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  1. Calling him a stud is quite strong. Will he be good? Yes. Stud is a stretch.
  2. That's what I was thinking also....just goes to show you they are already worried.
  3. I am sure he will get plenty of touches with a new HC and his own offensive philosophy coming in.
  4. So where is he going to go? Carthage? Hartsville? Watertown?
  5. What private close to MTSU is open? I am genuinely asking because I have not heard.
  6. That is what Gus was at Shiloh before he evolved to what he does now.
  7. It's not Coach Moore wing t but they still run buck, trap, belly, and jet. Use the wing t formations.
  8. The question was who runs the wing t that is a big school. I answered. As I agree that when your Jimmy and Joe's are better it doesn't matter what type of offense is run.
  9. Donovan Stewart just Tweeted Rankin steps down and Nix takes over.
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