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  1. The sad thing is that if somebody doesn’t get him out, he’s gonna ruin Tennessee wrestling
  2. Sorry guys I didn’t mean to get the bashing on Bowers started lol. The dude has burned bridges from Bristol to Memphis. I’m just glad everyone finally sees it!!
  3. Couldn’t have said it any better Scott.
  4. A common enemy eh?

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    2. fooseball95
    3. JSamson7


      BCSportsfan and ThrowDaSlant. A short fat man and Bill Nye the Science Guy more or less. 

    4. fooseball95
  5. What’s that old saying? “ sometimes you just gotta do the right thing when nobody is looking”
  6. And by looking at what others are saying on this post they agree. And would be happy if he wasn’t on this committee and should be voted off
  7. This isn’t new whether it’s on a public forum or not lol
  8. Still doesn’t change how people around the state feel about him regardless of what you see
  9. And I can assure you that I am not Bruce
  10. That’s not a lie, that’s what has been said by parents that aren’t letting their kids go. Back Ben all you want, that doesn’t affect how other people feel about him
  11. Tell me this? What have i said that was a lie? Look back through all my posts and tell me what I said. You have yet to tell me