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  1. Congrats to those kids and wow Harvard is impressive!
  2. I guess there are exceptions to every rule, but I would still say that there are usually a huge gap between the top and the bottom teams as a whole.
  3. There’s disparity in all the regions and it’s been that way for years!
  4. Unless they have really improved I would doubt it. Westmoreland a three seed in our region beat them by 50 plus 2 years ago!
  5. Either way it’s awesome and goes to show that if you’re good enough and have all the tangibles... schools will find you no matter what classification you’re in. The game at Oakland will be big for this kid... if he does well I’m sure he could see much more recruitment than he is already getting.
  6. He’s the big tackle from Michigan...correct?
  7. Don’t know the man, but I have to 100% agree with this statement! I made a similar post ( without all the crybaby stuff) yesterday. I think he can handle little ole South Pitt with his resume and I like the gutsiness of him playing this game myself... shows that he is not scared and has faith in his kids! If I were a player for South Pitt I would be fired up and ready to play this game!
  8. No I like y’all’s old stadium.. Not many more around!
  9. I get the injuries aspect of it... I really do, but the man has excelled at the highest levels. I think he knows how to handle little ole South Pittsburg. You sure don’t come into a room of kids and tell them that their not going to be scared of anyone and then dodge folks...
  10. Maybe trying to teach his kids not to be scared of anybody... I like it!
  11. I’m with you.... add as many rows that you want to on the home side, but leave the visitors side alone!
  12. Players will definitely learn some humility
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