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  1. Which Coach said it then? I have looked at the Coaches Twitter Accounts and have yet to see what your talking about.....
  2. I agree with you Tomcatfan2011. Doesn’t matter what you do in the regular season. Playing tough competition will always prepare your team for a play-off run and can let you know real quick how your team will react when they get hit in the mouth! The Tomcats proved that last year! Hope for a Tomcat vs Greene Devil rematch.
  3. There is a definitely an argument they shouldn't be in. Germantown more so than Cordova since Cordova beat Germantown and also are 2-1 not 1-2. Cordova's loss came against a Mississippi Power in South Panola who is ranked top 300 teams in the nation and has won 10 state championships in the last 26 years
  4. True but they did demolish Memphis Central 48-13 the week after Cordova barely pulled out a win 13-12 who is in the Top 10
  5. It comes down to once again voter's not being educated. You have Whitehaven who dropped a spot after beating a national ranked team, Cordova behind a team they beat, and Houston not even in the top 10. This is coming from someone who doesn't even live in West, TN.
  6. I agree with you Red Rebel. Smells Fishy. How do you drop a team in the ranking when they went into the #1 team in Arkansas and top 300 team in the nation and shut them out on their home field and put up 23 points? Voters should have their voting privilege's taken away for not being educated on these teams
  7. No Charlie Cole = No chance for the Trailblazers. I agree I think Betsy wins big
  8. I 100% agree with you thats why I asked what several teams he thought in the top 10 would finish 3rd in Region 6. Out of East TN you have Central, Powell, Knox West, South Doyle, and David Crockett that have a legit chance of making the 5a Final depending on who shows up on a given night.
  9. I'm curious to who you thing in the top 10 from East, TN that would finish 3rd or 4th in Region 6 when you haven't even seen them play this year?
  10. What have they done this Decade then FireBird80? I talked in Championships or at least a runner-ups when it comes to Championship Caliber programs which I believe PC is year in and year out. You have one Silver Ball in the last decade and under achievement when it comes to play-off results (You all have even said yourself you don't know what happened in some of those play-off loses that you had no business losing)
  11. Yes Hype of PC making to the championship to face Alcoa which has still yet to happen. Please tell me what you are trying to make a point at then? When it comes to any kind of polls or stats there has to be bench mark from year to year. That we can't go off of past results and under achieving over the past couple of years? Like my quote said " "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." I hope we do see a PC vs Alcoa game this year but you have to show up during play-off time ever game or it will be another upset
  12. I don't think anyone has said that those season's were "failures". You just stated they lost the last 3 season's to teams they had no business losing to which in my opinion is very true. What makes this season different than the last ones? 2013 team losing to Giles 23-7 in the 2nd round still wouldn't have had anything for the Fulton team that manhandled Giles 54-14 or anyone that was representing the east that year (Sullivan South, Greeneville, and Catholic all gave Fulton way better game on Fulton home turf during the play-offs). If you look at the 2015 Championship game also PC wouldn't have had anything for the team coming out of the east that year also. Catholic 2nd round, Quarter Final, and Semi-Final games were more competition than the championship game. Heck that year Catholic beat Fulton 28-25 in the 2nd round and pulled away at Greeneville in the 4th quarter 34-21 after going into the 4th tied at 21-21
  13. He is saying that until someone other than Alcoa beats Covington in 3a why would they drop in rankings and not be the clear cut #2 until it happens? I have a lot of respect for PC and you and fbfan26 as posters but who cares what AP voters vote for week 2? Give me on field results not polls. "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." We have all heard the hype train about PC since moving back to 3a after their time in 4a but give me a championship appearance at least and stop getting knocked out by teams you shouldn't have the last 2 years with the talent you all have.
  14. 24 to 7 Greeneville 7:58 left in the 3rd.
  15. 17 to 7 Greeneville 10:10 left in the 3rd
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