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  1. The Got sez: This thread has become grossly capra aegagrus hircusaphobic. Mancoverage sez: Let it go, Goat. These people are barely high school graduates.
  2. The Goat sez: Im sketchy of guys that like to shoot from the hip. Mancoverage sez: Simmer down, goat.
  3. The Goat sez: Did you read the books?!??? Mancoverage sez: Here we go........
  4. Mancoverage sez: It doesn’t make sense from Alcoa’s point of view. A school of Trousdale’s size wouldn’t and shouldn’t challenge them in the least. But a loss would be an embarrassment. The Goat sez: Gary Rankin has NIGHT CHICKEN blood!
  5. The Goat sez: Alcoa would have everything to lose. Mancoverage sez: Alcoa would have nothing to gain.
  6. The Goat sez: I’ve never made a mistake. Mancoverage sez: He’s right. Again.
  7. The Goat sez: How big of a trophy did the T$$AA send Watertown for that big regular season win over the HartsVillains? And is that the first thing the coach will show recruits during their OV’s this spring? Mancoverage sez: I had really hoped this website didn’t exist anymore when the Goat asked me to log back on.
  8. The Goat sez: This is disgusting. Mancoverage sez: Dont worry, you’re not a “eating goat”
  9. The Goat sez: AAU is the shadiest sports organization on planet earth, since the abolishment of eastern Germany. No where else in the sports world is it easier to go out and build a team of child mercenaries in order to win your kid a $12 trophy that has a #1 on it. AAU is the antithesis of what true sport is. Even That child army general, Kony, thinks it's shameful. Mancoverage sez: Same goes for private schools.
  10. The Goat sez: So let me get this straight, Westmoreland(2a) gets beat by Macon(4a) and Postmans excuse is it's because of 1a players? Mancoverage sez: Goat, this is why they won't let you work the petting zoo. You're not supposed to call attention to the slow kids.
  11. The Goat sez: My Gawd! I just want to say that it is an absolute testament to the shear testicular fortitude of the Postman to even show his face on hear after that. Me and Manoverage could see the light from the bonfire of Westmoreland's equipment burning all the way from the Monterey game. Mancoverage sez: The Postman is exactly right, Goat. Mark Gammons should lock Macon's starters up in the clink for the weekend. Those poor children from Westmoreland won't walk right for a week.
  12. The Goat sez: Posty is gonna have to change his name to NO SHOW JONES!! Mancoverage sez:
  13. The Goat sez: Who was the nobody they beat and how bad did they beat'em. Coach Sat usually schedules a cupcake for the Tobacco Bowl. Was it the Tennessee School for the Blind?
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