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  1. I expect Drew Gregg to get that and should better with the help of Baugh. But be on the lookout for freshman Slinger Corbin Cannon. That kid is a beast as a freshman
  2. Now that’s it’s official welcome BACK Coach Cody Baugh! Passing Game Cordinator!!!
  3. You now know 2. The offensive side of the ball is the biggest issue but that’s going to change. We have a new freshman slinger who’s going to be a baller very very soon imo
  4. We shall see in the coming weeks. If this is true it was needed last year. This will completely change the offense for the better.
  5. Lol Yes they are but that narrows it down to 2 with those initials. Hint he’s not been employeed by the city of GREENEVILLE in a while
  6. Word on the streets is a new OC is in town or should I Say BACK in town. Who wants to take a guess who?
  7. I knew Hammonds wasn’t the guy when he got the job. I’d like to see Spradlin get the job personally but I Believe Cody Baugh was the guy last year that would have made sense. Would have kept the coaching staff together and bring in an offensive guy better than you know who.
  8. Greeneville could make some noise imo. Currently Undefeated
  9. Damien is going to be a baller. Well he already is but his potential is huge. That Jv game vs South was amazing
  10. At least Witten said he wanted to be like Greeneville lol
  11. Who won a state football title in 1976? Was that Jeff County? If so Fritz continues to embarrass himself. Someone please tell that dumbo foot all doesn't have districts.
  12. Looks like Springfield has Hansel calling the Plays for them today.
  13. Good luck to both teams tomorrow. Springfield should also be prepared because the Betsy Band plays constantly while the opposing teams offense is on the team. I’ve always wondered about that
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