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  1. Not sure what I think about that. #4 in the whole state seems a little to High to me . But I can understand why they would be #1 in 4A though
  2. I think overall they looked really good. Young blood took the first play of 11 on 11 60 yard's to the house. They had some other good runs as well. I think the offense has a chance to be great. If they can get it done up front. DB was able to get to the QB some in the scrimmage. Defensively I think they are going to be really good at linebacker and in the secondary. D- Tackles are very good. I worry a little bit about defensive end we lost a lot of talent at that position. DB was able to get some push up front. With the Jones kid coming back I think the kicking Game is in good shape as well. I like the new QB he is going to do a great job. If they stay healthy they could have a special season no doubt. Tremendous depth at WR and in the secondary. Can't wait for fall practice to start. It will be a fun Year.
  3. Batman I didn't see anyone from either team have any issues. I think both team's came out of it healthy. At least from what I seen
  4. Good work put in last night at Burley stadium. Both team's showed good effort. Greeneville is loaded with speed in the skill position's. And the new QB has a lot of talent. DB might be missing some of their fastest player's for track right now I'm not sure but their secondary could not run with the Greeneville WR"s. Especially Jaden Stephenson he just has another gear than everyone else out there yesterday. DB looked improved at the Line of scrimmage. And had some kid's run the ball hard. New QB for them is small but he is a talented kid. Enjoyed going and getting to see some football. It's about this time every year. That I really start missing it
  5. I've been hearing the last week or two has been good to the Devil's. This upcoming season just keeps looking Better and Better can't wait to see this Year's Team on the Field. They are going to be really Good
  6. AC will be good. I think they have some lineman back from last year. And the back QB got to play a lot last year in some of their game's. And I believe they have a good Reciver back as well. They did lose a bunch of Talent. But so did most everyone else. I think it is still Greeneville , Elizabethton and Anderson County on the upper East Side . One of those 3 Team's will Probably Host a Semi Final
  7. Congratulations to Chris Everheart on his scholarship offer from Marshall University
  8. Seen again that the GHS vs Boone game is at Boone August 30th
  9. Going to be a great game. Powell will be Greeneville's tuffest test all season. Along with elizabethton
  10. Hurd all kinds of opinions. Not sure at this point. But I do believe they will be picking between some good options
  11. That would be the game in Cookeville. Can't play a Memphis team before Cookeville. I didn't say anything except the greeneville vs elizabethton winner is in the driver seat in the East
  12. Yes you are correct about the Max prep postings. Greeneville"s color guy on the radio posted it on his Twitter account also. But that's been quite awhile ago. So something could have definitely happened to that Game. At this point I'm not sure
  13. It says on max prep's that they are at Boone week 2 I guess it could have been changed or something. But it still says that right now on max prep's
  14. I seen it reported somewhere that they opened at Powell week 1 and Boone week 2. But that might have changed. Or what I seen could be incorrect. I will try and search around And see if I can find out
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