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  1. fooseball95

    Incoming Freshman and Transfers

    It’s gonna be fun in a few weeks
  2. fooseball95

    Incoming Freshman and Transfers

    2-2 Trae gets reversal. 4-2, plus 3 back points before the pin made it 7-2. Ivey is legit and he’s good. But if y’all are saying Trae got lucky and “caught” Ivey your silly
  3. fooseball95

    Incoming Freshman and Transfers

    Is every pin “getting caught”? what is your definition of getting caught? First take down don’t mean much. But your exactly right, we will see what happens next time around
  4. fooseball95

    Incoming Freshman and Transfers

    Ivey got caught? It was 2-2 going into the 2nd. Trae reversed him so it was 7-2 before he pinned him in the 2nd. Did u say you’d bet you’re salary that Ivey wins 106? Lol let me screen shot that post haha
  5. fooseball95

    Chattanooga area new coaches 2018-2019

    I like it
  6. fooseball95

    Cummings to Halls?

    Love to have him lol
  7. fooseball95

    Cummings to Halls?

    All I know at this point is they formed a hiring committee. On January 13-16 they will go through applicants and select interviews. I’ve heard a few names thrown out there that have applied. But we will see what happens
  8. fooseball95

    CK's Top 9 wrestling poll

    Pretty much sums it up lol
  9. fooseball95

    TN Coach's Poll for 7 January

  10. fooseball95

    Cummings to Halls?

    Lol true
  11. fooseball95

    TN Coach's Poll for 7 January

    I understand exactly what are saying I really do, but nobody is gonna be happy with rankings no matter the sport. You will be arguing this next year, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, etc. UCF didn’t lose a game for almost 3 years and people laughted at them. It’s part of it
  12. fooseball95

    Cummings to Halls?

    U my friend could be right
  13. fooseball95

    TN Coach's Poll for 7 January

    U proved my point genius, rankings are made in every sport not just wrestling. Nobody is ever happy, so while your sitting here crying, that’s exactly what the rankings do. It happens every year.
  14. fooseball95

    TN Coach's Poll for 7 January

    Or maybe everybody should just stop doing rankings period and let the results speak for themselves?