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  1. I am betting on that one too. They will rock 4A. Many don't see it coming.
  2. Absolutely right. East Tennessee much like many spots in the Nation, they are always looking for good talent locally to fill the roaster. Liberty would be a step up. They are getting some prime time coverage too with Chadwell locally AC.
  3. True I think that is the expected but I can dream lol.
  4. Yeah more than likely he will be at AC. That was me wanting exposure. He appears to be pretty good but a lot of time between now and then. Playing against top level teams and having top level receivers opens up another world if he's set to be D1 top 5Star. But there so many competing for those spots. Probably Be able to figure out his times as he gets closer to highschool. Just keep up the training and take it one day at a time. Hopefully he will hit that sweet spot of 6'3" but who knows Pretty darn sure you guys are right Dad will want to coach him.
  5. 2029 Dual Threat All states combined https://qbhitlist.com/qbhl-top-150/?class=2029&style=Dual%2BThreat&state&player A Highly Potentially recruit D1 7th grader JD Gillum. Trained in camps all over the nation. Ranked as #1 #2 respectfully for speed, height, menueaverabilty, accuracy and can throw up to 70 yards. Lot of work to do before he throws the pads on at AC if he so chooses. Wishing the best for my Great nephew. He has it all currently, and the problem is things change rapidly in high school and Summers can always bring out a totally different talent or lack of talent. If his talent stands true we may have a shake up in the head coaching Job at AC. IMO but if AC can hurry get some elite receivers ready, then it all could play out here at AC. Needs some huge strong lineman like the Mavs have never seen. He had passing receiving and speed practice at Neyland Stadium all day yesterday. So who knows what can hold for this talented young man. But whatever it is and being a Gillum, the sky is the limit!
  6. Well you probably know where that could go; family might think the school is responsible and open a can of worms. But I am happy for him and Betsy. He sounds like a really good player. The Mavs will need to brush up on defending such highly prospected recruit if we meet up this year.
  7. They only thing that I would be concerned is what if a this kid gets an injury at Elizabethton, Would not his current school department Insurance entity question the premise location and who is responsible for paying this claim. Because typically this is an issue. And playing 7 on 7 at Elizabethton then Betsy would need to take out Liability Insurance to cover there butt. Just wondering but that is the only question I have.
  8. Dang it! If he changes his mind I will give him ride to AC, every day. Haha
  9. He definitely would get playing time this year for the Mavs.
  10. That would be a good move in my opinion. Looking at Betsy over the past few years, they have given the Mavs fits with the deep or short corner lob pass, except for last year. The Mavs didn't have an answer for it. Especially in close games, he could possibly make a difference for the cyclones. And Greeneville, Betsy and the Mavs typically are close
  11. Hey it could work; something has to work. He appears to be a pretty good coach. But I had high hopes for the Price twins. Wife said if they couldn't get CCHS to stability than no one can. And they did start off well and were completive longer than anyone in CCHS history and beat Oak Ridge which was a first.
  12. A side note. I am surprised media wise for a Rhea County coach to switch in a few respects; Rhea has always been leaning less media attention towards showing games on tv Nfhs etc. while Campbell county is all about transparentcy having all there games live etc. and another point this will be a complete turn around. Whereas Rhea is known for ground and pound. I don't see that system working out well for CCHS. The crowds are about quick thrill and frils at CCHS. As CCHS just has really never had a winning program until the Price brothers got there. CCHS has tried this ground and pound numerous times and so far they haven't accomplished much. It's just not a ticket seller and they need that to keep interest involved. Maybe the new coach will put his stock in Defense but that may not sell for too long. Wish the coach the best and maybe that's why he's the coach, he may know better than the fans
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