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  1. I’m a little biased but I say our 17 team was just as good. Championship game was very close until late in fourth quarter.
  2. Yep that’s true!! I feel like all will have to travel to either Covington or Milan this year for semifinal!
  3. My wife says I can’t remember anything!! I do remember going to semis though and y’all sitting at home!!
  4. Same with Covington u can listen to entire game and not know who’s winning!! Unless we’re playing Milan and then u know we’re winning—lol
  5. I was talking about when we played PC — Einstein
  6. Milan’s mayor probably played football I’m sure ours didn’t!!
  7. Is this a TSSAA decision or just individual school districts??
  8. Looks like Milan’s at it again trying to get early start!!
  9. Thought y’all was coming in 18 but we beat Stratford instead in the mud bowl!! Would love to play y’all in Covington this November!!
  10. I know y’all don’t want no more of Covington!! We gave one away this year. Dominated game except on scoreboard.
  11. Can’t wait to see the Chargersrun up and down it but that will be in 2021!!
  12. Don’t think Milan has stopped practicing!! They don’t go by rules!! Lol
  13. Keep in mind that was last year!! Lol Covington returns all players but one on offense but defense is a different story! We’ll have to out score folks I’m pretty sure.
  14. I would say Kirby from Covington considering he took his team to the semifinals considering all they had lost the previous two seasons!!
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