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  1. I can’t keep reading these posts by you you must have been the big brother of your family & aggravated your little siblings lol
  2. Peabody & Milan would both beat Lewis Co or Riverside 8 or 9 times out of 10
  3. Riverside/Lewis Co? That will be a decent game but come on man. You’re talking like Peabody & Milan are a bunch of scrubs.. you know nothing about high school football if that’s what you’re insinuating.
  4. You are 100% correct that Milan is just as good as Peabody. There will be many good games all across the state week 1 but Milan @ Peabody on Thursday night is going to be the biggest stage across the state. Peabody got their first win against Milan in 6 years back in 2013 & it’s been back & forth every year since until last season. Peabody comes into this series with a 2 game win streak against the Bulldogs & Milan looks to avenge a heart breaking loss on a 4th & long with under a minute left. Peabody & Milan is a darn good rivalry. Both teams love to beat one another & it’s a nasty fight but there is also a lot of respect for both programs & the communities. I’m just making the case for the best game in the state opening week on the high school football season. It’s hard to outdo the #2 team in 3A driving 10 miles down the road to play the #1 team in 2A.
  5. I think you got the polls pretty spot on though. I’m just adding in for the debate. I cannot disagree with much you have put out there my friend.
  6. 2A I’m taking out Gibson County or McKenzie & adding Lewis Co 1A I’m taking out Freedom Prep, bumping everyone up & slotting Cornersville at 10
  7. I can’t get it to pick a school. This is really neat if I can get it to work
  8. Can’t dispute that. Proved to be very true last season given that it rained almost every Friday night through late October & most of November. I’m just a sucker for natural grass in every way though. Let’s all hope for great weather this season. I know people were sick & tired of sitting in rain & I think some gates suffered because of it.
  9. you’re gonna get a lot of Trenton folk coming out of that bush if you keep shaking it & let me tell ya, it ain’t pretty. Trenton isn’t known for having the best looking people in the world but they win football games
  10. Milan may very well win this game. They could do that no doubt but it dang sure won’t be by 3 TDs. This game will be a heavy weight knock down drag out fight. This is going to be my favorite game of the season. Too bad it’s the first lol
  11. Btw I absolutely hate the way the state game ended for TCA in baseball. Tough way to lose. I really feel for the kid that didn’t touch first. TCA had a heck of a baseball team this year.
  12. Yes I should clarify. I don’t consider Peabody to be leaps & bounds better than Milan. When I mentioned outside of Milan on the double digit scoring, I was trying to say Peabody wasn’t “leaps & bounds” better either. Milan & Peabody are almost even to me. You’re exactly right on that part of it. But do you not think Peabody was a better football team than Milan last year? I think they were slightly better. They proved that by winning that game whether it was a “miracle completion” or not. The clock had yet to strike zero & Peabody played it through the end. But yes you are right on the leaps & bounds part for those mentioned teams.
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