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  1. You know 99.9% of the time I would rather listen to a dog fart than read your post, but your last 2 have been spot on!
  2. IMHO and it may not be popular, but if there is a mass exodus it looks worse on the parents and kids than the coach. It looks to me that Hartsville has more issues than a coach or Jimmie and Joes. No one likes to lose, but you don’t quit midseason on your teammate's and if you are a parent you shouldn’t condone it! I don’t like TC, but hopefully this doesn’t happen!
  3. That’s what I thought, but I’ve been wrong before.
  4. You’re right… I was going off overall records of H2O and TC which wouldn’t matter with the head to head.
  5. I know it sounds like I’m being overly harsh or perhaps bitter about y’all beating us, but I’m not. H2O had the same exact year / excitement that ER is having seven years ago. We had a really soft schedule and guess what… we took a ride up to Jasper in the second rd and got humiliated!!! ER is a good team, but they are not elite and that’s just being honest!
  6. I don’t think you’ve heard a poster one from H2O tell you that we are even a decent team… we’re bad Really Bad, but I’ve heard all year how special this ER team is going to be this year, but guess what… y’all are not special and are just a decent team playing in a weak region and playing cupcake out of region games! Believe me… it will catchup to y’all in the playoffs and almost did last night!
  7. You’d know better than me… Good luck to y’all as well!
  8. To be honest based off what I seen last night… this ER team is not much different from last years…. You guys numbers are padded by weak competition. Im not trying to dog ER and hope they continue to do well, but I truthfully seen the same ole, same ole ER.
  9. PS: Those H2O and Trousdale teams you speak of would’ve beat this ER team by 4 TD’s…
  10. You won’t make it out of the second rd so finish how you like… H2O is a bad team and should’ve beat you last night! If you guys had our same schedule you would be 3-4 right now. I do love the cockiness though!
  11. If H2O beats Harpeth they will be officially eliminated… even if they beat Whites Creek and Watertown.
  12. ER y’all are a good team…no doubt BUT you’re not an elite team or contender! You guys remind me of us about 6-7 years ago. We had what we thought was an elite team and got to the second round to get humiliated. What turned out to be a good team for us was camouflaged by a really weak schedule! I believe the same has happened to ER!
  13. In all seriousness… can someone tell me if the unnecessary roughness call on a kickoff return for a touchdown should’ve been penalized on the kickoff or were the refs right on calling the touchdown back?
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