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  1. Ok thanks I couldn't understand that. I guess I thought that the odd number district's would host all games unless they were a lower seed.
  2. Why is this game at nolensville. If I'm not mistaken both team's are two seeds from their District. And should be region 3"s year to host. If they are not a lower seed. Am missing something ?
  3. I hope it doesn't Rain. Really hope weather has nothing to do with the game. And both Teams get to put on a show for the Fans. There is a good chance that this will be a Classic Game between Two Amazing 4A Football Team's
  4. Worse blow out I have ever seen. Total domination
  5. Good luck to Marshall county in the playoffs this year.
  6. Devil's have to come out ready to play. No turnovers and keep the penalties to a minimum. GHS at their Best is good enough to win the whole thing. But on a bad night could lose first round. New season everyone is 0-0 got to come out Friday night excited and ready to play. Go Big Greene
  7. The field at Sullivan East is in worse shape than Maplewood. Geeesh. Glad all the starter's got in and got out. Time for the playoffs. Can't wait for a exciting playoff in 4A. Everyone is 0-0 now
  8. Long drive this Friday night. Last tune up before the playoffs. Hopefully good sportsmanship and no injuries for either side
  9. Something I have been thinking about a little bit. Probably needs it's own topic but anyway here goes. When the school in Sullivan county is built. The new football team will be in 6a our conference will lose Sullivan South and Sullivan central. Does that mean there is a chance that Anderson county moves to district 1 ?
  10. If not mistaking the young man now plays for Georgia LoL
  11. If you read my post I was very complimentary of elizabethton. They won the game up front and Rollins is a special player I am friend's with his uncle he is a great kid. And if they play again elizabethton would have to be considered the favorite going In. But GHS would have to beat a extremely good Anderson county team before that could happen. It's going to be very difficult to do. Can they do it yes I think they can will they ? I have no idea. But Waco I will say this.this is a board where people come to talk football you might get caught up in all the trash talk I do not. I enjoy talking football. By discussing Greeneville"s problems I am in no way taking away from Elizabethton's victory. THEY WERE THE BETTER TEAM. But the things I said about the coaching staff or facts. I have been to every game they have played . A lot of people are concerned with it. I'm going to talk football when I get on here not trash talk. And I'm going to say what I believe right or wrong if you don't like it you don't have to read it
  12. Close competitive game's. Some times come down to coaches decisions. Both those games were winnable. It's crunch time when you need to make the right play calls. Not run between the guard's 20 time's for about 30 yards. Why not option it to Gudger or run a pitch and get him outside with his speed and quickness. No we just continue to beat our heads against the wall and run straight up the middle. Team's or not going to let ty youngblood beat them this year. They are stacking the box and run blitzing right at Ty . Screen passes to Mason out in the flat would have been huge if we would have tried it. What about a reverse or a end around to Stephenson kid runs a 4:4 forty yard dash and we can't get him the Ball. How about clock management at the end of the first half. With 8 seconds left from the 20 elizabethton is going to play against a pass to the endzone. And make you throw it in front of them. In that case why take a chance on throwing it at all. The clock could have ran out it could have been intercepted it what happened intentional grounding. The kid is a good Kicker I have confidence in him from less than 40 yard's. If they would have just kicked it with 8 seconds left it would have been 37 yard's. How about this you have a timeout left run it with Mason he might have broken another one if not you call timeout and kick the field goal if he gains 5 yard's it's a 32 yard kick. But no we did what we did and it was 54 yard's which I can't even believe he attempted. Would have been nice to have those 3 points at the end of the game
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