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  1. Come on now! We all now that GREENEVILLE is THE CLASS OF 4A! Bring on the 3 PEAT BABY!!!! More D1 players coming up this year!!!
  2. Betsy a Powerhouse? Lol really? Cant even make it out if the second round. That’s no powerhouse. Now Greeneville! No doubt! They are THE powerhouse!!!
  3. Based on what I’m hearing yes. That gives us a ton of our best players out there and not having to use one at Qb. He’s more of a passer from what I understand but can still run. This years team looks like another title bound Greeneville team. Reloaded fire at will
  4. Betsy lost a lot and Greeneville is bringing a lot back especially with some key guys. 3 peat is in sight
  5. No he graduated. Who’s at #2? Rumor has it Greeneville has two Qb transfers for next year!!!
  6. Well all know Greeneville is @ #1 and the favorite for a 3 peat. They have more D 1 talents this year!!! 1.)Greeneville
  7. Spradlin did apply but their was some personal issues that outside of himself that kept him from getting the job.
  8. I’m hearing announcement likely by end of week. Consensus is saying Hammonds
  9. Everyone expects them to hire from within. Outsiders probably don’t want to follow Ballard as the expectations are set high.
  10. Spradlin is no longer being considered
  11. I’m not going into Details but yes Spradlin did Apply for the position obviously But the job comes down to 2 guys now. Neither are Spradlin. Imo the favorite at this point that I see whether I like it or not is Cody Baugh. My pick from the beginning has always been Spradlin but unfortunately it’s not going to be him at this point.
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