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  1. Right, they played poorly both times against Tullahoma! Probably because Tullahoma is the best team PC played all year and I believe it will be the best team Haywood has played all year, see you there tomorrow night!
  2. I agree except for the winner, Tullahoma gets their first trip to the Championship game…
  3. From Nashville Paper Haywood at Tullahoma Adams – Tullahoma 17, Haywood 14: In a defensive showdown, Tullahoma's balanced offense will do just enough to pull off a field-goal victory. Hamilton – Haywood 35 Tullahoma 32: JaKylon Taylor rushes for three touchdowns as Haywood makes the state title game for the second year in a row. Horton – Haywood 21, Tullahoma 18: The Tomcats will have a close defensive battle against Tullahoma but Haywood will prevail. Joyce – Tullahoma 24, Haywood 17: Wildcats reach state title game for first time. Kreager – Haywood 21, Tullahoma 20: This might be best semifinal in the state. Robinson – Haywood 35, Tullahoma 28: The Tomcats beat the Wildcats in a shootout. Spears – Haywood 24, Tullahoma 17: The Tomcats overcome a sluggish start to make it back to the Class 4A championship for the second consecutive season.
  4. Not a favorite according to the article in todays Tennessean news paper.
  5. True 2 school system, with the other being Coffee County Central HS which is a 6A school with about 1700 kids
  6. Didn’t realize there was such a big difference: Coffee County 57,889 Tullahoma 20,339 Haywood County 17,864 Brownsville 9,788 But we don’t have the number of rostered kids on the football team, either they don’t want to play or may do something different like band, that has 156 kids.
  7. I may be incorrect, when you drill down to the classification page and click on each school it shows a #enrolled, maybe that’s the 2021 numbers, I am not sure
  8. The numbers I quoted are the reclassification #s used and your numbers are the 2020 fall enrollment.
  9. Per TSSAA Haywood enrollment 846 Tullahoma enrollment 1024 Per [email protected]&*ps Haywood roster 114 Tullahoma roster 85
  10. If I remember correctly Tullahoma paid $6 million for the stadium along with all other upgrades to the facility, the booster club furnished the Jumbotron…..While AEDC employees many from this area, there isn’t any direct financial support, some indirect support through STEM programs.
  11. So Wilkins stadium was renovated in 2009 and we have bragged on how nice it is, we have hyped up how good the football team is; but, we also have an award winning 156 member marching band that rocks the stadium with Tullahoma’s fight song along with other great pep tunes every Friday night….They may be a little depleted this week since it is fall break and Thanksgiving, hopefully will still sound awesome!
  12. Tullahoma’s kicker is pretty impressive!!! He is 1 of 5 kicker finalist for Mr. Football.
  13. Tullahoma has 22 seniors, with 10 starting on offense and I think all 11 on defense. They have a solid offensive line that have played together since middle school and pretty much varsity starters since freshman year. #4 Scott is 25-1 as the starting quarterback ~ 1700 yds passing and 400 yds rushing, #18 Cummings at rb with about 1000 yds and #22 Sheffield at rb with about 600 yds. #3 Duncan, #15 Dixon, and #17 Melton catch everything thrown near them, #8 Chadwick is the kicker with about 95% of his kickoffs being touchbacks and is up for Mr. Titan kicker of the year….lots of playmakers on defense…this truly is a team with lots of solid players that complement each other, and the kids that back up the starters have really matured this year!!!! how about for Haywood?
  14. Not as bad as I have seen at other facilities, but with 3 straight home games, and 4 out of the last 5 weeks, it’s starting to get torn up, good news is with school being on fall break, they will practice during the day on the practice field, so it won’t get any worse.
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