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  1. I wouldn't doubt it or blame them one bit. You can't get caught with your pants down hiding information when emails are leaked about how you're not going to let the public know the true stats, raise taxes by 34%, then shutting down business with data showing otherwise when it comes to cases
  2. It's definitely not TSSAA protocol but school and school board based. Elizabethton had 3 starting OL last week that didn't play because of having close contact with someone that tested positive but didn't stop their game against Daniel Boone
  3. It's all about matchup's EHSTrack06. Even though Greeneville's D has looked horrible so far this year with how young they are AC will have to face Greeneville at AC more than likely first. (A team they haven't beaten since 2005) The Same way AC has had Betsy's # Greeneville has had AC #. They Same year AC beat Betsy at AC 54-21, Greeneville only beat Betsy 35-20 at home. That following week after AC beat Betsy, Greeneville put a running clock on them at AC.
  4. You keep on bringing up a loss to Daniel Boone in Spradlens first game as a head coach and how we will never be the same. How is that not trying to run down a First year head coach that has played one game to make that assumption? My point was even Ballard lost games and had a 8-4 record coming off of back to back championships. Greeneville has athletes and younger this year than we have been since 2012. The offense looked good against Boone and was very efficient. Spradlen i'm sure has been on his Defense since the loss against Boone since i personal know him and know his mentality. Heck the last time Boone beat Greeneville (Ballard was the OC) and was 1-2 just to end up 10-3, Conference Champs in the IMAC and getting put out in the Quarters when there were only 5 classifications.
  5. Like I said go try and troll somewhere else. You are trying to run down Spradlen after he lost his first game as a new head coach when you know nothing about him or our program. What a big boy you seem to be. Unless your program you follow has more success than Greeneville then keep making yourself look like a troll even more
  6. Please stop trying to act like you know anything about the history of Greeneville High School Football. Coach Ballard had been a coach and O Coordinator at Greeneville since the early 2000's before he took over after Coach McCurry was fired in 2008 after getting beat by Maryville in The Semi's in 4a before the TSSAA went to 6 classifications. 2007 was when a complete culture shift at Greeneville happened when McCurry was hired. We got a completed remodeled weight room, work outs were mandatory, Devil Camp became a thing, and the mentality had changed. I'm sure you are aware that Ballard lost 4 games his first year as a head coach didn't you? Im sure you already know that after winning back to back state title in 2010 and 2011 he has a 8-4 season after graduating that talent? The 2017 and 2018 Greeneville teams were loaded with D1 talent that had took there lumps in the previous 2 years getting put out in the play-offs. Try to troll on some more when Greeneville went 10-3 last year losing to a really good 5a Powell team and then 2 close loses to the 4a state Champ in Betsy. Coach Spradlen and Greeneville will be fine so start worrying about your own team whoever that may be
  7. Way to try and Troll. Greeneville fan's have stuck on these board for a long time even when Fulton had their 3 year run while in 4a. The top 4a program in the last decade with a 90% winning percentage and 83% winning percentage in the play-offs and 4 gold balls and a silver ball in the trophy case. Unless your a Betsy Fan (who is the only 4a team to beat us in the last 3 years ) I would worry about your program getting on Greeneville's level in 4a
  8. Thats definitely true about toughness and pride for a Greene Devil defense BatmanDevil. My senior year myself and the other starting MLB where the biggest starters on the D at 205lbs and our D line only Avg. 185lb but where tough and mean as snot. We avg. giving up 14 points a game with the starters in after 13 games in the old IMAC. We weren't big but you had a swarm of Devils around you every play and felt it the next day.
  9. AC is 4a so not in the mix in 5a.
  10. Let's just say I think we have a lot of work to do on the Defensive side of the ball. Everyone who has seen me post on here knows I believe the game is always won at the line of scrimmage and our D line did not play like a typical Greene Devil Line. When they line up and run the ball 64 times for 271 yards I wouldn't want to be at practice today because sure it will be intense. The offense put up 34 points in the first game and had good numbers (9-12 passing for 255 yards and 3 TD's and Gudger had 11 carries for 102 yards) so O wasn't the problem. I'm sure Spradlen will have them ready but still work to do in my opinion lawman. Greeneville is young with only 9 seniors and only 5 start and another senior rotating.
  11. The Fact that AC is even ahead of Greeneville at this point is questionable. (Yes I know they beat up on old Clinton and have Powell tonight). The last time AC beat Greeneville was back in 2005. In the last Five meetings AC has had a chance to beat Greeneville once in 2017 Play Off game, all the other games where 2TD's or more Wins with Greeneville avg beating the Mavs on their turf by 28 points. Greeneville returns there top Passer, Rusher, and Wr's to go with 3 starting lineman and a new OC who was the OC under Ballard before taking a head coaching job. Offense creativity was what lacked last year and gave Betsy their 2 best games in the regular season and play-offs. Should be fun to see how everything unfolds and making it through this season
  12. I'm a Greeneville fan and think they are to low also. They beat both Haywood and Hardin County last year and do return quite a bit. Whoever gave Hardin County a first place vote needs to have their voting privileges taken away......
  13. You would have won the district in my opinion. You also got put out in the first round by Bearden last year 23-6 so be careful what you wish for. That Oak Ridge Team you would have faced in the 1st round was very dangerous not to mention Knox West would have been round 2 if you did make it past them. Just ask Mount Juliet how dangerous Oak Ridge was who got beat by them. That same Mount Juliet team lost in the 2nd round 24-14 to Oakland
  14. It's the same 2 guys as last year back there Gudger and Iezzi. Gudger is a Speed burner and Iezzi set ups his blocks well on returns just not Gudger type Speed.
  15. Address to the Stadium is 213 Broadway Ave Oak Ridge, TN 37830. Take a left out of Bif Ed's and the Stadium will be on your right. You can't miss it!
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