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  1. Mad we have more state championship than anyone else in 4a, yea bro .
  2. https://www.diamondclearmedia.com/?B=472604 Play Off game of the week in Knoxville. Will definitely be a better broadcast than NFHS
  3. Your response doesn't even make since to anything i said . If you talking about how far we made it this year it was Quarter Finals like i said, go try and troll somewhere else because your not doing a good job of it
  4. Tell me you know nothing about the Greeneville and AC Rivalry without telling me you know nothing about the Greeneville vs AC Rivalry. Each year both sides talk crap and brag about each team. Each year we play one side is eating crow and this was the first year since 2005 Greeneville is eating it. Greeneville has more Title than anyone else in 4a since the TSSAA moved to 6 classifications in 2009 and always a Quarter or Semi team each year. Go worry about your own team
  5. There is a reason that non of your Elizabethton brothers have came to your aid. (I've been on here for years and respect the heck out of Lawnman because he keeps it classy and doesn't take it over the line with his trash talk). The problem with you is that you cross that line with multiple different posters and keep doing it. It wasn't just the comment to Mavsinflight, it's comment on other threads that people have called you out on and your response was sorry but i drank to much alcohol last night (You keep making excuses like it was ok to say and seriously need to find help with you medicine and drinking problem). You continue to make comments that cross the line like " I’m afraid to guess that when you were born the Dr told told your Dad , I’m very sorry we did everything we could but he pulled through" or "I was afraid you’d have accidentally choked on a chicken wing while watching your fav kid site." I never once mentioned anything about your family until you crossed that line with me and You can try to attack me all you want but when you talk about my family thats when my gloves come off. Like the old saying goes if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck it's probably a duck. If you make comments like a Loser and use excuses like a Loser you're going to be called a Loser. Learn how to post and not make excuses for your post and maybe people will give you more respect on these boards and your Betsy brothers would have your back more. As of now they don't want to be associated with a poster like yourself and no one can blame them
  6. Anyone who thinks a Maverick is a horse doesn’t know the obvious. You’re special to say the least
  7. You want to talk about logic . Your the most illogical person on these boards. Gary Danielson ain’t a PA announcer he is a sports commentator which are two different things. You think the PA announcer at any College football stadium doesn’t announce the other team by their name, makes off color comments, or get caught on their mic arguing a call? You know nothing about football if you do.
  8. Ones again there is a different between fans and being a PA announcer Mavsinflight. The TSSAA has rules about PA announcers being neutral (you can ask @noonesfool about it since he had to deal with the TSSAA as a coach and VP of Greeneville). Radio commentator or even TV commentators can be bias if they choose to be. Fans can get riled up and celebrate, yell rude comments, etc but they don’t have a Speaker that everyone can hear doing it. I know your going to stick up for your PA announcer Noe and he probably was excited since it’s the first time you all had beaten us since 2005 and his older sons playing on the AC teams that lost to Greeneville. It wasn’t just that comment it was the entire game and like I said he literally got caught on a hot mic arguing a call with the referee and had to cut the mic off. It was unprofessional and wouldn’t happen at Greeneville. I’ve already congratulated you on the win and still hope you all bring the Gold ball back to East Tn. Have a great thanksgiving to you and your family also and even though we don’t agree on a lot of stuff I respect you for always having your teams back
  9. It’s not a grey area in the eyes of the TSSAA I hate to tell you Mav. The PA announcer is there to call the game neutrally (radio announcer is a different story). Stop making excuses about excitement, it made Him look very unprofessional as a PA announcer and can guarantee he doesn’t say the same things unless he is playing Betsy or Greeneville.
  10. First you have no clue who I am to even say you have been called worse by someone brighter. You said you tried to be my friend? Really? You keep throwing insults and making off color comments which is what makes you a LOSER in the first place. There is trash talking and then there is comments you have made toward a lot of people and the excuses you make of Alcohol and medicine that you blame those comments on is pathetic as a human being. You’re a Loser behind a keyboard and would get you teeth knocked out in real life for some of your comments. Stop trying to bring God into this because he would not approve of one thing you have said, even in your last post. If we are going to get personal about talking about my family, Your mom should have done the world a favor and swallowed.
  11. Here is the difference Mavs in flight fans talk trash to fans. The PA announcer by the TSSAA rules has to be neutral . You weren’t at the game and heard him literally get caught arguing a call on a hot mic and having to turn it off real quick. Fans on each side have talked trash every year so don’t forget about the “Daddy Ball” sign or the “Enjoy Thanksgiving at home” Fax that was sent to Greeneville High Cade’s Senior year. It makes it fun but not from a PA announcer You would never hear Greeneville’s PA announcer talk or say the things He was saying, the athletic director would can him in the middle of the game if that happened
  12. You lost any Empathy with me a long time ago with your comments to multiple fan bases that were so off colored and then made excuses of Alcohol and Sleeping medicine like you were playing victim. You are a LOSER and will always be a LOSER!
  13. No one has to talk for me and it looks like your blind too since I commented 6 hrs ago on this thread. I just don’t talk to LOSER’s like yourself. I will say this your horrible at trying to talk trash, it’s actually pathetic and makes me feel sorry for you.
  14. How many times has your team had the opportunity to even practice on Thanksgiving? I’ll hang up and listen
  15. First you don’t know what it means once again or you wouldn’t have used the word . Then tell me I tried to wiggle on the “actual” definition (well no crap I had to because you kept thinking diverse was the same thing as having more of a minority population, two different things) I never once said that the situation at Howard and West were the same just that in fact West is more Diverse ( which is a true statement by even your own stats). I would agree that Howard has more of a Minority student population than West but that’s not what was stated. The first post in this entire thread doesn’t talk about because they are losing game they should move down it goes straight to that Minority population being at the school and not playing football but soccer instead. You commented back to him they should play a non region schedule to a comment about Minorities at the school not the Wins and Loses, so get your facts straight. I could see the TSSAA giving Howard a break and moving them down if it’s truly because of wins and loses but not because they have a higher minority population (that is very very slippery slope to say the least) like this article is claiming. So instead of talking about minorities maybe talk about the actual wins and loses
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