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  1. Swipes

    Greeneville Football 2019

    I said from the beginning that i thought it would come down to Spradlin or Hammonds in house or Cody Baugh since he was Ballards OC/QB Coach before taking the job at Cherokee. I played under all three when all it was the first year Spradlin, Hammonds, and Baugh coached together. Baugh is a Greeneville Guy and arguable the 2nd best QB that has came through Greeneville being nominated for Mr. Football from a Ballard lead Offense when he was the OC under Zeller . All 3 are great coaches and i don't think you can go wrong with either 3 unless he can't keep the coaching staff together. If Baugh does get hired the Devil O will be fun to watch
  2. Swipes

    Greeneville Football 2019

    Until an official announcement nothing is a done deal. I can tell you the Devils have once again been hitting the weight room hard and have had College Coaches from UGA, TN, Wake Forest, Pikeville, Georgia Southern, Furman, MTSU, Kentucky, Tennessee Tech, ETSU, and Emory and Henry stop by and check on the Devils
  3. Swipes

    AAA Miss B-ball Madison Hayes vs Jada Guinn - tonight!

    Courtney Whitson. He is a DB fan
  4. Swipes

    William Blount 2019

    Yes I am Coach Zeller and i played for myself when I was also coaching . Leave thinking up to someone else with a little more common sense It not hard to figure out that it's a combination of WB fans, Opposing team fans, former players, former coaches. Bashing and being blunt are two completely different things (I can tell some people are butt hurt about being blunt). What fan of football would be happy with a coach that takes a week off in the middle of the season when they are trying to turn a program around? Who players quit on him and don't even want to go play in a play-off game for their coach? Like i stated before this is not the same Shad that was at Blackman
  5. Swipes

    William Blount 2019

    You would be correct. They also had Shaq Mason who was a beast on both the O and Dline and starts for the NE Patriots now. He was definitely someone we tried to run away from
  6. Swipes

    William Blount 2019

    The point of your post? I can go ahead and tell you the reason Zeller stepped down and that was to Coach and watch his 2 twin daughters play sports at Lenoir City (I would know as I personally know him one of his former players and coached underneath him). Shad is 8- 34 in 4 years. At WB has Shad taken a team to the Quarter Finals? Has Shad finished 2nd in the conference? Has Shad went on the Road in a play-off game and won? Zeller improved Lenoir City Football after taking over a team that was 1-19 the previous 2 seasons. Shad took over a program that was in better shape than LC and hasn't done the same. Go back to middle TN because you know nothing about East TN football and how Shad has underachieved and done things that no other coach around here would do
  7. Swipes

    William Blount 2019

    No one hates the guy. Do I personally agree with some of his coaching decisions not at all. I was part of a coaching staff that turned a Lenoir City team in 2008 that went 1-9, 2009 went 2-8, 2010 went 4-7 and put a scare in Columbia Central in the first round losing 41 to 23 with them pulling away in the 4th and winning the state championship game by 21 points, in 2011 went 7-6 and making it to the quarter finals and winning two road games at Columbia Central, and Centennial as the 4 seed, and in my final year in 2012 went 9-3 and finished 2nd in the Conference to Maryville. That conference included teams like Bearden, Maryville, Farragut, and Knox West. It can be done but you can’t take weeks off and expect to get better....
  8. Swipes

    William Blount 2019

    The Shad at Blackman and the Shad at WB have been two completely different coaches and your other comments tell me you have no clue about Football in East TN. Facts for you WB took their off week literally off and didn't practice 2 years ago. Anderson County was down 42 to 7 at half against Greeneville so I don't know how you think they went toe to toe with them for 3 quarters in the Quarter Finals not the Semi's Stone Memorial plays in the worst 4a conference in the whole state of TN. Was put out in the first round by a 3-7 team this year and WB beat them 56-27 the year prior. WB has not improved under Shad one bit when it comes to wins or them avg. losing by 29 points this year the worst since Shad has been there and also worse than the previous coach.
  9. Swipes

    Tennessee HS football

    You are correct until Greeneville Moved from a 4-4 to a 5-2 Bear front since Haywood only had 2 wideouts and either had 2 TE or a FB lined up right behind the line of scrimmage. When Greeneville moved to their bear front with 11:56 in the 2nd Quarter Haywood couldn't move the ball at all and had 52 Total Yards the rest of the game. (That is on the D coordinator not moving to it after Haywoods first drive). Oakland and Greeneville would be a heck of a game because Greeneville was so well balanced in ever aspect of the game.
  10. Swipes

    Region 1 2A Schedules

    I haven't either. I don't know the whole situation but i would be pretty sure knowing his parents they have talked to the TSSAA or had South Greene call and go over everything with them. I don't know if it's a situation where they got into a conflict and the Greeneville City School System wouldn't let him renew his tuition (This happened when I played our QB who started all 4 years when he got into a fight and his parents had to move into the City limits for him to play even though he has always been in the city school system since Kindergarten or he would have had to go to Chuckey-Doak). His parents are also divorced so it could be a change of residence. Just speculation but i had heard he was transfer to SG before GoWarriors said anything about it
  11. Swipes

    Region 1 2A Schedules

    No Greeneville didn't get a new one. Him and one of the starting DL got into it so he decided to transfer to South Greene. He grew up playing for Nolichucky (Feeder school for South Greene) and got into the City School system going into his Freshman year. I couldn't believe he even came to Greeneville with how die hard his family is when it comes to South Greene (His mother started on some State Championship Basketball teams for South Greene, Older Sister was a great basketball player there, and his younger Step Sister currently plays for South Greene)
  12. Swipes

    Region 1 2A Schedules

    It's Devin Dye. His Older sister was a really good basketball and volleyball player for South Greene from 05-09 and ended up starting for Carson Newman in Basketball. He started the last 2 years at center for the Devils so South Greene's Line will definitely get a big boost at 6ft 290 lbs and can move people around.
  13. Swipes

    Dobyns Bennett

    Yea like anyone could forget that god awful smell of Eastman. If you think it was about money that he stepped down your a fool. I guess you forgot that Niswonger could have stroked him a check for whatever amount he wanted to also and not have to deal with what DB football has become. Maybe you all should have went after him harder when you all had your "Nation Wide" coaching search last year with those fat pockets of Eastman. How would it look when Ballard as an assistant was making more than the head coach? If you think for one min that a coach gets into coaching high school football in the state of TN for the money then you are an idiot. Answer me this how is becoming an assistant coach at DB going to help him spend more time with his family? How is it going to be feasible to Coach a game on Friday, go to watch your son play at Army or where ever Army is playing on Saturday, and make it back for Film study on Sunday? Like I said before once Cade Graduates from Army you will see Ballard coaching again will at be ad DB maybe who knows.
  14. Swipes

    Dobyns Bennett

    I tried to explain the same thing to BlueDevil58 on the Greeneville Thread. I don't think he has a clue how much Ballard was making at Greeneville (No i'm not talking about what you will find as his teaching salary, head coaching salary, and assistant AD salary). When your winning you don't have to smooze boosters and thats proven by how many sponsors Greeneville has for a small community. Heck we did raise 25k in a couple of weeks to pay for those Championship rings. He thinks Ballard will have more time for his family being an assistant coach at DB ( Driving to Kingsport from his Farm in Western Greene County, Being able to watch Cade in NY or wherever Army is playing on Saturday while coaching a game on Friday and then being back to Break Down Film on Sunday, Seeing his twin daughters play sports, etc. ). I believe you will see Caine Coach again once Cade has graduated from Army
  15. Swipes

    Greeneville Football 2019

    As a former assistant coach at the high school level i know exactly what kind of Grind that goes into coaching for pennies on the dollar in most cases. A couple of things you have forgot to factor in when it comes to Pay that Ballard was making is the fact he is also the assistant AD on top of Booster/Donor Money from some deep pockets in Greeneville. Him being an assistant coach is not going to free up time to go watch Cade play football at Army when he is coaching late on Friday Nights and having to Travel to NY for home games or wherever else Army travels that week and then be back for Film Study on Sundays. Not to mention him giving up a farm his wife's family has owned for year's, his wife job being at one of those deep pocket donors, or traveling to Kingsport everyday to coach and missing out on his 2 twin daughters as they play sports also. After Cade Graduates Army this might be a different conversation