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  1. You’re just and idiot who’s team has no history.
  2. It has nothing to do with the team it’s people like you that have them winning the semi after four games. You should be worried about game five instead of a game that’s 10 more weeks away. And I can promise you I had plenty of playing time and it wasn’t against cupcakes.
  3. Everybody has already got this team playing for a gold ball,just like them teams from the past. And it seems like every new season ends like the ones from the past. But I know this team is special they worked hard this summer and did 5:30 practices.
  4. What does 2a trousdale or 3a Alcoa have to do with Huntingdon then
  5. If not for that bad call Huntingdon never has to go for 2.Stick with what you know about WC because you really don’t know Huntingdon football.
  6. Onside kick recover by GV That was touched by GV before it went 10 yds. So who would you say makes that call?
  7. Croppy that was a great team back in ‘66 but it couldn’t compete with todays athletes.
  8. A man told me last night at the game the middle school Mustangs at UC,was the best game he had seen a Huntingdon team play in a few years.
  9. You’re a feisty little purple dung eater aren’t ya.
  10. So you’re saying Swenson gets to pick his successor.
  11. The purple dung eating poodle. According to one of your 98 teammates you was a bench warming fat boy who never started.
  12. Call it what you want. Waverly wouldn’t know what real high school football was anyway.
  13. Them teams I mentioned would have mercy ruled last years Huntingdon and waverly teams.
  14. Why don’t you learn how to comprehend what you read. Nobody said nothing about any teams last year mercy ruling Waverly. Nobody said cornersville wasn’t the best team last two years. I don’t know what kind of blower you are but comprehending blows the idiot’s mind.
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