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  1. If smith county makes the playoffs I will be shocked. Upperman, York/Squatch and who knows for 4th.
  2. Call Trousdale county they need a 10th game.
  3. If Macon loses to Smith then something is bad wrong.
  4. If Smith Co is good that will be a shock to a whole lot of people.
  5. Snoball you are on the inside...who is the next head coach going to be in your opinion.
  6. Like I said I think Rang is a good coach and would be a frontrunner if I was doing the hiring. I think it is between him and Satterfield.
  7. Ahh yes I know who you are. I was pulling for you guys at Fairview this year in the playoffs was hoping you would make it to Cookeville. I will say you do have very good knowledge of what goes on around you. I just wish I knew more in West TN don't have as many friends on that side of the state.
  8. Yes I know these things. Dresser also had an offer from Fleck at the time and decided to stay home. Willis whole dream was to play at UT and they didn't even sniff him so he went to Ole Miss and the rest is history. You are not enlightening anyone with your knowledge. Didn't you use to comment on all cheatham co threads? If I remember correctly you also went to APSU.
  9. Very true the talent and pay do make a difference. Once again depends on motives...if one had good pay and decent athletes a coach may never leave and vice/versa could have great talent and low pay and win a bunch of titles. Just depends on who you are and what you want as a coach.
  10. So what you are saying is you are not a good coach unless you are 5 or 6a? The best assistant in the state is at Alcoa in Brian Nix. Or Steve Haywood or Ryan Taylor at CPA
  11. That's also goes without saying I stated earlier that Rang would be a frontrunner if I was doing the hiring because the man can move the chains and score points.
  12. I guess it depends on your motives. I mean the GREATS don't move around that often, they build and keep adding to the talent. To each their own. Rankin has been head coach at 3 schools Smith co, Riverdale, and Alcoa. His shortest tenure was Smith county and he was there for 7 or so years. Riverdale from 90-05, Alcoa 06- present. GQ all at Maryville correct? Coach Clint and Jim satterfield all at TC. Carlton Flatt BA and eagleville for a year or two. What do I know just an innocent by stander.
  13. Rang and Ross are talent chasers. They tend to leave when the talent is not as good. So I don't know if Coach Satterfield will hire either of those guys. I understand why Rang wants out of Gp he will never beat Alcoa or AE. If they hire either one of those cats they will be doing this again in a couple years.
  14. Why Thigpen? I get Blake and Rang, but Thigpen????
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