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  1. If y’all are gonna cry about the amount of money cleveland receives at least get the person right that gives it lol. There’s a guy by the name of mark smith that owns about 30 local McDonalds, that’s a Cleve alum that does more behind the scenes. Always quick to bring up Allan which tells me they you aren’t close enough to the program to really knows what goes on. This year is number 7 so before it’s all said and done this thing could get to 10 plus and y’all will still be saying Allan’s name.
  2. Good job talking your team up though
  3. Well congratulations Brentwood beating up on Summit lol
  4. Hehe he said don’t sleep on them lol
  5. Hey I’m glad they are. Looks like they are gonna bring home All- Bradley county strikes again
  6. Lol just lost to the worst Bradley team in the history of the school. Couldn’t take advantage of tssaa screwing the bracket up
  7. I’m looking for kid gloves as well. DB just lost to probably the worse Bradley team in the last 50 years and he said they were gonna win it all
  8. Don’t feel bad for Cleveland, the coaches love the draw.
  9. I’m a fan of Pete and like what he’s doing up there. Tssaa can’t get out of their own way
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