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  1. McKenzie can give Peabody some fits in the first half much like what TCA did to Peabody last year in the 2nd round. @BigEdMo can attest to what TCA did. They threw some looks at Peabody that the Tide hadn’t seen & ultimately caused some problems for them. But Peabody WILL make adjustments at half. They’re too well coached not to make any kind of adjustments. The key for McKenzie is can they throw in some wrinkles in the first half to catch the Tide off guard & then sustain that into the 2nd half. McKenzie should put up a fight & contest Peabody for a little bit at least, but the Tide will ultimately have too much in the stable for the Rebels.
  2. Good point. I didn’t think about that either
  3. He absolutely will. McKenzie is a team that you can never overlook. They proved that to Peabody in 2017 when this group of seniors were sophomores. They still remember that game & understand that they have to treat every game like it’s the only game they’ve ever played when it’s November. I’m just glad to see R7 take 3 of the 4 games last night
  4. Peabody should win but I expect McKenzie to put up a fight. This will be a good test for the Tide
  5. Peabody took a different gameplan on offense last night to win this game. Correct me if I’m wrong but they only threw the ball 3 or 4 times. The plan was to pound the rock, shorten the game, get out with no injuries. Which is exactly what they did. Jacobs knew that Memphis couldn’t score on the Tide or move the ball much for that matter, so why not assert your dominance & ground & pound to get the game over & out injury free. Peabody didn’t pull out all of the flash & jazz like normal so it may seem like the Tide struggled but they did exactly what the gameplan was & executed.
  6. Thank Swo. I’m a Tennessee fan so I know where you’re coming from. You gotta understand, Trenton folk are as far from Alabama folk as it gets so our Roll Tide isn’t as disgusting as theirs.
  7. The kid is huge too. It ain’t no little guy that’s for sure
  8. Good luck tonight McKenzie. Go get it done
  9. Agreed on the compliments to the authors of this. Very good insight
  10. Very deserving. Like most people have said, just to be in the conversation is a tremendous honor.
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