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  1. Great hire with Craney and glad he finally got his shot! He has always been a great football mind even as a player at Greeneville leading that 2009 D to a State Runner up and beating an undefeated Redbank team who avg. 46 points a game and shut down the Keon Williams Rushing attack to only 13 points. Central is in good hands!
  2. The problem was your first comment to him. You stated "Maryville and those schools are not big at all but I guess they are compared to the bubble you live in" when rlh never said Maryville was big and just that there are a lot more schools in FL the size of Maryville, Powell, Greeneville, etc. than the actually Massive high Schools in 7a and 8a in FL. You had to throw in a jab of "Compared to the bubble you live in". Didn't sound like you were on the same side with your back handed comment......
  3. to bad it took you a new decade to respond
  4. I'm actually surprised Greeneville came within 12 points of Upperman. North Greene Looks to be the best team in Greene Co this year holding a 16 point win against SG. SG beat Greeneville by 33 earlier in the year
  5. Salty about being 6-0 ranked number 2 behind Science Hill in the tricitiesports rankings? You tried to throw shade about our schedule when have you even looked at Betsy's? So whats the excuse for the loss to Cosby or University High? You weren't playing football then You need to get out of the Hills more if you think Maryville is just a football school. Before last season when Bearden won the AAA state basketball Championship the Maryville Rebels were the last team from East TN to win AAA in 2006. They also went 28-4 last season and gave Bearden their only loss. I'm sure you have never heard of Joe Anderson All State and Avg 19 points a year last year and already committed to play at Furman. What about Lee Humphrey's that went on to win 2 national championships as a starter for Florida.
  6. Says the guy who's team is 2-4 . One of Betsy's losses was a 62-35 beat down by Bearden. Greeneville has beaten Maryville (A team that has already beaten Bearden this year), DB, and SG who has a 11-4 record.
  7. Crazy part about it was he wasn't heavily recruited coming out of High School with 3 offers Mississippi being the biggest. I remember watching him at Ole Miss with a taped up cast on his arm have 15 tackles against UT
  8. Douglas was better than Tyson since he won their only fight in the ring at least that would be the logic sorta like how PC was better than MBA by your logic earlier "Douglas won the last Fight, He get bragging rights and the assumption of the next win until proven other wise in the Ring" (you set me up for that one). All in good fun and I don't believe that Douglas was a better boxer than Tyson
  9. We can agree to disagree but you still didn't answer my question I first asked you was at the end of the season was PC better than MBA? Was Brentwood better than MBA? I believe PC peaked to early by beating those teams you keep mentioning but also struggled with a 6-6 Giles County team in the Quarters and a Covington team with 2 losses one coming to another 6-6 team. When it comes to the playoffs every team is 0-0 and thats how Betsy and Central approached the post season. Livingston Academy would be a great example of that in 2005 winning it all in 3a after going 5-5 in the regular season. The PC team that showed up in Cookeville I don't see beating Central and Betsy if they played like they did against Alcoa for the fact they would have lost the line of scrimmage battle against a well coached team. Yes PC had a great regular season resume but what have you done for me in the playoffs (I wasn't as impressed with PC in the playoffs as the regular season) is all that matters when it is said and done I'm not arguing that since the TSSAA went to 6 classifications it's more water down but you also can argue that PC hasn't won a state championship in this watered down system also. Including getting Man handled in the 4a state championship game in 2015 losing 48-8 to Catholic or making it to the Championship game in 3a for the first time. Good Luck to Alcoa next year but I don't see you all needing it!
  10. You are missing the point and still never answered my question once again because I believe we all know the answer. You keep bringing up MBA losing to Brentwood and PC. (Yes this is true and no one is arguing that) You wont acknowledge that the same Brentwood team was beaten by Henry Co who held losses to 4a Haywood the team Springfield beat to make it to the Betsy Slaughter or The loss to Dyer County who Summit beat the following week before Central slaughtered them. So MBA is better than Central or Betsy but not better than Brentwood or PC. Henry Co is better than Brentwood but not Central. We are talking about week 15 for a state championship not week 1-10. PC laid an Egg against Alcoa and Alcoa could have made it a lot worse if Rankin wanted to. They were held to total of 105 yards (Heck AE even had more than that offensively against Alcoa). The PC team i saw play Alcoa would not have given Betsy or Central a game in week 15. A better resume at the beginning of the year yes but coming home with a state championship is all the resume I need and you don't beat bad teams in the last 3 games of the year. Giles was 6-6 this year and lost by a TD to PC. I could see your argument if Indy and Cane Ridge had made it past the 2nd round this year. By your logic then Covington would be able to beat MBA also since PC beat MBA by more than they did Covington. The same way Alcoa dominated the line of scrimmage against PC would be the same way Betsy and Central would have like both teams did through out the entire playoffs.
  11. You still didn't answer my question.....Does that mean Brentwood was a better team than MBA since MBA lost to them too? Does that make Henry County better than Brentwood but worse than Haywood or Dyer Co since Henry Co lost to them? This isn't a who is Alcoa better than argument. Everyone is in agreement that Alcoa was better than Central and Betsy and everyone else not named Maryville this past year. The argument was that you believed 2-3 teams in 3a would have won the 4a and 5a state championships and makes it seems like a Jab at both Betsy and Central who both dominated their championship games against teams that 1. beat a team just as bad as PC did in the regular season (Independence) 2. MBA holding losses to both PC and Brentwood (A team Henry County beat but lost to the team Summit put out and also Haywood who Springfield put out). Both Betsy and Central played great Football when it mattered and peaked at the right time. I agree with you Alcoa would have liked to played Central since it closer but Cow town is not closer than DB for Alcoa......
  12. All of this is subjective as can be. Did Betsy play their best game against WB? Not even close. Alcoa didn't even Roll DB this past year and Betsy beat that same Science Hill team that DB lost to the week before playing Alcoa. Do I think Alcoa beats Betsy? yes. Do i think they get steam rolled No and I've seen both teams play in person. I see it as a 28-14 type of game in favor of the Tornadoes
  13. I'm saying if you look at the body of work that Betsy and Central have a great argument to say they were better than MBA. (Does it mean they would beat MBA on the field could be yes could be no). MBA also had a loss to Brentwood the week before PC beat them. That same Brentwood team lost to Henry Co who lost to Haywood (didn't make it to the 4a state championship game) and Dyer Co the team Summit beat to make it to Cookeville just for Central to beat them 30-7. It's all about who shows up when it's time to put the cleats on. Do you believe PC would have beaten MBA if they played week 15 this year instead of week 2?
  14. Definitely not trying to take anything away from PC's record or Schedule. They also had some close games Like Giles who ended up 6-7 in the quarter finals. It's not about how you start its how you finish and taking anything away from a 15-0 Betsy team is pretty harsh. You should know Betsy isn't a bad team and the last public 3a school to even give Alcoa a game! Good luck next season but you wont need it with what the Tornadoes have coming back!
  15. I know who PC had beat this past year and not trying to take that away from them for that. That same Summit Team that Central Beat 30-7 also beat Independence 34-15 were PC beat them 27-6. If we are going to look at Margins that Same Independence team beat Blackman 49-7 were Alcoa beat Blackman 23-14 (Which no one thinks Independence is better than Alcoa because of that) Yes Central did lose to Gibbs and SD but also revenged those losses and had their D playing the best they have all year in the play-offs when it mattered. It's definitely not a coincidence Betsy won their first title since moving up to 4a when Alcoa is standing at your doorstep to get out of the east. (Betsy has been the only public school to give Alcoa a game in 3a and this years Betsy team was better than that 16 team that went into Alcoa and lost 17-14). The same could be said about a lot of team since the TSSAA went to 6 Classifications. Greeneville, West, Farragut, and Central all have won state title since then because they didn't have the BIG RED MACHINE in your way when they were in 4a in a 5 class system. I don't think you have to good evidence that PC or Covington would have won 4a or 5a at all this year. You had PC squeeking by a 6-6 Giles Co in the Quarters also
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