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  1. Watertown will not face Tyner until the third round of the playoffs If everything stays as it is right now and both of us win out. Tyner would also also have to make it through TC before reaching us if they win out. Of course, it is way to early to talk about right now and all of us could fall off, but no matter what Tyner will not play H2O until the playoffs if both teams make it.
  2. This guy also went to college and was a college scout... Please stop doubting this guy!! You all can’t be helped If you guys can’t tell how smart this scholar is... There is NO DOUBT he’s the smartest one in his family and probably in Dekalb County!
  3. You’re a fine example of our education system! Whoever passed you through school needs to be pimp slapped. Your english is as bad as your football commentary. One thing is for sure though... You Don’t Know nothing!!
  4. 35-7 at half... Case closed. If we’re average... how bad are y’all??
  5. Watertown did lose a lot of seniors, but they also had a lot of sophomores and juniors returning who either started or was in rotation last year. We came out the gate sluggish on offense just like TC, but they are starting to gain momentum. Moral of the story: TC did not lose to a bad team and they are still as good as ever. ( especially on D) If they get the offense going they will be hard for anyone to handle!
  6. I’ll take TC by a score. or two .. I do THINK Westmoreland is a pretty good football team, but TC will find a way to win a game they Need to win at home!
  7. Gordy may be looking for a new coaching staff if they lose to Celina this week... I know they had several issues last night with kids and coaches being out, which was unfortunate, but I just don’t think the Gordy faithful will take well to losing against Celina no matter what the circumstances are! ( I may be wrong) Again it is unfortunate what is happening to Gordy this year due to issues that are out of their control. With that being said I will take Celina by a couple of touchdowns.
  8. From what I’ve been reading it may be closer than you think! Yes Cascade is a nice place to watch a game, but I like the Creekbank as well!
  9. Are you trying to say I’m not welcome In Hartsville?
  10. We play Cascade at there place.. I’d rather save my gas and watch a good football game.
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