. Hate they got upset though.
  9. Plot twist. Mavinflight and devilman are the same person. Que dramatic music
  10. I don't understand why they had him punt. Did he have a good one all night?
  11. KEV-O

    Greeneville vs Elizabethton

    Nothing wrong with it at all. Every team does it or should. If someone doesn't understand scouting then they don't understand the game.