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  1. What’s happened to the one that started this thread ambassador?
  2. I heard union city and Martin refused to play Huntingdon since they weren’t in the same region anymore.
  3. Huntingdon should be considered a favorite in 2a. But they have been a favorite several times in the last decade and haven’t pull it off yet. Could be the year.
  4. You mentioned Warbritton there’s one on this team. don’t understand why he didn’t get more touches on offense this year. He’s the only one that kelp Huntingdon in the game against Riverside.
  5. I believe Mustangs should win their new region. Returning their best players from this season and getting some back that were hurt this year. Rumor is getting a “big”playmaker back that didn’t play this year.
  6. If Tyner offense is run heavy Riverside wins. If Tyner is a passing offense Tyner wins.
  7. Nobody was making excuses I was saying their defense was more impressive than their offense And Huntingdon defense made adjustments at halftime and their offense didn’t. And Huntingdon had stupid penalties they should’ve of had.
  8. Riverside run defense was more dominant than their run offense Huntingdon’s offense did nothing against them. Defense gave up 14 points in first half after being on field the whole half because offense did nothing. They play great the second half. If not for some undisciplined 15yd penalties don’t think Riverside would have scored in second half.
  9. The weather seems like it’s going to be a lot better than last weekend. Good luck Mustangs hope to see you playing next Saturday. Go Mustangs!!
  10. Anything tsssa is involved with concerning money is a scam.
  11. You should call the administrator and read and explain it to him. And maybe he would change it because you don’t like the quality of the videos.
  12. I understand exposure and if a school is going to video games the schools should do it and receive all the money. They have someone videoing every game from several different angles anyway. I don’t know how many public schools get donations from fans watching football online. And radio is nothing like video but there’s some radio personality that need canceled.
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