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  1. Whoever thinks the Championship was last week against Nolensville that’s just laughable. It was the week before in round 3
  2. Not at all just wanted a Another mercy rule game. I honestly don’t think Haywoooood scores 14
  3. Gotta go with Betsy in this one Bring another Gold to District 1 for 4 in a row. & maybe another mercy rule title game Devils will continue that run next year as well Betsy 56 Haywoooooood 21
  4. Still am just been dealing with things in real life rather than being on the boards. GREENEVILLE will be back next year and loaded!
  5. GAMEDAY Lets do this Devils!!! Devils 35 Betsy 31
  6. Happens very often. Greeneville’s has had it happen as well Alcoa & Maryville I know
  7. Was wondering when we would get to hear this yearly pissed off track lol
  8. That’s what makes it beautiful. Remember when they planted those
  9. They use to use the field house back in the day. Not sure why they do that now
  10. Greeneville doesn’t have the whole home side reserved. A lot of overflow goes to the visitors side tho and it’s a good place to watch the game imo.
  11. Might as well give it up. Not sure the cows will ever beat the Devils again
  12. You’re correct and we saw that Friday
  13. Not completely sure but hopefully our coaches come up with a better game plan
  14. Our coaches finally realized we have to throw the ball. When he has time and plants his feet he’s a better passer but he also needs to pull the ball more on the option imo as well. With the loss of Iezzi & Pillar I believe it just makes thing a tad harder
  15. Obviously Betsy is the favorite and rightfully so. I believe the Our kids have grown up a lot these past few weeks and have some confidence going into this game. If Betsy let’s us hang around like Ac did it may not be to kind for them.
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