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  1. So if Covington wins tonight do we go to #1 in the rankings??
  2. Nothing against Alcoa but when we get back this year I would rather play someone else also!!
  3. Covington lost in 2016 I’ll never forget it because my son got his knee tore up that game.
  4. Covington up 16-9 at halftime couldn’t have played much worse in first quarter but turned it on in the second!!
  5. I watched the Tenton- Milan game on u tube earlier and I don’t think Covington would get trucked by Trenton. I would think it would be a close game. I think Covington and Trenton would both have a hard time beating Haywood they are loaded with athletes and ton of speed and size.
  6. Chargers up 28-0 early against 5a Munford !!
  7. As a Covington fan I would love to play Trenton. I think it could make for a good rivalry . We can’t get Dyersburg to play us which I don’t understand because it would be good money maker for both programs!!
  8. All kidding aside it will be a battle for sure most games lately have been very close. Our offensive line doesn’t have much experience but hopefully will get much better in next few weeks. We’re beating Crockett County 3-0 in second half of jamboree. Jv is in now
  9. I’m thinking Milan better bring lunch and supper we haven’t lost region game in two years!!
  10. Anything to try and beat Covington. Lol
  11. We have only had a few players going both ways the last couple years. I don’t think any of those were lineman. Hayes didn’t play much on defense last year but I figure he will this year and he will absolutely do some hitting and probably grab a few picks also. We lost one of our best offensive lineman at the end of last year due to some heath concerns and would have been a senior this year.
  12. Covington has only one offensive lineman returning that played any significant minutes last year. The defense though returns almost everyone and I think will be strength of team. Losing four year starter at QB will be tough for sure but Hayes can go distance on any play.
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