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  1. Heard he’s a good guy he coaches up here for a little while year or two maybe? Where is everyone at tho?? It’s finally happened no response
  2. Now will this please all of the T c people?? It’s finally over
  3. I heard if they hire him it’s bc of clint wanting to save money. supposedly he’s already almost making what a head coach makes?? How’s that just being a baseball coach? It would be a great budgeting hire imo
  4. Btw I’m not trying to start another topic. But why won’t t c even play us in basketball anymore ???
  5. If he’s the best option that isn’t good. I heard he couldn’t even get the qb to play baseball this year. kids aren’t coming out for him either he’s in the same boat. But it’s trousdale county and it’s just baseball. You can win one game a year same goes for basketball no one will even kno or talk about it. Just like up here on the hill basketball is the more serious thing in my books if you start losing there’s usually some change..
  6. I live in Macon and watched both but I’ll take up for satterfield on this one look at the dudes he has these 2 years compared to the others don’t forget we barely even scored on them there for awhile when he started coaching there just look at 2018 on If you give him athletes to play with he’s a dangerous d c.
  7. They better do something this year!! I’ve heard from a lot of people they will probably have to move up the next realignment
  8. Good opinions. Them coaches there will never come to t c . I just hope shoulders doesn’t never leave us here at Macon. He works them kids hard and gets after it. I think at the end of day it will be Gregory, west, veto , maybe cothron I’ve always heard he has a good offensive mind? Wasn’t he the oc the year 18 when jackets made the run to state ?
  9. I don’t see any of them guys why leave programs to go there with no community backing or anything. Word up here on the hill is davy and veto into it over whose kid should be q b for jr high. Tough times in tc hope it all changes with a new face. And once again we aren’t giving up shoulders. And he doesn’t want that crap down there lol
  10. Agree. I feel for his kid and family moving every single year poor kid can’t even make friends with out leaving them
  11. Lol when was last time they won region or got past the 3 rd round.
  12. Would be a great name and great hire but Macon has no pressure at all I just don’t see who would want to deal with the mess in tc. I live in Macon I would hate hate hate to lose shoulders lol
  13. I don’t kno the move in coaches but if I had my guess Gregory , Eden , maybe west if he gives up jr high… what about the Timberlake guy? Is he a teacher? He looks like he would be big on discipline and old time football I’ll never forget watching them guys in the day..
  14. He won’t got anywhere he has it made in h20 he prob makes almost what a head coach in t c makes plus there’s not as much pressure there everyone is a use to the losing there. I say he will be there for many years just waiting for Webster to leave…
  15. Sounds like the board members got what they wanted now.. especially one or two. Now where will this go from here. Only time can tell.. good luck to whomever it may be.
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