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  1. Wilkins the running back transferred to fairley from whitehaven after Robinson got the job at fairley. Robinson was coaching at whitehaven prior to getting the job a fairley. So no the rules don’t apply
  2. People live in rv’s all the time. I’ve seen people living in multiple rv’s on one property and I’m not talking about a park.
  3. Maybe we don’t know what you know. What do you know ? I know that our line will be good and we have several guys who can run the ball and several receivers. Did I miss anything ?
  4. I promise I’m not offended Yeah I agree with all of what you said except how could you say it wasn’t the tides night when we won the game. I do think they were the most talented but I don’t think they were the best overall team. I think we would win in a rematch by 7-14 points. The game plan would definitely be different
  5. I forgot to mention we had I believe 2 tds called back and their defense was simulating our snap clapping they killed 2 drives that way and the refs only called it once but the clapping By their defense probably happened 8 times or more
  6. Apparently the better team did win. Did fairley win ? No offense taken either. We still had to score twice get a 2 point conversion. There was multiple soft spots for fairley. They had no special teams. If they could kick a field goal they may have won. Their coach made multiple bad calls. what about the throw for a 2 point conversion instead of running it in end zone ? Going under center when you don’t snap the ball under center all year. He is a good coach no doubt but he is still learning I believe. Can someone explain to me how the sophomore class which was Robinson’s first year went from 8 players to 21 as juniors and 22 as seniors with 36 players only 14 underclassmen in his three years as coach. Must have been his inspirational talks.
  7. What I read showed the most ever have came out of the Miami dade county area and I believe it was Houston in Texas of course those areas have large population but I’m sure there are other cities that have just as many people. They contributed it to a really large serious youth tackle football league in both areas
  8. I read somewhere that Florida has put more players in the nfl than any other state. Majority of them coming from Miami dade county area.
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