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  1. Swipes

    Dobyns Bennett

    I think DB is replacing a lot to make it to 7-3. All World Hicks graduated (He carried that team to 4 wins last year), Redwine, Bristol, Salyers, Starke, and now Browder is gone to Christ School. I could see them going 6-4 but also could see them being 4-6 again Hardin Valley, Tennessee High, Oak Ridge, Bearden, Farragut, Alcoa, and Science Hill will all be tough games for the Tribe
  2. Swipes

    Greeneville Football 2019

    Your trash talking rights have been revoked after the Devils put a running clock on the Mav's last year at your place. This years Mav's will be worse than last year without Martin, Moog, Noe, Carroll, Gallaher, Terry, and Wilson
  3. Swipes

    Oak Ridge Football 2019

    You're comparing Apples and Oranges. Reggie Grimes is a 5star listed as a DE at 6'4 240lb and runs a 4.5 40. The number 28 player in the Nation and holds offers from ever big program in the nation Alabama (Might play LB there),Clemson, LSU, TN, FL State, Ohio State, etc. Adams is really good High School LB and plays with a high motor but don't think he is one of the best linebackers in the State. He is top 5 in East TN Tho Good Luck to the Cats this season!
  4. Swipes

    Mj Bears 2019

    You asked me who I supported because your team was better than mine if I had courage to tell you. I hit you with Facts so now i'm egotistical and a narcissist. One thing Greeneville Fan's don't do is run if they get hit in the mouth after running their mouth unlike yourself 2 years ago you little sissy! I haven't lived in Greeneville in over 10 years. As a former player and high school football coach respect is earned not given and MJ hasn't earned Squat yet (Yes they went 12-1 last year and got put out in the quarterfinals but have never made the big show and laid an egg the year before). You want to talk about competition when your non district schedule consisted of Glencliff, Overton, Gallatin, Northwest, and McGavock who had a combine 15 wins last year. Greeneville has never ran from competition and had 3 6a teams they drummed and a 10-2 team out of NC who won their district last year. It is hard to find teams around here that want to play us anymore because there is no win situation for these bigger school to get beat by a team with 900 students. Big boy football that MJ hasn't been relevant at . I respect your coach and what he has done for the program but fans like you who have gold color glasses i have no respect for
  5. Swipes

    Mj Bears 2019

    There is no Greenville in the state of TN. Don't try and take away the hard work and dedication that the Devil's put in to get to where they are now. (It wasn't like that until the 2007 football season). The inner city teams we have have played weren't any competition either and I doubt a new Coach would have stopped a running clock on everyone in the play offs last year. I find it funny that MJ and Greeneville's coaching staff got together yesterday to swap ideas per Strength & Conditioning, Facilities, and Program Organization. It seems like your head coach has more respect for the Devil's than you do yourself and I quote from Coach Perry "It was our pleasure & honor to host the multi-state champ! State championships are not won by accident & this group of coaches knows what it takes to get it done! We learned a ton from you all! Thx again"
  6. Swipes

    Mj Bears 2019

    Fact are still Fact. It is funny you have the stones to call out anyone who goes mysteriously missing after that Riverdale Loss. The team I support has won back to back State Championships and won 30 straight games
  7. Swipes

    Mj Bears 2019

    People expected history to repeat itself and i wouldn't call them haters. You brought that on for MJ when you ran your mouth all year 2 years ago about how big and bad MJ was after going 10-0 in the regular season and got put out in the first round to the 4 seed in Riverdale. You disappeared for a long while and finally made it back after everyone though you had hurt yourself
  8. Swipes

    William Blount 2019

    I wouldn’t say they are Gimme’s. Morristown West did beat Jeff Co last year and Jeff Co waxed William Blount 40-14. Elizabethton always has a solid team with Witten being their Coach
  9. Swipes

    Top 10 4A

    They definitely were. If they had any passing game at all they would have been scary good. The lack of that hurt them big time in the state championship game when Greeneville went into a bear front and shut them down midway through the 2nd quarter.
  10. Swipes

    Top 10 4A

    I know they lost quite a bit of fire power off of last years team. Hines (QB), Reed (RB), Young (DE), Shields (WR/DB), King (DE/TE), Beard (DT), Swift (DB) the first that come to mind that remember from the state game. There was a lot of seniors starting for them last year
  11. Swipes

    Greeneville Football 2019

    Lowe just has to make sure those kids get the correct address change so it doesn't cost them like last year. Should be a great first season game. Devils coming into the game on a 30 game win streak. A lot of people outside of the Greeneville Program think after losing this past senior class that we are going to fall off the map which isn't true with the players in the program. Expect a heavy dose of Youngblood running behind Everhart (2 division 1 players). You will hear some new names this year like Gudger, Stevenson, Pruitt, Knuckles, and Moore (Dustin Moore's Son who was AAA Mr. Football and a TE at UT) (Gudger, Stevenson, and Moore also were part of the fasted middle school 4x100 team in TN as 8th graders). Depending on who wins the QB battle you could see Albright (UT Commit) back there which will be another threat to run or pass. I think a lot of people will be surprised at this years Greeneville team and that the cupboard isn't empty.
  12. Swipes

    Champions 2019

    I see Greeneville making another run in AA losing only 3 Seniors off of last years team that went 4-0 in the State Tournament and claiming the schools first Baseball State Championship. The have 2 guys already signed to play at Walter State next year and only lost to Farragut 6-4.
  13. Swipes

    McKenzie Vs University School

    Want to rethink your comment after watching what Bearden just did to Whitehaven? 3 games ago Bearden 46 DB 40..... Today Bearden 76 Whitehaven 60. I'll hang up and listen.....
  14. Swipes

    McKenzie Vs University School

    You're actually talking to a grown man who lives in Knoxville and owns his own business. I just know how to correctly word things unlike yourself. I have watched film on teams from all over the state through online platforms and don't see the 3 teams you named earlier destroying DB. Example: Columbia Academy was beaten by Knox Catholic by 11. That same Knox Catholic team got beat by Bearden 78-52, 80-54, and 82-49 the 3 times they played. DB like I stated earlier was put out by Bearden by 6 so to say they would get destroyed by the 3 A teams you mention is ignorant. I'm not on here saying DB is a basketball GOD but your trying to make it sound like they are trash. Are they as good as the Memphis teams in AAA NO but what teams really are?
  15. Swipes

    McKenzie Vs University School

    Please refer to your first comment. You stated the ends of the State which would be NE TN and NW or SW Tennessee which is not middle. I've never heard middle tn referred being out west in NE TN. Out west in NE tn is West TN. (Thats like me saying i'm going to take a vacation out west and then go to Gatlinburg since its west of the tri-cities) DB did not get put out by Sevier Co (yes they lost to them) but got put out by Bearden at Bearden by 6 like I stated earlier in the substate. I'm guessing you think Columbia, Fayetteville, and Humbolt would destroy Bearden too....