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  1. Can't wait to see this XBox Playstation video like Mavs team play. This will be exciting to see!
  2. That's pretty true couple years were there best chances. However a couple were a large leap to Greenevilles Greatness too. Last year everything went wrong.
  3. Yeah I think they are well rounded well as much as I have heard before. We will score and if the defense holds up even 1/2 as good as last year we should be ready for anything that teams run or throw at us. A season is short or long depending on how we look at it. All football to be played so we will need to wait and see if the Mavs are for real. Just my 1 opinion; I really think they are this year.
  4. They have just all you need to make a full run this year. Have not done a lot of research but still researching. I think many top notch teams are not as good IMO. And I feel the Mavs IMO have the best player combination in a long while, if ever. I think they should be able to mix it up with any team and come out on top this time around. Not sure about West teams but they have not been reloading good against the east.
  5. I knew I get a rise out of you. Lol. No It's definitely not the year again IMO...for upper NE. I am going out on limb and going for the Gold this year. We still have 2 months and the defense coach will have that secondary shinning. OL no doubt will have to be the best ever. I am on cloud 9 with this group of Mavericks and Chadwell opening the offense as he started in 2013. Full steam ahead this year and I know Greeneville does well adjusting good the second half of the year much like OR have always done toward the deep run. We will have to wait and see. I will say your right for many years I have been fired up but nothing ever like this year!
  6. Not enough swipes. You don't have what it takes this year to make a deep run. However the Mavs are loaded. We have a new Defensive Coach and should be the golden key. We are the team to beat. Say all you want but even the retuning players is clearly not enough to challenge the Mavs. The Mavs have A Beast and A monster at running back as I am sure you have heard about about them then we unleash and the Aerial show begins. Secondary defense is awesome. The QB this year will not have time to scramble and get away as in past losses. Fast DLINE and strong. It's heating up now but it's going to get much hotter when kickoff starts for the Mavs. Good luck to Greeneville when we meet!
  7. Have not kept up with Greeneville thread this year. So wondering how well the Devil's will be this year? I know one thing is for sure the Mavs are loaded. No doubt Greeneville will always be ready each year but have the feeling they want be quite as good as recently. But of course that's a feeling.
  8. OlHickory, Wow! Sounds like this year is going to be more exciting than ever; everything it takes to have a fan like me fly in every Friday night. I would too problem is I hate flying!! Lol But I will watch every game live, one way or the other. Those stadiums will be packed! 6 homes games and each game sounds like it's going to be Great! And Thanks A bunch for the updates! Coach G knows what kind of crazy fan I am! It's literally in the blood! Lol....Thanks Again!
  9. Hope the Mavs have some good cooling during practice. Heat damage can really effect future performance. Big reason why I moved to Bremerton Seattle area. I still have had the heat on since winter. 49 last night and 61-63 today. Love the weather.
  10. Wow! Well Said! Dropped the mic. Could not have been better stated!
  11. Blazer, Just my two cents; If they have a biggest rivalry it would be Campbell County. As far as schedule that has changed I would say for the students it is Clinton. Then of course AC has a big rilvary and unfinished business with Greeneville. But Powell probably will stand out as there biggest rilvary since schedule changes. IMO I am sure others would be able to give a closer look.
  12. OlHickory has some good news and updates. He is has me excited. Yeah Sounds like they are getting prepared. With there schedule it's definitely one game at a time. And diversity each high quality team like Betsy brings, it will be a tough season. Many if not most teams the Mavs play are playing a variety of offenses for our new Defensive coach. I think the Mavs are where they should be at this point. Good luck to Elizabethton!
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