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  1. Top 10 is top ten.. It has been since they started rankings and since I believe there are more than 100 teams in 2A ( I may be wrong) means that we are indeed in the top 10%. (Standard math) Now if your trying to say the classes are weaker since they’ve increased the number of said classes since 93. I would have to concur, but make no bones about it 10 % of 100 is 10. ( that hasn’t changed)
  2. I surely hope not... In reality I thought you guys played better than us in the game we won and we played better than you all in the quarterfinals, but the fact remains is that you all found a way to make plays when you needed too and that is what it takes in late October! I hate to say it and will not say it again, but the better team has won the last two years. Note: Crap talking will begin again around July!
  3. Please read the title of the thread... it says top ten... not who is going going to win the state championship.. Any and all post that you have replied to me with has been irrelevant. PS: I do think H2O has a great chance to make it to Cookeville this year, but again it is way to early to predict... since we haven’t even started spring practice yet!
  4. I hope so... I think it would definitely help our kids to scrimmage a top tier team like SP again .
  5. Not their goal I’m sure, but since this is January and I haven’t seen as much as a Spring practice, nor have I seen anyone else play I would be wasting my time predicting them to be a state championship team. I will say they have the talent to be SPECIAL this year. If they utilize that talent to its full potential is yet to be seen, but based on talent and experience alone they should easily be a top 5 team.
  6. I’m pretty sure this was a top ten thread and if I’m right... H2O has been at least in the top ten for the last few years. I’m not claiming we’re going to win it all, but we should be pretty tough this year.
  7. H2O will have a lot of talent coming back this year and I expect for them to be Just as good or probably better than they were this last year.
  8. My point exactly... I’ll take a team full of coachable kids ( any ethnicity) anytime. If kids are not coachable then they are no better than a football team full of cheerleaders and I don’t care what color, how athletic, etc...
  9. Hog wash.... Example : Antioch High School in 6 A (exclusively black athletes ) would get beat by nearly any 1A / 2A team that is decent ( including Forrest) Example: Whites Creek ( I believe is 4 A) got ran off the field by an average Westmoreland team who is predominantly white. Example: Tyner ( great football team) but with your theory they should win the State Championship every year but it doesn’t happen.
  10. I assure you there are no feelings involved. Again... you ask the question and I gave you my thoughts. It takes more than the above to get me riled up bud..
  11. We will never know, but I feel comfortable saying that Watertown was better than Forrest. I also think that if TC, Watertown, and Meigs played each other in a series that they would come out dead even. Both TC / Watertown games were decided by three points with both of us splitting wins.
  12. I knew that “tobacco” money paid well!
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