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  1. The Goat sez: Meigs County by 3!!! Mancoverage sez: Same.
  2. The Goat sez: I bet RTD was on the jr high team, just for a minute maybe Mancoverage sez: I think RTD may be a RB from those full stables of the late 90’s teams.
  3. Mancoverage sez: Were you balling after your last game, RTD? The Goat sez: Were you balling after your first game, RTD?
  4. The Got sez: Basically called it. Mancoverage sez: Technically, you did not.
  5. The Got sez: Meigs by 3!!! Mancoverage sez: Jackets roll.
  6. Mancoverage sez: There are zero 19 year old seniors on the Hartsville Yellow Jackets. The Goat sez: That’s because all the 19 year olds are sophomores this year!
  7. The Goat sez: Sam Pickett could out run anything but a Motorola!!!!!!! Mancoverage sez: No more internet for you tonight, Goat.
  8. The Goat sez: Do you even know what a “tiger goat” is in the goat community? Not that there’s any wrong with that. If you do, good for you. Living Out Loud!!! Mancoverage sez: Cultural appropriation is theft, tiger goat.
  9. The Goat sez: No doubt you got revenge on the pirate nation when you were big enough to play! Mancoverage sez: Maybe some doubt.
  10. The Goat sez: 3 against 1 odds and they just took it?!?! I bet that aggressive South Pitt fan was lucky you weren’t there to make 4 on 1!!! Mancoverage sez: Now goat, that’s not how we make friends.
  11. The Goat sez: Look all the South Pittsburg cousin Eddie’s have come to visit our thread for Thanksgiving! Which one of you bammer wanna-be’s gets his turn with grandma’s dentures today?! Mancoverage sez: Now Goat, be nice, I like the pirates. They’re winners. The Goat sez: Surprised you could say that with your mouth full.
  12. The Goat sez: You’re alright for a guy that’s claiming to be a thermos. Mancoverage sez: Ok, boomer.
  13. The Goat sez: This isn’t the NBA. Teams don’t just get to advance because it makes a good story line. Mancoverage sez: Lebron is the GOAT. The Goat: My Christian name is Michael.
  14. The Goat sez: Who is the Hartsville expert this year? Mancoverage sez: Most people from Hartsville have seen enough good football over the years to make them experts compared to others. The Got sez: I’ve stared at the moon for years, that doesn’t make me an astronaut. Mancoverage sez: Now goat, that’s no way to be.
  15. The Goat sez: I cant wait to see Meigs qb throw a touchdown to himself. Mancoverage sez: Now goat, let’s ease into this instead of just diving head first.
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