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  1. Lol Far from the truth. Gates opened at the same time
  2. Doubts? NEVER ac wanted US! You got us. I’ve seen this movie 4 years in a row and I dont see this year any different
  3. Will be very sad for her after all those Greeneville Tds like last year
  4. All the Lights & Hoopla means nothing. We saw that lastyear
  5. No idea what you’re talking about. I have NEVER IN MY LIFE wished harm upon a kid
  6. Man this win will be Sweeter then any of them
  7. They have to complain about something I guess. But I never said or implied any kind of excitement about an Injury to a kid. Better team won Past 4 years hands down and that still eats at them.
  8. I’m sure Bvd is praying they all wear Letterman Jackets because that’ll make it even sweeter when the streak runs to 5!
  9. Further more I don’t recall ever saying anything about no Discipline on either team.
  10. I’ve never made fun Of Stanton for being injured. NEVER! You need to get back to class because you have no idea what you’re talking about.
  11. I’ve never celebrated any injury to any player at all. That’s 100% Negative. I’ve always prayed for injury free games between both teams and for you to say that is extremely disrespectful.
  12. Thats not disrespect The Daddy Ball sign from Last year was Disrespect
  13. Looks like the Lettermans Jackets Back Poor Ole Davey
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