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  1. Thanks... that’s a much tougher schedule than it has been, which should help the kids in November.
  2. The only one that I am sure of is Nolensville.
  3. I’m not going to argue with you ( it’s spring ), but I think you may be discrediting us a little to much. Im not sure how good we will be ( lost a lot of great kids ), but we did have a lot of depth, with several kids getting playing time. I myself think we will be better than you and a lot of people are expecting ( including you ) We shall see!!!
  4. I don’t think we will be as strong as we were last year, but I still think we will be a good football team.. We had a lot of juniors and a few sophomores that started on at least one side of the ball. ( we had depth ) which will fare well for us this year I hope???? I do agree that the H2O / Forrest game will be missed.
  5. Either way... I agree that this subject has taken a hard turn and should be left alone.. Ps:: I have all the stones I need.. I think you are the one who needs to man up my man.. Again this doesn’t end well for neither of us.. See y’all in the fall!!
  6. But the way you tried to spin that was uncalled for... ”stay classy brotha”
  7. Who is trying to make jokes about disadvantaged kids??? I was unaware that they were posting on this page, which is why I apologized... I agree with 4th and goal... Those are lines you don’t cross!!
  8. So your saying that these are CDC students that are posting on Coach T??? If so, I understand some of the post better now and apologize to those said students. PS: I love to swim!!!
  9. Satterfield padding the books again... It’s funny that you guys have such wonderful scores, but keep losing students.. it would seem to me, that a school of your caliber (test scores, gold balls, and such) would have to beat the kids away with sticks and that doesn’t seem to be the case??? Also, have you read most of the post that come from your alumni? These cats can’t spell education, let alone excel in it!
  10. What’s not to feel sorry for!!! 1. TC has a incompetent Superitendent. 2. Community is to ignorant to notice the above fore mentioned statement. 3. Ms. Baxie the english teacher has been busy teaching side body blocks rather than English or spelling ( see above post from TC posters) Your youth has a hard roll to plow, that is for sure. They can’t read or write properly, but God Bless them, they can play football!!!
  11. It’s you guys that I feel sorry for... it seems that ignorance is running rampant in Trousdale County!!
  12. Take the shades off brother!!! It was a bad move and you know it!!
  13. I hope nobody on this list loses their job. I’m sure our administrators understand how incompetent TC’s superitendent is to do his job and gives him a free pass!! I know you TC folks think Clint is a god, but those of you with any sense know putting names of applicants in the paper was a gutless / unprofessional move. Bottom line!!! Now as for his hire... I think it was the right hire!! There is no doubt the Satterfield’s can coach, but coaching doesn’t equate to being a good admistrator!!
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