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  1. Most knew this would be a short list. I believe the basic outlier was it needed to be a Trousdale County guy. Kyle Gregory is a Trousdale County guy. He grew up here, played here, won state titles here, Coach Gregory incapsulates everything it means to wear the purple and gold. He understands the expectations and the way things have been done around here for a very long time. There will be growing pains as with any coach dealt with this hand. I hope Coach Gregory can right the ship at the Creekbank!
  2. Wouldn't the easiest move be to move McCall up to HS Principal and have Gulley take over as MS Principal?
  3. Sounds to me like you know who I prefer lol although I do prefer that candidate because of our friendship, I would be perfectly fine with a couple other of the names that have been mentioned.
  4. I would be very fond of any coach that has graduated from Trousdale County. I would also consider coaches that have a resume that includes working for some of the GOATS of coaching high school football in TN (Rankin, Creasy, Satterfield,etc.). I think everyone in this thread knows the names that would fit this criteria. I hope whomever gets this honor takes this as a privilege and treats the TC program like it should be treated. This is the biggest hire in program history in my opinion. But ultimately my opinion means nothing.
  5. Shoulders dad graduated for TC, and Kyle began his coaching career early on at TC although he wasn't there long. Shoulders would be a homerun, but don't see him leaving Macon anytime soon.
  6. I agree with internal candidates, think you have to add Vetetoe as a candidate to outside names. Keeton would be a massive hire, but don't know if he leaves his BOE job to come back. Time will tell, definitely think they could also have an internal interim coach for this season and revisit next spring.
  7. I would be highly surprised if the next coach does not have a Trousdale County diploma.
  8. I've been fortunate enough to make several stops along the way and all have been very cool and unique experiences. The food was pretty dang tasty too. A few of my favorites have been Bell-Buckle Cafe (Cascade), Mustang Cafe (Loretto), and I can't leave out the Decatur Family Diner (Meigs County). All three are old fashioned comfort food and incorporate the history of their towns. Love all 3 of them and would recommend.
  9. Won't be much longer now....
  10. Wish I could snap my fingers and it be fixed, but unfortunately that’s not possible. It’s not just the W and L that bothers me, the program has lost all of the traditions it was built on. But that’s enough on this thread, DCA should make a hire pretty quickly to keep from falling behind and hopefully keeping everyone happy.
  11. Tick tock, big decision coming for the wildcats heading into a season where they could win it all or it could all come tumbling down.
  12. Rob Atwood (Trousdale County) is two time state champion, finished 5th his other year. He's only lost a couple matches in his high school career. He is a VMI commit.
  13. I don't believe so either, I know because I was out there for 8+hours on the sideline lol. I was pumped to get some of the celebration shots I got. Upperman will be back, Caine is a great Coach, he knew he needed to try to break the rhythm of PC Offense. Check out the photos here https://615preps.com/2023/12/02/gallery-pearl-cohn-vs-upperman/
  14. Agreed, we can nominate but at the end of the day it’s not us that decides it’s the committee
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