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  1. I didn’t have the chance to meet him, but my heart goes out to his family, Lee & his coach T friends. I’d enjoyed listening to him and Lee. He did have a way about him that made you want to smile. Through coach T I have met some amazing passionate football fans and great loving people. I hated hear this about Mike and it’s sad. Jehovah Yahweh & his only begotten son Jesus are merciful & their love is unconditional & there’s forgiveness available to all who will accept. Heavenly Father please comfort and give strength to the family and friends during this difficult time in Jesus name we ask.
  2. I hope he’s going to be ok. AC seems to reload at the position pretty well. I hope the game this Friday night in Carter County is a good a one. Not sure who will come out the victor, but I’m going to pull for the team that has the most orange on their uniforms . GO VOLS!
  3. What’s going on with Milan? Tough start up for the season, but should prepare you guys for deep run in the playoffs. I think PC gets the W.
  4. Gudger has a low center of gravity & great vision to go along with his speed. The kid is elusive! There’s a lot of talent out there, but in my opinion Gudger is top notch. What about that GreenE defense!! Impressive! 1st Mission Conquered!! Now on to the next.
  5. Its fitting! You know what they say
  6. I don’t think it will even be close. SG will handle their business!
  7. Check it out before it’s removed https://www.bitchute.com/video/nKU8JO1YPL6m/
  8. Hello jjm70. I hope your having a good weekend my friend. It sure has been a scorching hot one so far. I don’t know about the teams, but you can sense the nervousness in your comment and a few others. This is definitely one of the biggest game of the week, heck it’s probably going to be one of the top 5 games of the season. They’ll be lots of eyes watching and ears listening. I can’t speak for everyone, but I think some of us have an idea of what’s coming. Either way, I think we’ll have a good idea of what both teams have. Regardless of the outcome I can’t see either team losing their focus and they’ll continue to master their craft as the season progresses. I’m sure Citizen Bank Stadium will be overflowing; especially the GreenE bleachers next to the main road Looking forward to reading some of the comments on this thread this week. I hope everyone has a great week.
  9. Does anyone know who created the PCR test? How accurate is it? What was the purpose behind it? Did the gentleman who created it follow the mainstream scientists? Another question? Has anyone heard of or know of any healthy kid that has passed away due strictly to sea19 alone & not Pneumonia? Is there anyone on here actually digging/searching/researching this whole narrative and looking at both sides of the evidence OR is your only source your neighbor that’s following the mainstream? I don’t want anyone and I mean anyone to get sick!!! If someone is sick then ask them to go home and pray for them to have a speedy and healthy recovery, but I do not think everyone should be sent home and hid away from society/social activities. If your sick stay at home; everyone else shouldn’t have to. The whole staying away from one another if your not sick thing is a physical logical warfare on your mind. We’re gonna lose if we don’t start speaking out and come together and share all the evidence. Suicide, alcoholism/drug abuse, poverty has increased, but the flu all of sudden disappeared. People need people and shutting down society/stopping social activities for something that has a 99.98 survival rate is not the answer. The only thing I can say is pray and ask GOD for knowledge, wisdom/discernment and most importantly love for your neighbor. We are all created in the image of GOD and he has given us freedom/liberty if we take a hold of it. Ignorance/laziness/fear will keep you in the dark; it’s destroying the commonsense of humanity. I love each and everyone of you. Have a blessed week.
  10. I watched the SG/DB game. In my opinion I do think SG was overall the better team. At the end of the day though Boone’s coaching staff made the necessary adjustments and SG’s not as much and Boone left the field as the victor. It was hard fought physical game and congrats to Boone. Boone - Some folks have thought or still thinking Boone will be down this year including myself due to loss of a ton starters. However, after watching them in their 1st game it has changed my mind a little. I think they’ll continue to improve as the season goes on and have a decent season after a tough played schedule. I was impressed with their run defense and the secondary played well also. Boone has great linebackers and corners, the DE’s played well to. The dline is big and quick. Overall a real solid physical defense. The offense has some play makers and speed. I thought Oline played fast & physical against a sold physical SG defense. If I was picking out a weakness it would be the less experienced on the offense and maybe the QB. The kicker, well we known he is good. I think he hit a 44 yarder. Boone has some good coaches and like the physicality and fight this team has. I watched the West Ridge & Volunteer game and I thought West Ridge looked good for their 1st ever game. West Ridge looked good running the ball, but was that because Volunteer’s run defense was not good, or because West Ridge just has a solid run game? West Ridge was hyped up for the 1st game and took care of business. Boone’s a different animal than Volunteer! I think this will be another good game to watch in wk2. It will for sure be a better test/gage for West Ridge. I think Boone comes away with another W this wk. West Ridge should continue to get better and I think they’ll have a good 1st inaugural season and win a playoff game or two. I wish both teams success. Boone 24 Wolves 21
  11. So which is it ?? Is Science Hill overrated or the Cyclones underrated?
  12. I listen to the Unaka coach on the monsters. Sounds like he has great attitude and approach to what he’s wanting to accomplish up there. Sounds like he gots some C. experience as well. It would be good for their program to continue improve and be more competitive with the surrounding neighbors. I don’t see Unaka beating the Highlanders but it would good for kids and community if they can make it interesting for 2 qtrs. I wish both teams success and no injuries. C 38 U 14
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