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  1. Ahhh come on Willie go ahead and subscribe! Jesse does a good job covering these high school kids and well worth the money. As far as the article during the first 30 min scrimmages each Central and Oak Ridge Scored one TD. During the 2nd 30 min scrimmage Central scored 4 TD and held Oak Ridge out of the end zone. Fawver finished 24 of 36 for 5 TD Gibbons finished 18 of 31 for 1 TD
  2. Maybe you need to learn to read a little better. I never said he should have been eligible because his situation wasn't the same as the RB Linebacker since he didn't transfer the first year and stayed at West. Here is exactly what i stated "Dad is the DC for Red Bank. If a parent is employed by the School the kid can transfer there and not have to sit out as long as he transfers the first year the parent is employed at the school. If he doesn't transfer that first year then he becomes ineligible at that school (It's exactly why Powell had to forfeit games last year and missed the Play-Offs). If the LB at RB didn't transfer that first year from Cleveland to RB when his father took the DC Job he would have been ruled ineligible since he didn't change addresses. The LB at RB did it the correct way the RB at Powell did it the wrong way by finishing the year at West and not transferring as soon as the parent took the job at Powell . I was told they lived in Karns but one of the parents had a job working at Powell. Since he finished the year at West the only two options would have been stay at West or Play at Karns in the zone the parents lived in since he didn't change schools that first year his parent worked at Powell. This why he was ruled ineligible and Powell said he had a bonafide change of address which would have been the only way he could have played last season at Powell which as we know caused them to forfeit those games. I never once said he is Eligible because of that reason I said key word "Maybe" since he already had a transfer to attend Powell since he lived in the Karns zone (How else do you think he went to school at Powell without a transfer filled out with Knox Co). Knox Co giving a transfer to attend another school has nothing to do with how the TSSAA runs their rules. If he sit's out a whole year why wouldn't he be Eligible if that's the School he attending now? If you want to know how he is Eligible once again I tell you to give Powell a call.
  3. Last years class was very special especially to me (Most of these kids came to our Football camp and speed training when they were little one, and Cade was actually our ball boy my senior year). In my opinion that was the best Greeneville Team we have had so far. A lot of hard work in the weight room and going the extra mile with that group (Not just in football but around town too). With the system and culture at Greeneville right now and the coaching staff they have it's always going to be a next man up restock kind of team every year. I had great respect for the AC kid's last year and actually went and watched some of their home games since I live in Knoxville. Anyone that can go through what Stanton did and come out the way he did has all the respect in the world to me. Also loved the way Ryan Moog played the game of football (Reminded me a lot of myself and how i played back in the day). AC will be fine and like i said earlier I believe we see you all again at Burley this time
  4. This years team is a Blend of Guys that have started or played a lot since their freshman or Sophomore year and guy's that are wanting to prove themselves going against that big Senior Class we had last year. You will hear some new names on both sides of the ball this year that i think will surprise a lot of people that aren't around the Devil's football program. Returning starters are Youngblood (Furman Commit), Everhart (Holds Offers from Marshall, Navy, WKU,MTSU, ETSU, Charlotte, Richmond, Etc.) Albright (Moved from Safety to ILB beside Youngblood and the UT Commit), Greenway, Iezzi. We have Drew Gregg at QB who transfered from Knox Catholic and Started half their games last year when Jancek got hurt. Aj Stewart (Science Hill's starting QB/DB last year) has also moved to Greeneville and Look for him to be a starting DB or Safety at 6'1 185lb. The names I think people don't know but will before the end of the season is Keyontae Harrison (Younger brother of Quan Harrison who has done good things at ETSU), Raymond Knuckles (Has an offer from Davidson), Jayden Pruitt, Brock Moore (Dustin Moore's Son), Mason Gudger (a Sophomore who was the leading rusher in 3 games last year), and Jaden Stevenson (Placed 7th as a freshman in the Large School division long jump last year). Terry Grove has the Potential to be the next big thing out of Greeneville. He is only a sophomore and really raw but a really good basketball player who stand at 6'4 250lb and will likely start at DE and OT and started JV last year. (The coaches seem to be high on him which says a lot) I think if we can get past the first game at Powell we will have a good shot of going undefeated. A lot of questions in that game with a new head coach and a lot of new faces starting but have done good things at the JV level and in the weight room and practice field. I figure to see a lot of Youngblood bruising people until everything Gels. Just my opinion
  5. Or until you get kicked off of here because you get so many complaints. At least you want have to make an excuse for going into hibernation after a L
  6. Why don't you call Powell and ask? Maybe he got a transfer approved because he already had it approved from Knox Co but Powell submitted the transfer form saying he had made a bona fide change of residence, though the family did not move to the Powell zone. This is coming from an article on 5starpreps who is in the know for Knoxville area sports. Said he is up to 185-190lb now too. https://www.5starpreps.com/articles/spring-wrap-up-powell-football-over-2018-and-eyeing-big-2019/
  7. So it sounds like you mad at you own counties School Board Policy not the TSSAA which are pretty black and white of what is classified as "Open Zone". Did you think that the Centennial player that transfered back to Ravenwood and was at the school he was zoned for had to sit out a year because he already had an athletic record at Centennial? That is black and white with the TSSAA also....
  8. Catching the Mav's off guard? Come on now Mavsinflight you know better than that. AC wanted that game since they lost in the quarter final's the year before to the Devil's, so catching them off guard is a bunch of Bull. It could be that Greeneville had been in that situation before in front of that many people and the Mav's had the deer in headlights look. We should know real early the potential of both teams since Powell plays both teams Back to Back to start the season. I see another round 3 match up between AC and Greeneville again this year as long as both team's stay healthy
  9. Well you quoted the wrong person . I think everyone agrees that any family should be able to move at their own will to better their family except Director. That's not how the article reads tho and is purely a link between Grimes and the Guardian for Athletic reason's
  10. You are barking up the wrong tree Crow. 1. Kev-O never took a shot at Anderson Co's High School Kids and how you think that i have no clue. "AC at #1 now thats funny haha" says nothing about the kid's at AC. You also must not know the trash talk that has went on between AC and Greeneville the last 2 years and especially last year with a nice big sign that said "We don't play Daddy Ball around here" referring to Caine and Cade or the Fax that was sent saying "Enjoy Thanksgiving at Home- Love AC" the week the 2 teams met in the quarterfinals just for Greeneville to put a running Clock on AC in the first half on their home field. AC barked up the wrong tree and the Devil's put a thrashing on them
  11. Here is the problem its the link between the Guardian and Ravenwood's DC. If Grimes stayed at MJ do you think the kids would be transferring there instead? We are talking about 2 players of the 5 that have already transferred once this year and the TSSAA ruled them ineligible. So now they are going to transfer almost 3 1/2 hrs away for non athletic reason's? Ravenwood isn't BA and I hate to break it to you but Williamson Co is open zoned in the eyes of the TSSAA because they have a transfer police on file for out of zone kid's (https://williamsontnc.scriborder.com/). Ravenwood will be fine no matter what but do some research about your own school before you give out incorrect information
  12. I don't know how you got that from BT Mafia's post. The question is why move half way across the state when there are good schools academically, have good football teams, and the cost of living be a lot less than the Ravenwood area? The article plainly states there is a link between Melvin Cole (The Guardian of the 5 players) and Reggie Grimes the new DC at Ravenwood when he said “We have a good relationship with Grimes and his father, so it worked out pretty well.”
  13. Willie Powell returns a lot of starts off of last year team that would have finished the regular season 8-2 if the whole having to forfeit 6 games because of playing an ineligible player (Who is eligible this year and only a JR). They have one of the toughest schedules around (Greeneville, Anderson Co., Fulton to start the season and West, Oak Ridge, and South-Doyle to end it) so we will find out real quick how good they are.
  14. I wouldn't say the Talent level isn't the same about NE Tennessee teams the main difference is Culture and Coaching. There have been same dang good athletes come out of NE TN and play for a while in the NFL. (jason Witten, Aubrayo Franklin, the Sensabaughs, Daniel Kilgore, Jake Grove, etc.). If Greeneville (Which is farm country and a small place) can compete then there is no reason that other schools in NE TN can't but once again it goes back to culture and coaching which is lacking with almost ever school outside of Greeneville and I would say Elizabethton.
  15. I about called him out on it before you did BPM but since this is the 5a-6a thread I figured he meant no 5a-6a team NE of Knoxville will make it past the 3rd round.
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