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  1. U are correct shows Soddy has 1071 enrollment. Didn’t know they lost so many kids so fast
  2. I still don’t understand why soddy dropped down. They are one the bigger schools in Hamilton county. Maybe they wanted to get away from cleveland and Bradley during region/state? Because I’m pretty sure we both will still wrestle them in the regular season.
  3. I forgot about him, but Belcher will probably 145, or 52 anyways
  4. Are you picking WV by 100 plus like u did against Cleveland? Lol
  5. I like Belcher in that one. But I agree Deselle is tough too
  6. My top 5 is: 1.Cleveland 2.Bradley 3. WC 4. Summit 5. Crapshoot with a handful of teams I believe Bradley will be tough with who they have returning. Belcher I think will be a lock to win 138?
  7. I like the young studs and the new flavor we have in the lineup too.
  8. It’s pretty much October and teams starting to practice. Figured I’d start a thread since there hasn’t been much talk about the upcoming season. Favorites? Underdogs? Dark horses? Any thoughts?
  9. He might be before my time that i can remember. But Buck Davis was a good one too if that who you meant?
  10. One of the most memorable games that I played in was 1993 when we played y’all. Sheesh that can’t be 28 years ago my goodness!
  11. Demetrius Fields was a stud! 4a Mr Football 1999.
  12. Dante Hickey Kevin Cobb Demetruis Fields Keith Cobb Carlos Thompson Keegan Jones Marwin Gash Tim Henderson Chris Parks Stepfon Woods Lavonte Barber Chucky Swafford These are off the top of my head and I could keep going
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