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  1. Back 2 Back titles and the cows cant get past 3rd round lol
  2. That’s one if the dumbest things I’ve seen you post.
  3. Great Coaching Staffs don’t worry about one team the entire year except for the team they play next. Ac implemented Greene Monday or whatever lastyear and we see how that worked out. Not to mention the coaches for the Greeneville game came in to cocky and it rubbed off on the players. Yes I have my connections
  4. And yes that was during a great season for the devils in 2008. Semi final loss to maryville
  5. If you live in Greene County you can go to any of the the schools. Not just Greeneville. Most of these kids have played together since Middle school as well.
  6. Imo Central isn’t that great this year. This score shows that
  7. I’m sure they have their full attention as well. 0-4 Fulton as well
  8. Dude we gave them 14 points off TOs quick. We dominated after that no question. Our D1 recruits helped as well but overall it wasn’t a 1 player win.
  9. Also Greeneville out gained the toppers 451-229 yards.
  10. So you’re saying The cows get beat before the 3rd round?!?!?! I agree as well!!!
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