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  1. Dang General... just proving the point that you don’t know anything about Peabody. Baugus did play both ways but was limited to just QB towards the end of the season because he was playing with a shoulder injury since mid October. & where did he stink up in the semifinal game? Yes he had two turnovers & one resulted in a TD but he came back out in the 2nd half & threw 4 TDs... that’s something a Mr. Football would do. I don’t think Tom Brady played his greatest game last year in the super bowl but he was still the best player on his team... I thought you had a little more sense then that
  2. The Baugus family might as well be the Manning’s in Trenton. They’ve had one playing for over a decade now I think
  3. Yeah this year he threw for over 1,000 with 1 turnover in the regular season, & rushed for around 400-500 yards. That was all 1st half stats in the regular season. More than deserving to win it. I know you can make the argument for a multitude of kids but Cooper Baugus is rightfully Mr. Football for 2019 imo
  4. General you make me have an irrational love/hate relationship with you. Sometimes you post good game analysis & then other times you come way out of left field. I agree with one of the posters above, you’re basing 2 games that you have watched on Baugus’ whole season. That kid was way more than deserving of winning Mr. Football. He passed for 3,909 yards, 51 TDs, 18 INTs, & rushed the ball 367 times for 2,454 yards & 39 TDs as a 3 year starter. He had thrown for over a 1,000 & only 1 INT all year through the regular season. The kid comes from a great family & his commitment to serving his community is unlike anything many people have seen by a high school kid. I always remember seeing on Peabody’s Facebook page of him being involved with some type of special olympics or community service just about every weekend. Just think you should do a little more digging on this before making an outlandish statement like that.
  5. They have another gold ball with 2019 tacked on it that says otherwise my friend
  6. I’m not emotional. Just making it known that you are an absolute idiot that doesn’t even come close to knowing half of what you say. You are the literal definition of ignorant.
  7. You are pathetic. Dish it out all year long but can’t take it. Your opinions literally amount to nothing because nothing you have said all year long was ever correct or right about Peabody. I’ll stand behind every single thing I’ve said.
  8. No I’m talking about General Castro & his butt buddy Salem for the most part. I’ve heard nothing but garbage from them since mid season. They’re sandbaggers just like the football team they support. Subpar program at best & when you get exposed against a mediocre Riverside team in the playoffs, it’s somebody else’s fault. They talked trash about Peabody all year long & was dead wrong in almost every argument they presented.
  9. Throw @Salem in there too. Their weak Anti-Peabody agenda really took off didn’t it?
  10. Too blinded by his own idiotic theories & opinions to actually take the time & actually see something for what it’s worth. I’m just thankful the TSSAA was able to carry through with their plan of cheating Forrest out of a quarterfinal game against a mediocre Riverside team. Ultimately propelling Peabody to the title game. God knows what would’ve happened had we had to play the Rockets. Oh my so scary.
  11. I’ll say Forrest did a great job on assembling the name plates on those gold balls for us.
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