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  1. Pearl wins state. Almost there whole team is coming back
  2. Great job Alcoa. 8 in a row is impressive. EN played hard. Gave everything Alcoa. 5 point game going in to the 4th. Wish that last quarter could have been a little different for our boys
  3. South 5th and all the homes over there are in the process of getting torn down. Half the homes over there are already gone
  4. Metro have the most undisciplined players in the state, metro coaches these days aren’t very good, metro coaches can’t win big games, metro football isn’t good anymore, metro will not win a gold ball no time soon, etc etc etc. Now look at metro with 2 teams playing for a state championship this week. EN and PC have some great coaches and players and having did an amazing job this season. PC lost their first 2 games and everybody counted them out. EN lost their last 2 games and everybody counted them out as well. Now look at them both playing for a gold ball Friday and Saturday.
  5. lol well those 50-60 fans helped us get a win. Where SC playing tomorrow
  6. Here goes another team who can’t take a loss from EN smh
  7. @urmama57 surely as been quiet. Don’t go into hiding yet. Game hasn’t even started lmao
  8. All metro Nashville public schools to receive turf over the next few years starting with EN. I think everybody will say it’s about time.
  9. You can tell you never won anything in life. And of course you not going to show your face, you’re only bad on a keyboard. EN is about to humble you real fast Friday
  10. EN didn’t cheat. You’re just mad cause they ended your season 2 yrs straight. If anybody cheated it was the refs. Wonder how much Waverly paid them to cheat all night and still lost. Anybody at the game could clearly see that
  11. No that guy should be ashamed of himself trying to make east kids something that they’re not. Very upsetting that he went as far as to say it was gang related. It’s gang related cause it’s Nashville kids huh?
  12. lmao you really said gang related. You should never get information ever again from whoever your source. Take your lost and enjoy watching east play Friday
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