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  1. Penalties force Huntingdon to throw they had 350 yds rushing.
  2. I was just saying you don’t force Huntingdon to throw. They run one style of offense and passing is not part of it. If you stop their run game they just keep trying to doing what they do.
  3. 3rd and 5 is not behind the chains
  4. You don’t force Huntingdon to throw. Only way Huntingdon throws if they’re five yds behind the chains on 3rd downs.
  5. Taylor had some big runs against Huntingdon. When the game was over he didn’t leave you thinking he was a SEC caliber player like Simpson from Martin did.
  6. I’ve seen both and from what i saw the kid from Trenton has better vision and cuts better than the kid from mckenzie
  7. Warbritton’s younger brother is the starting safety as a freshman on this year’s team.
  8. Huntingdon has come in second 3 times. Does that count?
  9. They deleted my post bigpurlemachine tell when and where I’ll be there or I can tell you when and where I promise I’ll be there.
  10. We don’t have to wait tell me a time and place
  11. See he doesn’t know the difference between a little poking and being serious. Gets his feelings hurt and starts with the name calling. Just like a child. You called him out for be a child and he turned on you. Watch the name calling start.
  12. Don’t have to every time a so call grown man gets on here call people names like a 12 year old because he does like what they post. Just like he did you the person is a punk. I hope you don’t fall for his crybaby stuff.
  13. You can post a long post that makes sense
  14. It’s two weeks away but might as well get it started since Mustangs have a bye week.
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