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  1. He is the biggest clown in the state. Never should have voted him in the first place. Besides Bill Lee having to go let's get rid of Bernard also and appoint Clint Satterfield as the director of TSSAA.
  2. Better start recording alot now...don't believe we will be playing football this year. Hope I am wrong, but it is not looking good.
  3. Alcoa wins. The last time PC was in Cookeville it got ugly quick. I expect the same to happen this time.
  4. You must not have seen him in the open then. I saw him run down Ronto for SP who is faster than Cousino. Cousino hit them burners last night. Let Swafford get out in the open field he will be 88 and out the gate. For a guy who never played a down of football you sure are quick to criticize on and throw out judgement on here.
  5. Gotta question for all of you guys....did anyone see any of the news crews? I did not and it is a crying shame that this game didn't get some publicity through them. It is also a crying shame that this game was not a mytv30 game back in September. Besides that what a great game. Both teams played their butts off and left every ounce of energy on the field.
  6. Basketball season is here for the Owls after Friday.
  7. Upperman wins in a close touchdown game.
  8. Gville gets to the Quarters Friday night!
  9. Nice! That's a really good breakdown.
  10. Why is Watertown SOS higher than Tyner with Tyner IMO playing the tougher schedule by playing Alcoa and Baylor two of the top teams in their class? I don't know how accurate the ratings are this year.
  11. Explain the first column and then second column please.
  12. Don't know if it is an upset either. I was just going by seeding and and home field.
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