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  1. Any of the mustangs games online besides the McKenzie game ?
  2. I was watching video and replay at home not in person
  3. For what ? Did he throw a punch or slam a player like your guy ?
  4. There was a late cheap shot on 77 also our dt
  5. Which player ? I got to thinking there was 2 dbs that were under 6ft last year
  6. I was surprised at how good he was. He got it done though. None of our db or receivers this year are under 6ft couple are 6’4-6’6
  7. It’s interesting you say that because we had a db last year that was maybe 5’8 and every team we played that threw the ball tried to pick on him. I believe he was close if did lead the team in interceptions
  8. It’s gameday Tide men beat those buzzards GATA
  9. I’m not even sure what that means
  10. Sadly I won’t be there work won’t allow it. Tell him to save me an autograph
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