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  1. We have only had a few players going both ways the last couple years. I don’t think any of those were lineman. Hayes didn’t play much on defense last year but I figure he will this year and he will absolutely do some hitting and probably grab a few picks also. We lost one of our best offensive lineman at the end of last year due to some heath concerns and would have been a senior this year.
  2. Covington has only one offensive lineman returning that played any significant minutes last year. The defense though returns almost everyone and I think will be strength of team. Losing four year starter at QB will be tough for sure but Hayes can go distance on any play.
  3. Would love to see Covington and Dyersburg play every year. Don’t think they are even playing in jamboree this year.
  4. bglass


    Covington didn’t run same offense in Championship game as they had all season. Wheeler ran Wing T at Covington because it gave him best chance to win with talent we had. I believe he’ll run whatever offense at Cleveland that gives him best chance to win depending on his talent. My son payed for Marty and believe me they ran the buck sweep and trap a million times!!
  5. bglass


    My son played for Marty for four years and I guarantee the kids will love him!! We won lots of ballgames and went to state title game his senior year then again this year. He was also assistant on two charger teams that played for state championships. If I’m not mistaken didn’t Oakland win the championship in 6-a running the wing t —just saying it can be done. It all comes down to the fundamentals,blocking and tackling and I guarantee he’ll teach that.I hate to see him leave!!
  6. What’s y’all Qb situation looking like for next year, I’m not sure what Covington will do??
  7. Yeah he would have never kicked it if we don’t jump offsides. Probably just call timeout then go for it . Is Russell gonna play college ball anywhere? Our QB is going to Austin Peay to play baseball.
  8. Probably goes into overtime without that play. One of our coaches said they hadn’t done that same shift type play in three years and we weren’t ready for it. Rankin didn’t want to leave outcome of game in kickers hands and he didn’t!!
  9. Both QBs played their hearts out!! One heck of a game. We had trouble defending the screen pass all night and it cost us getting off the field several third downs.
  10. 14 up with five minutes left — Alcoa ball
  11. Both teams have hurt themselves with turnovers while driving the ball!! Very hard hitting game just like last year!!
  12. Looks like it’s gonna be a high scoring game.
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