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  1. I am going to concede early. You can't get this far behind a good team and come back. I am off here and it's been another fun year. Congratulations to Greeneville . We made way too many mistakes early against a good football team. I am supporting the East Tennessee teams. Congratulations to the Anderson County Mavericks football team. Another Great and competitive year with some Great players. To the seniors Thank You!! To everyone else learn from this and get ready for a Huge 2020. A Great big Thank You to Anderson County coaching staff..Great Year! And most of all Thanks to the Anderson County community!
  2. If AC decides to not let you in tonight lol please tune in to:
  3. True good luck to guys and all our teams stay healthy. We have to bring the ball home to East Tennessee; preferably to Anderson County. Go Mavs team work tonight for the big win. 4 quarters and tonight is yours
  4. Of course if we lose then congratulations to the Mavs for doing so good this year. As I said this win would be upset for the Mavs as Greene Monster has had our number for way too long.
  5. I agree if this team can pull of this upset and I say upset because of past Greene Monster Dominence then this will mark a New Beginning for Anderson county football and step up the to whole program at AC. This AC Team Tonight Can Make History ! Because without any unforseen circumstances if AC wins tonight I think the momentum will take them all the way. Go Mavs !
  6. That raises a very good question. Did Greeneville hold the cards in this game too. Will Greeneville come out again with that screen and drill the ball down field like all of last year. The Mavs defense is much better this year I think because of last years Greeneville game. My question is can this years Mavs break the Greeneville Curse?
  7. True and it is inevitable that the Greene Monster Curse will have to end at some point lol
  8. Swipes if you knew truly knew Greeneville were going to lose would you still need a seat. Lol
  9. Yeah and from my understanding the torch will be passed to the Mavs this year. And a new series will begin. Lol Correct me if I am wrong.
  10. We have an issue and I think Devilman is behind it. He may have some doubts this year. I think Ella has him weary. Lol
  11. Ella is druling as she patiently awaits to fetch all those TEES on Friday night.......
  12. Yeah that is correct. Pyro Shows L. Hill huge outfit out of Lafollette. They do fireworks all over the nation. Russ G. In past worked with them in his spare time from coaching. They do a great job making AC The Greatest Show on turf.
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