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  1. The one thing about it is another Thanksgiving practice!!!! Always so much to be thankful for when you're practicing on Thanksgiving.!!!!!
  2. Sounds easy all u gotta do is stop it!!!! GOODLUCK!!!
  3. I really don't understand this!!!! Is this jealousy, or is this just a sore loser that cant win. PUT UR BIG GIRL PANTIES ON AND BEAT US !!!!! INSTEAD OF WHINNING ABOUT HIGH SCHOOL KIDS EXCEL TO BE GREAT!!!!
  4. I have know clue about anything on Giles side. Obviously they have made it to the semis so they have got to be a talented team. But what i do know is that Alcoa has hit its stride!!!! I feel like last night was the best we have played all the way around. Its agreat time to be peaking to their full potential. I still think this team hasnt played to its full potential YET!!!! GILES BETTER BUCKLE UP!!!
  5. Wuz definately pulling for sweetwater just cause of that drive.
  6. Cant wait to hear the smack talking from Giles. Especially since they have talked all year about it. BE CAREFUL WHAT U WISH FOR!!!!
  7. I ve coached all them boys that r there right now and they deserve better. I never could of imagined this would be the out come if you would of asked me 2 years ago. It was very painful to watch them this year. These boy shoulda of made a pretty decent run this year.
  8. Who would of ever predicted this kinda out come with the talent that's there
  9. Congrats to Unaka!! Very well deserved win on the GB game. I wish u luck on the rest of your season. That's being said this greenback (coach) is awful. One of the worse coaches i ve ever seen. The kids that he has right now deserve a better coach. I asked the AD what was you all seeing when u hired this coach and was told " he checked all the boxes". WHAT BOXES!!!!! As far as i m concern the whole coaching staff is a let down. This teams fundamentals are awful. If you do not have fundamentals u have nothing. One both sides of the ball. Some say its the kids.(The current principal) WRONG. The current junior class has won 4 superbowls national champuonship rocky top tournament, and a blount county championship beating Maryville and Alcoa teams. The Freshman class was superbowl runners up there last year in rec losing to Maryville. YOU CAN NOT TELL ITS BECAUSE OF THE KIDS!!!!!. But when you go into the game and only have 3 plays to call. Your beat before you step on to the field. There is no relationship between the kids and the coach. There is no fire in this coach. He does not stand up for his players on the field and they r a very undisplined team. Until greenback gets rid of this coach Greenback will be down for years to come. I absoulty hate it for this junior and freshman class.
  10. I guess i should of worded it different sorry on not challenge them part. I m just saying regardless where they go. The end results r gonna be simliar. Alcoa is blessed with talent from all over. But it starts from the youth leagues to the staff of all sports. They put the best staff and coaches in front of them to bring the best out of the kids. There has been several challenges in front of us this year but i trully believe our coaches is what separates us from the rest. U can have a talented team and be poorly coached and loose games. Talent goes so far.
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